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Posted on 12/13/11 at 07:24 am in response to The Strib is loving the Metrodome stadium momentum

Walker really annoyed liberals by turning down the rail money. Mission accomplished for him and his allies.

Posted on 12/09/11 at 07:46 am in response to Are Tea Partiers racists?

Dennis - Obama only won thanks to liberal guilt? I thought you were about the individual and don't lump people into groups but you're willing to accuse tens of millions of people of bias. The president was imminently more qualified than both Bush and the half-term governor of the most socialistic state in America, Sarah Palin.

@Michael Mischke - Your Highland Villager newspaper is way behind the times - no online edition, stuck in the 1950s automobile mindset so I understand how you may not be well versed on the internets. Websites, including this one, have sidebars that provide static and dynamic information. Cityscape articles have a brief bio for Dornfeld on the right side bar that lists his previous affiliation with the Met Council.

As someone who lives in the neighborhood, bikes year-round and cares about my own safety (unlike Kevin), these no-brainer bike improvements are absolutely necessary. Speeding is rampant (I almost always get tail gated for driving the speed limit on Fairview, Cleveland, Marshall and Summit) and traffic on the north south streets like Cleveland and Cretin is extremely heavy. Similar improvements like the intersection of 40th Street and Chicago in Minneapolis and the temporary Cleveland and...

James - The river trails are nice but a Jefferson route is much more direct. I have never understood the opposition to this bike may. The one block detour created by a bike island is too much but adding a couple miles to a bike trip is nothing. What?

Posted on 11/18/11 at 12:19 pm in response to Minneapolis Mayor Rybak blames GOP legislators for property tax rise

What irony? The city has been hit hard by 60 years of government imposed flight. Freeways imposed by federal and state governments have greatly impacted the city by demolishing entire neighborhoods. "Free" highways have also contributed to the flight of wealthier people out of Minneapolis. Government transfered massive amounts of wealth to the suburbs at the city's expense.

Posted on 11/21/11 at 03:12 pm in response to Minneapolis Mayor Rybak blames GOP legislators for property tax rise

Or they feds could have left Minneapolis neighborhoods in tack. Government caused flight to the suburbs.

Good point on frequency, Eric. Faster buses mean drivers can make more runs per shift offsetting some of the other operating costs associated with BRT and/or providing better frequency.

Wide scale use of small buses does not reduce costs because the biggest operating expenses are driver and maintenance salaries. Transit operators pay a driver the same regardless of the bus size. Whatever fuel costs saved are more than offset by capital costs of purchasing a duplicate fleet of small...

Posted on 10/27/11 at 09:58 am in response to Minneapolis bikers getting increased attention, new safety measures

@20- 1. Agreed. Idiotic behavior.

2. Lights on all vehicles are different. An attentive motorist will see fuctioning bike lights.

3. Non-sense on the exhaust. Also, how is polution somehow a cyclists fault.

4. People should wear helmets. Agreed.

5. Non-sense. Being part of traffic is much safer than riding slowly, hugging parked cars and riding in the gutter. Inattentive driving is the by-product of our attitude towards driving and distractions.

6. People...

Posted on 10/28/11 at 11:59 am in response to Minneapolis bikers getting increased attention, new safety measures


Your "won't someone think of the children" shrieking is unconvincing. People without an arguement frame the discussion around "the children." There are bad parents out there. Parents who yell at their kids to "shut up" or smoke and talk on their cell phone while their children in the car bother me too. I'm not going to pretend their behavior warrents stopping low cost, common sense changes to our transportation system.

"Bikes are built to go as fast as the current set speed...