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Five days a week, offers news stories and features of interest to people who care about Minnesota. With dozens of contributing journalists, our aim is to ensure that everything you see at includes solid reporting, thought-provoking insights and excellent storytelling. 

2014 MinnPost Election Packages:

  • 94% of MinnPost readers are registered voters
  • 42% are actively involved with a political party
  • 56% of our members/donors have a post-graduate degree

Quick-pick advertising packages to run during 2014 election season.  If your ad promotes a political candidate please read our political advertising policy. Contact Sally Waterman at with any questions or call 612.455.6953.

1) ROS Banner (select one)
    1. 11 ad shares (9 paid + 2 bonus) to run for 9 weeks (09/01 - 11/02).  300 x 250 embedded position. $4,050 net.
    2. 9 ad shares to run from 09/01 to 11/02.  728 x 90 top position. $3,600 net. 
    3. 4 ad shares to run from 09/01 to 09/28 OR 10/06 to 11/02. 300 x 250 embedded position $1,800 net.

2) Politics & Policy Targeted Advertising
    • Control your message and timing on all Politics & Policy stories on using Real-Time Ads technology. Change your message whenever you like and link your message to where you wish. 09/01 through 10/31.  $1,400 net.

Advertising Information Menu:

Rate Card

Download Rate Card (364 KB PDF) offers news and features of interest to people who care about Minnesota. Our aim is to ensure that everything you see at includes solid reporting, thought-provoking insights and excellent storytelling. has an average of 350,000 monthly unique users delivering over 1,000,000 monthly pageviews.  More Information.

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Homepage Sponsored Headlines

Automated via RSS, Sponsored Headlines is a new home page format displayed within MinnPost's main daily news stories. Your headline automatically updates whenever your RSS feed is published so you can change it as often as you like. Each Sponsored Headline share will deliver an estimated 40,000 impressions each month.
Annual Agreement One Share: $7,500 net
Annual Agreement: 2 or more shares $6,000/net each.

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E-mail Newsletter Advertising

Daily email:  summary of daily content on
Medium rectangle (300x250) banner. Monday - Saturday, 47,148 weekly emails (7,858 daily opt-in subscribers).  $500 net/week high season (Mar, Apr, May, Sept, Oct, Nov).  $480 net/week low season (Dec, Jan, Feb, Jun, Jul, Aug).  Limited availability. Please contact us for details.

Sunday Review email:  summary of weekly content on
A weekly hand-picked selection of some of our best articles. It will feature our longer reads, data projects you might want to see, and important stories you may have missed during the week.
Medium rectangle (300x250) banner. Delivered Sunday morning, 7,859 subscribers/week, 33,794/month. $200 net/week.

Bundle daily email with Sunday Review:
Clients who purchase the daily email have the option to add the Sunday Review for an extra $100 net/week.

This Week in Minnesota email:  highlights stories of interest to Greater Minnesota.
Medium rectangle (300x250) banner. Delivered Tuesdays, 2,683 subscribers/week, 11,269/month. $100 net/week. Limited availability. Please contact us for details.

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Targeted Content Advertising

Target your message with content section advertising (e.g. Learning Curve, The Daily Glean). Availability is limited.
Annual Agreement: $3,000 - $10,000
(depending on section and position)
Less than annual agreement ads 20% premium

Download Sponsorship and Targeted Advertising Rate Card

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Deadlines and Specs

Web site banner formats: medium rectangle: 300x250, half-page: 300x600, top leaderboard: 728x90, Content Advertising graphic banner: 300x120. Mobile ads: 300x50. Content Advertising RTA/RSS banner: 100x100 logo and any RSS feed. Banners must have borders.  Animation must stop after 8 seconds. Maximum looping 2x. If you submit a Flash file, please send a backup gif or jpg and make sure your SWF uses a clickTAG for tracking purposes.  Flash files must be saved as Flash version 9 or lower using ActionScript 2. uses 24/7 Real Media: OpenAd Stream to serve its banners and allows third-party serving.

All creative/tags, URL(s)  must be sent to Brian Perry (bperry [at] at least 3 business days before banner needs to be live on

Web site files accepted:  SWF, GIF, HTML, JPEG

Email banners must be JPEG or GIF files.Animated GIFs accepted. Animation must stop after 8 seconds.

Max file size: 50k

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