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rubiks cube solving

Our Turn: How to solve a Rubik's cube

The puzzle can be solved in just a few easy steps.

saints photo

St. Paul Saints season kick-off block party

The block party in downtown St. Paul featured a "World's Largest Game of Catch."

gov mark dayton last word

In wake of same-sex marriage signing, Gov. Mark Dayton appears on 'The Last Word' with Lawrence O'Donnell

The governor speculated that Minnesota's move might lead the way for other states in the Midwest.


Y.N.RichKids' latest: 'My Bike'

The song follows on the runaway success of last summer's "Hot Cheetos and Takis."

sen hann photo

Sen. Minority Leader David Hann reacts to latest budget plans

Hann is skeptical of the DFL drive to raise taxes.


In time for Mother's Day: Tidal Wave Girls

A new short film celebrates improved opportunities for girls and women and the women who helped win them.

rep karen clark speaking

MN House passes gay-marriage bill: Closing statement and final vote

The measure passed 75-59.

illustrated wrap

Geoff McFetridge's Walker Art Center construction site fence mural

When the Walker does repairs, not just any fence will do.

dakota internment camp

Internment during the U.S.-Dakota War

1,700 Dakota were forced to camp at Fort Snelling during the winter of 1862–1863.

will morgan photo

Burnsville Rep. Will Morgan on his proposal to shrink the legislature

HF1786 would reduce the number of state representatives from 134 to 98, and senators from 67 to 49.