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Beryl John-Knudson

Duluth, MN
Commenter for
7 years 8 weeks

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Dinky Town, Any Town: Alley Poet 1960's

Out of the alley of her days
she gathers a tarnished entourage of images...
one dandelion defiantly growing among the scattered debris
of an unattended city lot.

A stray, grey cat sunning itself on a dusty window ledge.

Pigeon droppings, shattered glass,
a rag of curtain lace are whispers from
a dwelling long condemned.

She collects anger and fear and joy from
the graffiti voices blessing...

Posted on 08/16/13 at 10:23 am in response to Lt. Gov. Yvonne Prettner Solon uncertain about running again next year

If Prettner-Solon can achieve the fulfillment of the Northern Lights Express she will have more than fulfilled my expectations...not just as a tourist train for the T-cities etc. Could be a 'work train' exchange between greater Minnesota and is the word then, 'lesser Minnesota', eh?

Exchange programs could strengthen the state's educational ties by integrating collaborative school programs all over the state?

Structurally challenged highways are overburdened by excessive...

Posted on 08/16/13 at 12:28 pm in response to Senate files to dismiss Brodkorb suit

How long does it take an Emerald Ash Borer to cross the bridge from Superior to Duluth?

By my questionable qualifications as an occasional observer of other worms crawling along my sidewalk on a slow day... and multiplying one limited span and essentially fantasizing the critter's considerable longer journey, one could assume...for now, not to worry?

It will be well into next spring before one slow worm succeeds in spanning Bong or the shorter Blatnik Bridge competing with...

Posted on 08/13/13 at 12:57 pm in response to Women and politics: the amazing tale of Jeannette Rankin

Thanks for the reminder...

Rankin was a woman my mother spoke of so often in glowing terms. As a child I often heard her name spoken with pride in our the name registered again now, like a thought embedded in my mind. But her successes and influence on the times I almost forgot.

Rankin would never have allowed so great a destruction to its neighbor state North Dakota; or Montana even, by the present insurgent forces; the F-kin' Fraking for the sake of money and gas...

Funny and extremely sad is the Drone as a means of saving lives even as we kill others for what legitimate or illegitimate reasons?

And then there is the boomerang effect:

Please note that the Cirrus Corporation has essentially been bought out by China...and latest Cirrus designs has its eyes on the prize, building drones for public or private use; either/or?

Do we assume all good things come in small packages sans human pilot and when China will be developing,...

Posted on 07/22/13 at 10:43 am in response to Washington Post on chances of Amy Klobuchar for president in 2016

Howard Dean is a true Progressive in the mode of Wellstone but what is Klobuchar, really? Doesn't seem to have enough guts or active will to challenge the system...and there is so much to be challenged?

Obama, I almost feel betrayed on bad days; yes, I'll say it...but then tomorrow, who knows?

I had a dream a night ago that Paul Wellstone was alive and was President of good old USA and the late poet Bill Holm of "Coming Home Crazy" was Paul's Vice President and the late, great plains poet Tom McGrath was Secretary of State...and 'our-man-in-Russia' was Snowden; now the President's adviser on Constitutional integrity preserving free speech and the Right of Privacy. old Michelle B. couldn't be spotted by the eager beaver media but was allegedly hiding; low profile...

Posted on 07/12/13 at 12:08 pm in response to 'Nuclear option' in Senate could determine B. Todd Jones’ nomination

Watch dogging the watchdogs:

Grassley's attitude is pretty transparent with his political limitations embedded on his forehead.

...but Don Oswald only worked for the FBI in Minnesota three years and left for a 'security position' in Florida?

Was it a promotion or a demotion?

I'm only curious. Certainly don't want to suggest otherwise....

Posted on 07/12/13 at 09:51 am in response to Drone landing on aircraft carrier opens new possibilities for Pentagon

A two-way street:

"Ending the central role of humans" ?

Only if the 'victims' of drone technology are considered devalued; not human?

I'm looking at picture of a dead child being held in her father's arms. Somewhere in the back country of Afghanistan.

Tell me about it ..."technology ending the central role of humans at war and sea."

This child and other perceived "surgically clean' targets" are human too, hey?

We sell our own humanity controlling...

Posted on 07/11/13 at 06:04 am in response to Bob Dylan homecoming: Postcards from Duluth

Skinny kid with a pointy face sits on one of the long wood tables like a penchant Puck. He plays not too good guitar with lots of confidence and a wee bit of arrogance, singing to us with a voice like gravel. We listen. We sip and nibble. We are young. We are entertained by this student/ performer whose voice may need some polishing a friend confides-- yet his lyrics are strange and beguiling. Just another local talent who may not go anywhere? We are confident with a touch of arrogance. We...