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Coleman-Franken trial: Coleman effort to change judges’ minds is denied

In one of the shortest and swiftest decisions of this long and protracted election contest trial, Norm Coleman’s lawyers were shot down this morning.

Monday, Coleman’s lawyers asked Judges Elizabeth Hayden, Kurt Marben and Denise Reilly to reconsider their own decision from Friday. That decision swept away 13 of 17 rejected absentee ballot categories that could be examined. It reduced the universe of ballots from about 4,800 to 3,300 or fewer.

Coleman’s lawyers argued the judges erred in their decision. It was an attempt to, essentially, appeal to the judges.

As succinct as you they could get, the judges issued a one-sentence decision this morning at the start of court.

“Respondent’s request to bring a motion to reconsider the Court’s February 13, 2009 order is DENIED.” (PDF here)

Testimony continued this morning with Scott County elections supervisor Mary Kay Kes being questioned by Coleman lawyer Joe Friedberg.

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Comments (1)

If Norm is successful in delaying another Democrat from serving in the US Senate until summer or later how will that help him in his future as a Repub pol? Cash from the RNC? A warm feeling from Minnesota voters for all the amusement he provides with his court challenges?
As the stench from both sides of the senate ad campaigns slowly recedes, we have this trial to keep refreshing our memory. Speed it up Norm!