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...on the iffiness of those buildings, Connie. Pillsbury is certainly one of the most imposing on campus, then as now. I only characterize them as "ramshackle" in this context due to the fact that there seemed to be a lot of "sulfurous fumes" of distaste about being cooped up in "one old building after another," those three specifically mentioned. Maybe "ramshackle" is too strong a word, but the consensus seems to have been they were considered less than ideal at the time, a few decades...

Posted on 12/17/14 at 12:18 pm in response to 45th parallel: Markers make note of this Minneapolis distinction

Karl, I feel bad for missing your very excellently named design firm. My Yellow Pages (or Googling) skills may be atrophying as I age. The hotel and outdoor store are also embarrassing oversights. A clarification will be appended!

Posted on 08/27/14 at 02:25 pm in response to Minnesota State Fair T-shirt bingo

I decided to leave them off because they're so common. Maybe I should have identified specific players.

However, if you do see a T-Wolves or Twins T-shirt with a jock triumphalist slogan, by all means, it should be counted in that category. I think you could make an argument that slogans like "This is Twins Territory" or "Hard in the Paint" or "Minnesota is all in" would definitely count as jock triumphalism. And of course a Timberwolves T-shirt could go in the "Wolves" category, too....

The Minneapolis-St. Anthony merger actually seems like a much closer parallel, since those two cities were, as Buda and Pest were, directly across the river from each other. Thanks for the note, Connie!

Posted on 06/25/14 at 12:26 pm in response to With his affectionate lens, Pictureman captured the conquering joy

I didn't catch the name of the cameras, but I can certainly check. There's a few examples of some cameras and film in the exhibition.

Pretty sneaky, new owners. Thanks for the background on Mapco Minnie, Diane and Steve! 

Max, this may be my favorite correction in all of Stroll history. Thank you for the clarification. That really does change the concept: Minneapolitans are not a nation defined by borders, but a people!

Ah, sorry, Thomas! Scanner trouble this week. I hope you didn't wind up accidentally fording the river or anything. Hand-drawn maps back as usual next week!

Posted on 04/24/14 at 03:32 pm in response to To get your arms around history, consider the ancient trees

Get started on that project now, Jason!

Posted on 04/03/14 at 10:42 am in response to Economy-sized dealership has a rich history and an outsized personality

...pointed out that the license could rightfully be "NOT A CLU." Which probably makes a little more sense, and I have added this interpretation to the text. Still, the idea of a wealthy guy driving a Mercedes-Benz around Nantucket with a "NOT ACLU" vanity plate is too hilarious to not consider.