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PreferredOne customers will face rate hikes on MNsure. How much? A lot less than 63% — and a lot more than 4.5

A MinnPost analysis shows that individuals looking for comparable plans through MNsure for 2015 will see a rate increase of anywhere from 13 to 44 percent. 

Jackson Buck

Turn the radio on: one man's guide to the 22 best specialty shows on Twin Cities airwaves

If you're lucky enough to live within earshot of the Twin Cities, there’s good reason to tune the radio into one specialty show or another every day of the week. Here is one man's guide to the best.

Four more charts pointing to some deep problems with the labor market for people without a college degree

The situation is better for women without a college degree than for men. But that just raises some larger questions about the labor market as a whole.