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Beth-Ann Bloom

Woodbury, MN
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Posted on 08/29/14 at 04:51 pm in response to The magic of Karner Blue

It's lovely and should function as a laboratory for effective strategies that can be transferred to neighborhood schools. Children in special education are guaranteed placement in the Least Restrictive Environment. They will for the rest of their lives live in neighborhoods so it is essential that they learn in those settings with their typical peers as role models.

Posted on 08/14/14 at 11:12 am in response to Minnesota’s primary problem: It’s time for a change (or two)

Moving the primary to June puts the primary season into the legislative session. Since the session is polarized enough, I don't think it would be prudent to add active electioneering to the session, especially to those most contentious final days.

Perhaps the lackluster primary turnout is less of a scheduling issue and more of a response (or lack thereof) to the offered choices.

There may be alternate fixes available besides moving the primary again.

It is also important to make folks aware of Westrom's legislative record. Off the top of my head I recall that he proposed bills to allow hunting from helicopters, increased access to fireworks (opposed by physicians and eye specialists), and personal rapid transit.. In addition he rose to speak against protecting Minnesota children from school bullying, SIDS, and increased regulation against water pollution.
Peterson and Westrom may have similar stands on some issues , but it is...

Mr Anschutz is entitled to his opinions, but once he uses his vast fortune and influence to encourage discrimination against some of his fellow citizens his actions need to be part of public dialogue.

Would it be appropriate to give him the money of Minnesotans so he could use it to encourage discrimination in our state and elsewhere? This is not a theoretical question as he has already demonstrated his willingness to use his business profits to fight for the right to deny rights to...

Important to look at Ms MacDonald's entire career especially in the courtroom.

Posted on 07/15/14 at 10:14 am in response to Senate candidate Mike McFadden's 'groin gate' ad named best of summer

The pictures in an ad show where the candidate's focus lies. Mr McFadden is demonstrating his commitment to healthy, white boys from prosperous families in this ad. Who else can afford off-season practices in sparkling white uniforms?

Minnesota needs leaders who know our world is more complicated and that government has primary obligations to the underserved among us.

Posted on 07/14/14 at 01:39 pm in response to Whatever happened to the gay-marriage backlash?

"The backlash" was a threat used to intimidate rural legislators and others in swing districts from voting their consciences. Luckily Minnesotans are aware that the freedom to marry resulted in no unfortunate consequences making the "backlash" just another lie told by opponents.

MSP airport, as the gateway to our state, should be a safe and welcoming place to all travelers but most especially to passengers with disabilities or older folks who require attention. A stable, well-trained workforce at the airport is key to providing appropriate services for all. Appropriate compensation is needed to ensure that staff is available to meet the needs of Minnesota's visitors.

I applaud the actions of the legislators who are willing to step forward on behalf of the...

Steve Simon is smart with an unerring moral compass. What a perfect combination for our next Secretary of State.

Posted on 05/27/14 at 12:42 pm in response to Kicked out of school: Disparities are a looming crisis for all districts

It is important to remember that students classified as disabled have legally protected rights to education. Just as children in wheelchairs are guaranteed access to their education every day in spite of their disabilities; children with emotional and behavioral disabilities are entitled access to their education every day in spite of their disabilities.

Suspending a child with a disability does not absolve the school district from its obligation to educate the child and provide the...