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Posted on 06/19/13 at 07:58 am in response to Gun owners 'meeting up' at neighborhood street parties

Oh Jackson, look at the big picture. People all over the world know about Lake Wobegone. Look at how much national talent comes into the Fitzgerald because of GK. St Paul finally got a big public tribute to F. Scott Fitzgerald in Rice Park because of GK's efforts. I would guess that lots of local talent got a big boost by being on the show, And think of how many people from outside MN attend the traveling shows and hear about MN. I have run into people in Yosemite and Prague who asked if I...

Posted on 05/28/13 at 07:21 am in response to Mark Addicks Q-A: Finding the consumer state of mind at General Mills

General Mills products are not real food products. They are marketing cardboard with lots of added salt and sugar and Americans are obese and sick......and as the rest of the world eats our products, they will become likewise. Right now many people are gluten intolerant, wheat is a big part of GM products, have they shown any interest in finding out why, what changed in wheat to cause a problem for so many? But then it isn't about food, only marketing.

Posted on 05/08/13 at 01:02 pm in response to Kline becomes top booster for GOP labor bill

I managed employees in a seasonal business. Overtime in the winter and short weeks in the summer. I tried to let them bank hours so they would get a full paycheck in the summer. It was an accounting nightmare. First the employee 'loses the 1/2 time pay, if they leave the company before using the extra time owed, it was difficult to pay as wages or even vacation time. I had the freedom to be very creative in flexible scheduling and that was more workable.

This legislation is refe with...

is not measured by who they swept in to office, but rather by some of the comments expressed here......Steve says 'gun-grabby' that is point one for the NRA.

And Mikes comments about gun control not working in Germany or Chicago.......point 2.....but an old red herring argument. As if you can take out a tank with your weapon. And as far as our cities, those guns come from all over.

And why is universal registration called gun control? Point 3 for the NRA.

Members of...

I am curious to know what percent of their funding comes from private sources, what from churches and what percent from public funding.

Ho Hum - another fluff piece from Cyndy. This is not an interview, this is his press release.

Posted on 03/04/13 at 02:02 pm in response to Minnesota GOP must learn social media is a two-way street

Still chasing the reason for the loss? You don't need gimmicks......just open up the precinct caucuses, then let everyone speak, and let an array of people be delegates. Years ago you weeded out everyone who wasn't a middle aged man of privilege toeing the party line and there are no longer enough of them to make you a winner. Look what Republicans did to Hagel because he didn't toe the party line that Israel can do no wrong. In MN the amendments would have been non-starters if you had...

Posted on 01/24/13 at 12:19 pm in response to Dayton's budget undermines both job growth and economic growth

I find a lot to like in the proposal. Walk down any main street of any city- how many are retail shops, how many are service offices? Share the tax but at a lower level. We will see restaurant business go up, by the time you add city taxes on a restaurant bill, it gets pricey. If I can afford a $100 blouse, I can afford the tax on it. The vast majority of us don't buy expensive clothing to start with. We still will get our haircut on the same schedule, and many of the services like taxes are...

Posted on 01/23/13 at 11:59 am in response to Supporters say electronic gaming will succeed ... eventually

yes, they have been successful-------in making abortion harder to obtain. Think of No and So Dakotas, one facility in each that perform abortions. Both states require the woman to stay several days for tests, screening, to think it over, etc. In addition to great distances to travel, overnight motel stays, etc. it is harder to do. Also, more accessible birth control methods are available, perhaps even the morning after pill has made a difference.

Posted on 01/08/13 at 07:39 pm in response to Return of the neocons: This time, they’re attacking Hagel

Jim, I reread the article and the only word that I could find that you may object to is 'neo-con' a term used and understood by all major news journals, papers, and programs. What labels are you talking about?

On the other hand, your response was a disgrace to responses and would be better suited to Yahoo.
Why inflame us and treat us as though we are stupid with comments like the following:
'fed at the public trough' 'fat cat' 'suited to being a soap salesman'