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Beryl John-Knudson

Duluth, MN
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Posted on 10/08/13 at 07:31 am in response to Documents provide inside look at archdiocesan decision-making

...and then too:

I have this god-awful image of intent, intense figures in a cobwebbed basement of a St Paul chancery wrapped in their robes... viewing a porno or quasi-porno video in order to establish its criminal applications, whatever?

It took a year and how many showings for how many priestly figures to define the issue?

Posted on 10/06/13 at 01:11 pm in response to Obama should borrow a concept from baseball

Sweet satire indeed but remember, pouty Putin has no sense of humor...but leaves one to ponder also...words that would never be published if Putin , the slayer of media and 'competitive ideas were in charge?

The above essay would be blowing in the wind so to speak as so many Russian voices? Check out Anna Politkovskaya for starters; one of many wordsmiths, media - assassinated by the dozens, yes.

Now do a satire on our media under indeed?

So far this...

Posted on 10/04/13 at 06:19 pm in response to 'I Am an Oak Tree': An environmental writer's first essay

There should be a Nobel Prize for Mothers who retain those small scraps of paper to remind us of a poetic moment when all was innocence still...yet even then, carried a touch of truth revealing where we may someday be going?

Bless the bulletin board too...

Posted on 10/06/13 at 11:52 am in response to Issues in Snowden case get smart airing at St. Thomas debate

Can't think 'Snowden' without thinking "Guardian" plus Glen Greenwald and add too, a little belated coverage by the New York Times.

Ken Auletta of the New Yorker has done a definitive play-by-play of the Snowden affair highlighting the investigative journalism that thrives at the Guardian - due to the Guardian's editor Alan Rusbridger etc..

Yes 'Virginia', substantive investigative journalism does exist...and you don't even have to 'raise your hand in class' to note one's...

Posted on 10/04/13 at 08:49 am in response to Shutdown threatens 2,500 Minnesota children in Head Start programs

Cynthia Boyd recognizes the 'other' in our society with her substantive coverage. Here again she enlightens on one of the more tragic results of this shutdown.

Too often effects of this shutdown on 'me-and-mine' dominate and the pain of others appears to get less press if it weren't for Cynthia Boyd's excellent reports. Thanks for recognizing those pocketed in the shadows and recognizing them. Head Start is a powerful program.

Posted on 10/02/13 at 06:02 am in response to National Guard furloughs 1,207 civilian techs

Seems like anything with the complicated design sensitivities as an under ground tunnel - flooding and intricate needs structurally embedded in such a project - demands a major input from the they are rarely automatically recognized as overall design functionaries?

Do wonder why "architects" as a profession are not secondary almost to the expertise of engineers who make good design viable?

"Architects of the biggest design project in the twin cities..." Or...

Posted on 10/01/13 at 11:20 am in response to 'Shutdown' begins, and so does the blame game

it's a funny thing..The Library of Congress will be shut down - where history enlightens us and the word is a sacred trust, yet...

NSA (no sacred trust here; no way ) will still continue playing I-Spy; already creating havoc with the our civil liberties...who will be in charge to watch dog NSA; whomever you are, speak up please?

Who answers to whom when government is not regulating overt practices? There has to be more side effects that will appear as the days pass?


Clapper and Alexander could be a comedy team if the issues were not so serious:

Clapper,..."We do not understand the concerns on the part of the public."

Classic, eh? Clapper needs to read the finer points of the Constitution as defined within in its 'robust framework'.

Alexander continued to avoid answering a straight question....and "classified" appears to be a relative term?

Serving popcorn to listening panel and the American public, like Abbot and Costello...

Posted on 09/27/13 at 07:08 am in response to Actress Jessica Lange to Gov. Dayton: Suspend the wolf hunt

"Whenever and wherever men have engaged in mindless slaughter of animals (including other men), they have often attempted to justify their acts by attributing the most vicious or revolting qualities to those they would destroy; and the less reason there is for the slaughter, the greater the campaign for vilification." Farley Mowat

Dayton surprises me in his response which essentially says or suggests you-can't-go-home-again, interest wise, be you ordinary citizen or quasi- celebrity...

Posted on 09/27/13 at 10:50 am in response to Streetcars endorsed for Minneapolis' Central-Nicollet transit line

...and a little off the map here too, but somewhere back in time I remember and am mildly curious about the corridor around the lakes past the Linden Hills area. Probably no longer created a corridor/cathedral effect of overhanging trees and backyards; an alley behind the backyards of homes along that route. Little brother's Cat Chester ran away for two weeks found him down the corridor as we rode home on the Oak-Harriet line after a Saturday movie at the State downtown...he was...