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Beryl John-Knudson

Duluth, MN
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Posted on 01/16/14 at 06:30 am in response to Will Osmo Vänskä return? One hint

I can assume Vanska will call up the spirit of SISU, a Finnish spirit that is defined by perseverance, human will and the inner strength; this Finnish root power so much a legacy among the Finnish people, that directs and empowers a positive position.

Posted on 01/14/14 at 06:09 am in response to Klobuchar and Franken 'undecided' about Iran sanctions

Bottles up:
Somewhere in the rural or urban wilderness or in a cave in the Mississippi flats one lone , poor soul who is/was a committed hoarder who could never throw anything away looks at his enormous private collection of empty pop bottles - cans too? - billions and billions of bottles stored carefully in a vacant lot or an old barn not yet knowing their future worth and lo, he soon becomes the the first landfill millionaire...

Posted on 01/14/14 at 09:29 am in response to Klobuchar and Franken 'undecided' about Iran sanctions what else is is new between recycled bottles and being screwed by a toxic light bulb...for a greater truth on the subject, try recycled history itself and Pepe Escobar's version "Reliving Machiavelli in Florence", this fine morning

Which rule of law does Mondale respect...the rule of lawlessness that destroys a citizen's right of privacy...or the whistle blower who exposes that injustice?

The people first...government becomes a tool broken when the rule of law which protects privacy is allowed by NSA, CIA and all in government who perpetrated this invasion of injustice on the people and the Constitution.

Has Mondale failed to be the advocate for justice here by taking such a' gentle' response?

Posted on 01/07/14 at 06:39 am in response to Majority of Republicans now reject theory of evolution

1...noting the image heading the article I do wonder if it is intended as a composite of the conservative Republican or a particular political figure, and then too

2:...and from a poetic rather then recognizing the soul or science of this debate....I do believe if there is a god, the Dog walks in his shadow

Happy New Year

Posted on 12/16/13 at 08:48 am in response to Archbishop Nienstedt says he 'overlooked' priest-abuse issue

He who represents Hope for so many...has no safe place to rest his head?

Posted on 12/06/13 at 08:57 am in response to Running on the Bible

All gods in their respective heavens...and the son J.C too are chuckling at this one from

Posted on 12/05/13 at 07:59 am in response to Mark Ritchie argues 'no injury' in Internet registration suit


Fox rests on snowbank

under the street light

watching the snowplow driver

sweeping down the avenue.

Snow sprays his street

his neighborhood

his snowplow driver.

Good night fox

As a wider scope of understanding check out Pepe Escobar on Asia Times this hazy morning "Wahabi-Ludnik war of terror" the entrails of Bibi's bubbling buffoonery still seems to have a mind-hold on our congressional ultra-conservatives; Republican mind-set, and in the process possibly destroying any hope of peace evolving in the Mid-east.

Who do we trust here?..Not the Bibi mantra of hate and control. Even the Israeli citizenry are not too all-embracing; under the influence of...

Posted on 11/10/13 at 06:59 am in response to A milestone for mental-health parity: 'Final rule' is announced

Who's that clapping in my ear? Paul Wellstone!

Who believed that day will come when healthcare covers all? Paul Wellstone!

Obama affordable care, a baby step?

Who speaks still, for single payer; the greater footprint - it will come...Paul Wellstone.

" If we don't fight hard enough for things we stand for, at some point we have to recognize that we don't really stand for them." Paul Wellstone