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Beth-Ann Bloom

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Posted on 04/10/14 at 12:24 pm in response to Dayton's signature caps long-fought effort to curb bullying in schools

At the bill signing the 11 year old who spoke told the story of how he had been repeatedly brutalized in second grade and the school's inaction to protect him. He thanked all the people who had worked to pass the bill and said, "Now is the time for bullying to go from a natural part of growing up to something that just doesn't happen to kids." It's a shame that the opponents of the measure did not have the wisdom of the children who were bullied.

My hope is that all across Minnesota...

This article is one of the reasons that MinnPost is such a valuable part of our community. Rather than simply providing one quote from each side and calling it balanced coverage like other Twin Cities outlets did, it actually presents enough information and perspective to allow readers to evaluate the issue.

Thank you!

How refreshing to see Reps Winkler and Metsa take a comprehesive view towars reform and budgeting in Minnesota. We need more leaders like this!

Nice to see all the work going into making sure that full-time workers can earn a livable wage.

Posted on 02/18/14 at 01:24 pm in response to WaPo's Jennifer Rubin talks up mystery man McFadden

Sadly this is reminiscent of Pat Paulsen's candidacy for president on the Smothers Brothers Show.

He said during the campaign, "Deep down, I happen to be very shallow." I think it would be a great McFadden bumper sticker!

$9.50 is the amount that raises a family of 3 to the threshold of the poverty level. It provides a chance for the smallest of family units to meet their basic needs. If the worker actually got 40 hours of salary per week he or she would earn $19,000 annually.

This information showing how bullying harms real Minnesota kids needs to be shared with MN Republican Senators who blocked passage of the Safe Schools bill last year.

Hopefully the information will encourage them to vote to protect all Minnesota students when the legislature reconvenes.

Posted on 11/25/13 at 03:15 pm in response to New St. Paul Council Member Thao appoints competitor Nix as aide

This is what leadership should look like. Kudos to both upstanding St Paulites!

Posted on 11/25/13 at 02:16 pm in response to DFL, Minnesotans United join forces in key legislative races

Supporters of the freedom to marry for all Minnesotans promised their support to legislators in the up-coming election. Realizing that acting on conscience can be challenging and being people of our word we will continue to support those who voted for love and justice.

Recent word out of Hawaii is that those who opposed same sex marriage received stockings full of coal. I am glad to live in a state where leaders have encouraged the support of sympathetic legislators rather than the...

Posted on 11/21/13 at 05:58 pm in response to Minneapolis Mayor-elect Betsy Hodges names transition advisory committee

What an amazing team of advisors!