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Beryl John-Knudson

Duluth, MN
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Posted on 09/25/13 at 07:25 am in response to It's a deal: Betty Ford and Hazelden merge

If the media builds up a story on one immigrant group - rumor and facts piled in a woodpile of small truths - it will be easy for those who rarely accept 'another' in our society; who may not look or worship like some of us think is the norm ?

Condemn the whole group, eh?

Time out on this story just may yield less persecution of one community of immigrants?

Wanna hate somebody homegrown? Leith North Dakota is possibly future residence of a 'home grown group of National...

Posted on 09/25/13 at 06:48 am in response to My lunch-time encounter with a black widow spider

Years ago it was the green grocer who warned of the Banana Spider, often mistaken for the Black Widow; a bit larger but venom just as toxic if bitten.

Now if one were to find a Banana bug and he meets the Black Widow in the same fruit basket maybe, the two would self destruct?

Addendum: Always wondered why the Black Widow? Probably eats its mate, who knows?

Posted on 09/17/13 at 07:27 am in response to PR campaign gears up to get Nobel Peace Prize for Putin

What's her name, was it Mcfarland, the old hen in the Fox House initially recommending Putin for a Nobel?

Do remember the Russian reporter Anna Politkovskaya, poisoned for speaking out in book and articles against Putin and his activities in early 2000 plus...

"WE are hurling into a Soviet abyss, into an information vacuum that spells death for our own ignorance. All we have left is the internet, where information is freely available. For the rest, if you want to go on...

Posted on 09/12/13 at 12:31 pm in response to U.S. tolerated chemical-weapon attacks by Saddam

With the latest word from Assad who thinks he has Obama blocked in successfully maybe its time to remind the Putin/Assad boys that checkmate is only valid if you're paying on the same game board?

If all else fails:Obama may have to strike carefully if such conditions are possible..and let them know and the world know...he's playing on a different board. No checkmate involved...

If one is playing on 'a humane option board' rather than the 'power option game', that only defines...

Posted on 09/15/13 at 11:16 am in response to Off-street activity: Twin Cities alleys offer a glimpse of a shadow city

...and wonderful use of free space on private structures be it poetic, political or philosophical; great word play embraced by great art images?

Does remind me also of what designers, planners created in the 60s...ALLEY 29 in St Paul with St Paul Book etc, Fujia Cafe plus a water fountain courtyard...if it still exists.

Bob Dylan Way in Duluth is essentially an alley parallel to downtown main street, Superior street; the 'alley' being Michigan Street running for some distance...

Posted on 09/11/13 at 09:14 am in response to Obama’s terrible speech didn’t answer doubts about attack on Syria

I suppose everyone hears a different portion of the speech, but I would say -regardless of repeating; restating the facts as-is - Obama has gracefully returned the ball into Putin's court and created a quasi or be it real possibility that these two dominant powers can work together on this ugly situation?

It's now up to Putin to fulfill his own 'peaceful' cooperation with our government and create a successful solution and so activated, together?

Cool move here maybe by Obama...

Posted on 09/10/13 at 06:47 am in response to On Syria, Putin upstages Obama at G20 Summit

Who wins, who loses personality wise? Who wins who loses among two leaders? Is that the point of focus here? Then we're talking chamber-of-commerce mentality indeed...

Obama, if he acts on his certainties, he will lose his image for those who demand not justice but one-man decision making?

If he acts on his certitudes there is no great end game.

Whatever way he choses it's a Catch-22.

History may define a clearer picture, maybe?

I honor the man who displays...

Posted on 09/01/13 at 12:00 pm in response to Straight talk from Obama on Syria and the U.S. Constitution

Well it's a catch-22 for Obama whatever the outcome but it's patriot time for congressmen making political hay on the issue whichever the final word on this latest contemplated 'intervention'?
Israel is jumping up and down with the propeller on his beanie cap a whirling dervish, cheering Obama into action.

Any Syrians or Syrian-Americans too I suppose, are up for interrogation exercises by the FBI and maybe Homeland Security(NY Times) so even if you have a Syrian...

"Now they are worried about people carrying guns in the state house."

"They don't call it a state house. It's the state legislature; under-the-dome so to speak."

"Didn't know they were allowed in the first place...maybe legislators do carry. Classified, who knows?"

"Now there's a problem in itself I suppose?"

"Bet you don't even own a gun?" "Shoot yourself in the foot probably."

"So what? Now I'll have to buy one to protect myself from everybody else if I...

I listened to a portion of the tape this morning and I am convinced that what is now legally in place to protect the Capital and its daily activity and open-to-the-public, already exists.

But there are no guarantees in this society that has nurtured so much violence on others abroad for whatever just or unjust not find a few sick minds in our own society - few, not many - ready to kill for whatever delusional fabrications that spins a sick soul to act...

It appears...