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Amy Adams

Springfield, Oregon
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Posted on 12/16/14 at 02:51 pm in response to How the SPCO wants to reinvent the modern chamber orchestra

...if that means you can prune the number of human beings to fit your vision.

So, did "all these PowerPoints" shown by Richard Davis to the musicians show the same numbers that were being shown to the state of Minnesota?
Was Richard Davis being a "great communicator" when he said "everyone's breaking the rules, blah blah blah, get over it" to the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce in 2011?

You know, when you use the word "union" over and over, you're really talking about "the musicians."
And it is apparent to all who read your words that you saw "the...

Hiram/Pamela, your comment about this community getting along "just fine without it's [sic] orchestra" is a classic example of bait. As someone who's posted literally hundreds of times on the Minnesota Orchestra labor conflict, you know all too well how passionately the community cares about it.
Honestly: "nursing their wounds"...? The musicians got immediately back to work. (Of course, they had never STOPPED working, even stepping up and booking first-rate soloists to perform with...

No, Hiram/Pamela...the Minnesota Orchestra top management is untrustworthy. The musicians, staff and Osmo are doing their best, in spite of all. No one HAS to "undermine confidence" because the facts simply speak for themselves. All your commentary serves to muddy the waters, not clarify.

Should you write a check? If only you could write one for each of your commenting aliases - it'd probably solve any fiancial crisis.

I imagine you may well genuinely believe that you are always "you." (Notice the disappearance of an earlier commenter, though? How odd...)
Hiram, et al, how many comments are you going to run this thread up to, somewhere between 30-40%?

....utterly disinterested in local matters, or music matters, or labor issues.
If your point is that "people don't care because I don't care"....then, thanks for writing, I guess.
If your point is that the number of people who care should change...then again, thanks for writing.

Posted on 04/25/14 at 10:26 am in response to Vänskä to return as music director of Minnesota Orchestra May 1

Of took a long bloody time in coming, and cost the Minnesota Orchestra dearly.
Nonetheless: now IS the time for celebrating (contrary to the parting shot of the recently resigned). I can hardly wait to hear plans for the upcoming season.

Posted on 03/15/14 at 12:46 pm in response to Clarinetist Burt Hara's exit latest fallout from Orchestra lockout

...maybe don't really know Burt Hara or any of the Minnesota Orchestra musicians.

Posted on 03/10/14 at 01:29 pm in response to Osmo Vänskä's fate: Minnesota Orchestra board facing intense pressure

I don't know what memory you're referring to. Osmo was upfront about his resignation being tied to the board's support of Michael Henson, and the long, punitive and unnecessary lockout of his Minnesota Orchestra musicians.