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Andy Grimsrud

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It'll be interesting to follow the team defense performance from February-April, assuming Rubio comes back to full strength, and especially if Pekovic also returns (seems doubtful, but apparently he is participating in some drills now).

Before Rick Adelman and his staff came here, the Wolves had just ranked 28th and 27th out of 30 in consecutive seasons, in terms of defense in the NBA.

In his first year, Adelman coached the group to a 25th out of 30 ranking. You'll recall that...

Posted on 12/02/14 at 11:35 am in response to How bad is the Wolves' defense? Historically bad.

Great stuff, Britt.

On one hand, I really like the fact that Flip is using the Rubio injury as he should: He's playing his young guys since the playoffs are totally unrealistic. In particular, he's challenged Wiggins with assignments ranging from Carmelo Anthony to Kobe Bryant to Chris Paul. Bennett, in less playing time, has faced LaMarcus Aldridge and Blake Griffin. That's great, I think.

On the other, the team defense is so unbelievably bad. Even acknowledging the Rubio to...

Posted on 11/21/14 at 03:52 pm in response to Is the Wolves' playing style out of step with the modern NBA?

Great piece, Britt.

As the league continues to move in the direction of more three-pointers, it might be a (big) comparative disadvantage to have a coach who doesn't have a strong opinion on whether threes are good shots.

Thinking about this "take it or leave it" attitude reminds me of things I've seen about Roy Williams, and the hyper emphasis he puts on transition offense. In the college game (and to a lesser extent, the NBA one) transition is by far the best opportunity to...

Posted on 11/06/14 at 11:23 am in response to Wolves win at Brooklyn: one to glow on

Fun game, and great recap.

Any initial thoughts on the offense that Flip is running?

It seems more diversified than most. One play has a double high ball screen for Rubio, the next is a straightforward post feed to Pek, and the next might be Martin running off of screens for a mid-range jumper.

I can't tell if I like it or not... there's something aesthetically pleasing about the modern spread offenses like Utah seems to be implementing. Plus, they encourage efficient...

Posted on 10/29/14 at 11:52 am in response to Reality Bites: the Minnesota Timberwolves 2014-15 season preview


I agree that the season has a wide range of possible outcomes, though I think that -- to the extent Flip can control them -- they hinge more on the front line positions than with the handling of Wiggins. I say that because I believe that Flip will give Wiggins the minutes he needs and deserves (I hope I'm not being naive) and also because I think Wiggins -- from Day 1 -- is as good of an option as they have at the small forward spot. In other words, the win total won't drop if...

Kevin Love's infamous "Kahntract," with the player option, appears to be validated on the Timberwolves end.

The team, as presently constructed, is capped out financially without any basis to expect much improvement from within. They were going nowhere, and Love's expressed desire to leave aligns perfectly with the timeline set by his contract; right at the time when a historically-enticing trade package became available.

Some of it was luck. A lot of it, actually. But since...

No arguments from me on Love's future in Cleveland, or the continued struggles of Jonny, Wes and Derrick.

But if Love had signed the full 5-year max, he'd be every bit or more anxious to get the heck out of Minnesota and I don't think it's as simple as assuming Flip could, well, "flip," Pekovic for a dynamic wing player.

I did not enjoy last year's team at all. They had a well-crafted recipe for lopsided success against mediocre teams that absolutely did not work well against...

It rubs me (and from what I can detect, many others) the wrong way how transparent it was that there really was no coaching search happening. I suppose the Joerger thing happened, but that played out in strange enough fashion to make me even wonder if that was an entirely sincere pursuit.

They went after Tom Izzo and Billy Donovan. Whether either guy would make a good NBA coach is an unanswerable question, but we sure knew they weren't leaving Michigan State and Florida for the...

Posted on 03/19/14 at 09:43 am in response to Wolves' expectations and realities: Ricky Rubio as scapegoat?

Great stuff, Britt - and I really appreciate the shout out.

The lack of an unassisted trey is incredible - I did not realize that, but I guess it makes sense, thinking back on this season and how - like you say - he never pulls up for three.

Getting ahead of ourselves for a moment, it will be interesting if the Wolves draft a point guard in the late lottery (as they could've done last year, with Trey Burke.)

Ricky was/is head and shoulders better at lead guard than Luke...

Posted on 02/27/14 at 06:51 pm in response to Wolves will enter March with flickering hopes — or flickering out?

Adelman & Rubio:

Part of me thinks it's unfair and stupid. Ricky's one of his best three players and deserves a long leash.

Another part of me thinks Rubio's lack of shooting progress is sub-professional and Adelman is Old School enough to *demand* change. (Even at the team's expense, as is the case when J.J. Barea becomes the fourth-quarter floor general.)

Either way, I'm glad you drew attention to it. That tension has been increasingly apparent.