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MinnPost is your source of local, independent news and analysis on the web. While we do not charge the public to view our content, we do rely heavily on the financial support of our members: those who care enough about MinnPost’s mission to donate on a regular basis. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Are donations to MinnPost tax-deductible?
Yes. MinnPost is registered with the IRS as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit and donations are fully tax-deductible.

What does it mean to be a MinnPost member?
Membership means that you are part of the MinnPost family, helping us achieve our mission through ongoing financial support.

What is sustaining membership?
Sustaining members sign up for automatically recurring monthly donations through your bank account so you'll never need to update an expiration date again. You may also sign up as a sustainer with your credit or debit card. Your membership continues uninterrupted until you request that we discontinue or change it. Click here to become a sustaining member.

Why are sustaining memberships so important?
MinnPost’s sustainers provide a dependable, ongoing source of funding while reducing administrative costs. That makes every contribution a full investment in the unique and outstanding news coverage you expect and deserve.

How can I update my payment or contact information?
The answer depends on which payment processor is processing your recurring donations.

Those processed by Acceptiva (which we used prior to June 2014) have three options:

  1. Click the link in your most recent recurring transaction receipt from Acceptiva to be taken to a secure update page.
  2. Re-enroll as a Sustaining Member and choose "Membership Update" from the drop-down menu in the Donor Information section.
  3. Contact Membership Coordinator Ashleigh Swenson by phone (612-455-6954) or by email.

Those processed by Givalike (which we have used since June 2014) have two options:

  1. Activate your Givalike account and click the link in your most recent recurring transaction receipt from Givalike ( to be taken to a secure update page.
  2. Contact our membership coordinator Ashleigh Swenson by phone (612-455-6954) or by email.

Do you have an annual giving option?
Yes. Click here to make a one-time donation and we'll send you a reminder in a year.

Is there a minimum donation level?
No, donations in any amount are appreciated and will be acknowledged in our End of Year Report at the appropriate level, ranging from “Up to $59” to “$20,000+”.

What membership categories do you have?
We have four membership categories, and 11 recognition categories. Our membership levels and the benefits associated with each are listed here.

Are there any special benefits for members?
Yes! Refer to our member benefits page for details.

What’s with these MinnPost stickers I see around town?
Each new member receives one of our “proud supporter” decals to show your support on your car, bike, laptop, water bottle—anywhere! If you are already a member and don’t have one, contact membership coordinator Ashleigh Swenson by phone (612-455-6954) or by email.

How can I get more information?
Contact membership coordinator Ashleigh Swenson by phone (612-455-6954) or by email.