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B Maginnis

medina, Minnesota
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Posted on 01/22/13 at 09:57 am in response to Return to the U: The Confession

I'll meet you for lunch in Dinkytown if you are available....

Posted on 02/29/12 at 01:45 pm in response to Minnesota job openings surge

Tester is of course, correct.

And Bri, you seem to .....agree with Sooch on the pay-off issue. You DO agree it is a question that needs an answer, right?

Posted on 02/29/12 at 03:19 pm in response to Minnesota job openings surge

Does anyone else picture the HBO series "Deadwood" when you hear about these North Dakota "oil camps"?

Posted on 02/24/12 at 01:34 pm in response to Dayton veto looms over deadly force legislation

Time to allow Minnesotans to protect and defend. This ain't Kansas anymore.

The police come AFTER the attack, liberals.

The Star Tribune hates guns. Just look at the photo they use to illustrate the story. Rows and rows of "those scary black guns"!

Posted on 12/19/11 at 03:46 pm in response to GOP operative Brodkorb leaves Parry campaign, too

Bri- As excited as you guys are about Ms. Koch's purported assignation, remember:

The "sanctity" of marriage that she defends, is that between a man and a woman.

The right thinkers never confuse that with the "sanctity" of marriage "vows", a completely dfferent matter.

I do quite look forward to the vote.

Posted on 11/11/11 at 11:50 am in response to Klobuchar, Franken vote to repeal Defense of Marriage Act

Ann Richards: "..and Sen Klobacher gets treated just like Republicans treat smart women: they dismiss them and demonize them."

Oh, dear Ann. Can you please reflect for a moment on what your fellow libs do to conservative, ATTRACTIVE, smart women?

Because it's breathtaking in it's viciousness, ferocity and pure hate.

Posted on 10/14/11 at 09:05 am in response to Dems in Minnesota delegation vote 'no' on Colombia trade

Wow, Bri, sexism at its best in your "review" of Michelle's feminine fashions and physical appearance. Imagine, an attractive AND conservative woman!

Akin to a rampaging zombie to you, I realize.

Well done, and I look forward to further analyses on BOTOXPelosi, Maxine Waters, etc.

Could be a new winner for the Glean - kind of harkens back to your Sheletta days on MyTalk!

Also, please give us more on food hoarding tips, I understand this is beyond a "trend"...

Posted on 10/06/11 at 02:27 pm in response to Ed Week gives national context to Eden Prairie schools controversy

Swifty, there will be no uch report. You know that, and I know that.

No form of abhorrent social engineering that ignorantly refutes human nature and the notion that we are all created equally, but do not perform equally, and that we live in a free market republic in a capitalist society that rewards performance and results is doomed.

The Krullian Methodology has failed, but there will be more like her that attempt the same thing, over and over with the same failure - the very...

Posted on 09/26/11 at 03:10 pm in response to Heavens! A 'SlutWalk' in Minneapolis

"That's because those homes, often along water or parkways, hold their value better.”


Can't make it up.

Why don't you do a bit of digging into how that's playing out on Minnetonka.....

Posted on 09/26/11 at 12:26 pm in response to In her last week at Eden Prairie, Melissa Krull reflects on her tenure

What Thomas said.