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Posted on 04/24/14 at 09:48 am in response to The history of the ‘Nicollet Wall’ and a hamstrung City Hall

One of the upsides of closing Nicollet at Lake St is that there is no longer a Texaco at 25th & Nicollet. The stretch of Nicollet in Whittier & Stevens Square is among the few business districts in Minneapolis that isn't choked with cars. If Nicollet is reopened to traffic at Lake it will likely become as smoggy, noisy, and dangerous to cross as Hennepin, Lyndale, Cedar, 4th, etc etc etc.

There was not actually any "riot" in Dinkytown. There was just a street party. Deadspin quoted the closest thing to violent behavior that occurred. It was spun as far worse than it was in order to sell papers and get ratings on the media's part, and justify their budgets on the MPD's and U of M's parts.

Posted on 04/09/14 at 02:43 pm in response to Southwest Light Rail is an investment in equity

I agree with the points made here about equity, but unfortunately they aren't valid because in reality the proposed SWLRT stations are not easily accessible by northside residents.

The authors note that "The Royalston station is within walking distance of the Heritage Park community." Yes, but the walk on a narrow sidewalk next to 6 lanes of speeding Olson Highway traffic and over the interminable I-94 overpass is nobody's definition of a pleasant walk and only the desperate will...

The alternative that would colocate freight rail, LRT, and bike/ped trail at-grade by taking something like 25 townhomes was rejected for political, not cost reasons. It would have cost something like $150m less than the shallow tunnels.

Posted on 03/28/14 at 09:09 am in response to Moving swiftly, House DFLers unveil second package of tax cuts

This is, of course, exactly the type of pork the GOP was calling for only a few weeks ago. Did anyone ask Garofalo or Davids how the DFL package differs from their favored tax policy? Or if they'd be opposed to a DFL plan to send rebate checks?

Posted on 03/11/14 at 12:46 pm in response to City cycling: Healthful or hazardous to health?

It's interesting that you often see media articles weighing the health benefits and risks of cycling, but you never see articles about the health risks of driving. The science is clear that driving is risky both individually and societally, it offers no health benefit, and is not necessary for the majority of trips, 69% of which are two miles or less according to a 2009 survey. Yet this practice is never questioned.

Posted on 02/13/14 at 10:33 am in response to Streetcars belong safely tucked into our most cherished memories

There is a big hole in this otherwise interesting historically-informed argument. It's true that streetcars cost more to operate than buses, both in the 1950s and today. But streetcars can also accommodate more passengers than buses, leading to a lower cost per passenger on higher-volume routes. This is why it was the right decision in the 1950s to replace the Glenwood streetcar with a bus, but the wrong decision to replace the University streetcar with a bus (as is obvious by the current...

Did you ask CM Quincy if he was offered the chair of Ways & Means in exchange for voting for CM Johnson for council president? It seems odd that a relatively inactive CM like Quincy would be given the chair of a relatively powerful committee.

Posted on 01/15/14 at 01:53 pm in response to Southwest LRT’s path hung up by two intractable positions

Replacing the Kenilworth Trail with a bike/ped facility of comparable quality would certainly cost more than $20m, even without the heated pavement. It would require significant easements on private property, reconstruction of France Ave, at least one bridge, and a retaining wall along the Cedar Lake shoreline. Please either support your assertion otherwise or remove it from the article.

Posted on 11/27/13 at 11:10 am in response to U of M students want more cops, too

Ramsey County is determined to prove that they have no idea how to build a road with bike lanes. Their layout with bike lanes widens the roadway by 8', half of which is due to a bizarre 2' widening of each of the parking lanes (they appear to not realize that cars park in the gutter, to which they tack 1.5' on each side, so the effective width of the parking lanes is 11.5'.) For some reason they insist on wider through lanes than many much busier streets. They also appear to ending the bike...