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Minnesota delegation divided as House votes to lift debt limit and delay fight

CC/Flickr/Ron Cogswell
The House passed its so-called “No Budget No Pay” plan on Wednesday, lifting the federal limit on debt until mid-May and conditioning congressional pay on the passage of a 2014 budget plan.
Rep. Michele Bachmann
REUTERS/Jason Reed
Rep. Michele Bachmann
Rep. Keith Ellison
Rep. Keith Ellison

“It’s like, ‘Let’s get back on the hostage-taking merry-go-round,’ ” Ellison said. “These are the people that say, stop creating the uncertainty. They are creating the uncertainty, lack of finality that they criticize.”

In a statement, McCollum said the bill, "does nothing to provide certainty and stability for middle class families, businesses, or the financial markets. Congress needs to act to pass a responsible debt limit increase and put an end to the legislative gimmicks and games that are being played by House Republicans.”

  • In February, deal with massive federal spending cuts or let them take effect on March 1;
  • In March, pass a budget for the rest of 2012, or risk a government shutdown on March 27;
  • In April, pass 2014 budget resolutions before April 15, or not get paid;
  • In May, raise the federal debt limit, or risk a default after May 19.

Of the workload, Walz said, “I think what the president said: We will debate forever some of those fundamental questions, but basic governance has to get done.”

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