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Andrew Kearney

Stillwater, MN
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Posted on 09/11/14 at 04:39 pm in response to Schools clear the decks to try step-by-step approach to teaching reading

I agree with everything Greg said up to the point of "our previous governor." I wasn't a fan of the guy but he did two (and only two) things right-reading reform and children's mental health. He signed the Minnesota RtI law (251A.56 which is a plan to insure reading proficiency) and funded a Minnesota Reading Center but the MDE has worked hard to bury it.

Children in Mpls and St. P will never as a group meet Reading standards until the effects of poverty are mitigated. That being...

The one person in the entire MPS who could lead the district out of this mess-Dr. Ann Casey-has been removed from her role as Ex Director of Special Education. Dr. Casey is a nationally recognized expert in the literacy based Response to Intervention (RtI) approach to education. In fact the original research on RtI was conducted at MPS in the 1980's and other districts have moved it into regular education with fabulous results. What did MPS do for these thirty years: make darn sure that...

I am not a MO attendee but listen on Fridays on MPR and donate each year. Like many I have mixed feelings. I think the musicians were petulant to not do a counter offer (like they did last week) a year ago. The impression is that their self-righteousness was so offended that all they could do was talk about how poor management is (a tired refrain at every company) and demand financial and 'management' audits. It had an elitist air and will in my mind my ensure the musicians 50% of the blame...

Posted on 09/12/13 at 11:57 am in response to Q-Comp 2.0: a creative proposal to drive teacher quality

I am not one of those who criticize teachers, scapegoat the inner city schools or denigrate unions but it is a moral depravity to funnel 9 million to the MPS schools to be used largely to 'coach' a failing system. A disclaimer is immediately needed. There is no way with the SES characteristics the district is dealing with that this district can achieve our society's lofty educational goals however defined. But they could greatly increase the reading capabilities and therefore the outcome...

As someone who started and still runs a good size business and did so with no help from family resources I am put off by Mills spokesman describing him as an entrepreneur. Some one who is running a family business is not an entrepreneur; he is conserving the family assets and is best described as a personal asset conservationist or conservative for short. Good for him but to say he is an entrepreneur is an oxymoron. We entrepreneurs are too busy entrepreneuring to run for anything.

Posted on 07/09/13 at 12:02 pm in response to 2013 has been a banner year for Minnesota children's mental health

No one worked harder than Sue did to get all this done. The other thing that should be remarked on is that the interest was bi-partisan.

Posted on 06/20/13 at 04:13 pm in response to Legislative tweaks add up to big relief for districts like North Branch

The North Branch voters are like so many Republicans-they voted for and have Republican law makers AND are getting good DFL legislation. Their Republican lawmakers are plenty glad their schools are getting more money and plenty glad they didn't have to vote for it. They enjoy their cake and eating it, too. In 2010 they gladly took Jim Oberstar's earmark to widen the bridge in town undoing a major bottleneck and then promptly voted in Chip Cravaack who campaigned on reducing federal...

I think Brett is right. There has not been enough conversation about this. The move from opposing a constitutional amendment to legalizing gay marriage was too quick and too abrupt. People in conservative areas are mad about this. They think they have been lied to by Minnesota United. We should all consider that perhaps it is time to separate marriage and civil unions-leave marriages to the church or for any private ceremony and require all marriages to be civil unions-the same for...

Joan Walsh's article is a bit over the top. We should not be villfying whole groups of people AND we should be aware that there is a radicalizing movement going on within very small segments of the Muslim community. The best people to take care of this is the Muslim community. I would much prefer to see Rep. Ellison spend equal time on condemning this radicalization as he does warning against group blame. I think the Police Commissioners' operations are justified. Could they be augmented...

Posted on 04/20/13 at 11:50 am in response to Where Bachmann campaign probes stand after a busy week

Did I miss it or did the media completely miss MB traveling overseas to attend Margaret Thatcher's funeral?