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Bernice Vetsch

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Posted on 04/20/12 at 04:13 pm in response to Keystone XL pipeline: New route, new problems for Obama?

Then the new route is as utterly unacceptable as the idea of the pipeline itself. The US will have some jobs for a few years and then have a leaky (they all leak) pipeline losing the world's dirtiest oil underground. TransCanada says extremely sensitive sensors will signal underground leaks, but even if they work all the time, workers will still have to travel to the leak site, dig down 12 feet or so and make sure the leak is securely fixed. And if the oil gets into people's drinking...

Posted on 04/20/12 at 03:51 pm in response to Bachmann: Obama 'waving a tar baby in the air' on gas prices

And either apparently not smart enough to know that the president has no control over oil prices or hypocritical enough to pretend he can, while insulting him and then adding "with all due respect" to her remarks. .

Posted on 04/20/12 at 04:03 pm in response to Pro football's honchos to talk about 'franchise viability'

The Vikings "need to come back to the table and negotiate."

And open their books. And prove beyond a doubt that they are unable to pay for their stadium all by themselves. And promise never to be excused from paying rent on the stadium is too much of a hardship, as they have gotten away with at the Dome.

Posted on 04/20/12 at 08:23 am in response to NFL is not pleased with Minnesota over stadium

I'd rather see it be because the governor vetoes the Republican/ALEC budget with its cuts to human services and public investment. (a $20 million facelift to the Capitol, for instance, instead of the $200-million plus that is needed to fix all the deterioration that comes with being 100 years old).

I'd also like to see list of cities (plural) which are interested in acquiring the Vikings. Who knew?

Posted on 04/20/12 at 08:29 am in response to NFL is not pleased with Minnesota over stadium

Knowing that makes it even seem stranger to know that the Met Sports Commission has excused the Vikings from paying rent for the last 10 years because theWilfs pleaded hardship. Since the public has been paying all the maintenance bills on the Dome anyhow, we can hardly claim that expenses would go up by $5 million for maintenance if the Vikings leave.

that ALEC says it is getting out the business of social and political law-making? Current legislation like the voter i.d. act will not be supported any longer. Can we now expect those who introduced this legislation to withdraw it? (Whoop-de-doo if so.)

Voters should be informed that Mike Parry is an ALEC member.

Posted on 04/18/12 at 02:55 pm in response to E-Fairness legislation should be passed

from sales taxes so they'd have a better chance of becoming established. I'd say that the on-line retail industry is now well established and perfectly capable of collecting sales taxes.

traveled to the Middle East a little over a week ago to urge that the US and other countries arm Syria's rebel/opposition forces, in spite of the official US policy being to support Kofe Annan's effort to achieve a peaceful settlement.

Spending millions of dollars each year for the International Republican Institute, headed by McCain, to practice its own brand of foreign policy around the world hardly seems like a good use of our tax dollars.

and will probably come to accept the view of liberal Americans at some point. Meanwhile, however, thousands of people are being punished for a genetic difference over which they have no control.

In addition to the websites you mention above, interested viewers might visit Catholics for Choice (, whose members dissent from the church's teachings on birth control and abortion (which they point out has never officially been designated as a sin).