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Oxycodone pills

CDC: Many childbearing-age women risk birth defects by taking prescription opioids

Opioid use by pregnant women can double the risk of birth detects, including spina bifida, congenital heart defects and gastroschisis.

Cyclists and other passengers on board a Green Line train on June 15, 2014.

Want to get more cars off the road? Improve bicycling infrastructure around transit hubs

If the Twin Cities wants to get more cars off the road, it needs to focus on making the two-mile “catchment” zones around transit hubs as bike-friendly as possible.

A Seward CSP member plays cards during daily drop-in hours

Seward CSP builds common ground for members with chronic mental illness

"Many members’ social lives revolve around the center," said Michelle Gricus. “Some folks have been coming here for a long time. It is their primary social support."