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Michael Graham

Minneaplis, Minnesota
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Who really cares about Petraeus having an affair with Broadwell? The focus on their third--rate romance is typical of the American media, who've always fallen for Petraeus's manipulation, deception and self-promotion.

While the affair further demonstrates his dishonesty and lack of character, it really should be the least of our concerns, given the magnitude of his past misdeeds.

Among these are his betrayal of the Sunnis in Iraq, the theft of weaponry and corruption under his...

I'm sorry both of you were upset by another poster referring to the newspaper as garbage, but, sadly, it's true, and not just because of the recent marriage amendment editorial. There are the pathetic editorials in general, where I can almost hear the groan of the Pioneer Press straining to differentiate itself when it demagogues issues. Then, there's the fact that most of the real journalists and columnists are gone now. Where there was once quality journalism, I now see mostly filler....