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Bill Coleman

Mahtomedi, MN
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I wonder about the impact of stricter regulation of foreign contributions would have on the ability of public corporations to contribute to candidates or parties. How would it affect a US Corporation like Target with, I assume, many shares owned by citizens of foreign countries or the governments themselves? What about our new Irish Medtronic?

Posted on 11/04/14 at 03:13 pm in response to On campaign's final day, GOP hits Dayton on Ebola preparedness

When I saw the full page anti-Dayton ad, I was a bit surprised to see that the GOP did not even mention their candidate for Governor. Maybe no one in the office could remember his name!

It makes me wonder if the wall of separation between the editorial board and the advertising department had a hole knocked in it. The weekly Fleet Farm supplement plus plenty of daily ads puts them in the top tier of advertisers. The endorsement is mystifying. Or maybe Mr. Mills brought the editorial staff onto his boat for lobster? Sorry, could not help that one!

Two points: Can anyone name an executive with Preferred One? They definitely underpriced their product last year and seemingly lost lots of money. Now they are whipsawing their customers with huge price increases and by changing sales channels. One question: Did the management of Preferred One get bonuses last year for doing an extraordinary job? Funny, I went to the Preferred One web site - could not find a board members list, executive team list, nothing relating to annual reports, etc...

Posted on 10/10/14 at 04:54 pm in response to Minnesota malaise afflicts 2014 voters

Most Minnesotans yearn for a choice, but the GOP seems to want to make sure that we do not have to make one.

The GOP candidates are so lame, so predictable and so uninspiring. I can barely remember their names. One of them may be able to back up a boat. The other one coaches youth football (or is that the same guy?) I bet only one in ten Minnesotans could tell them apart in a lineup.

They spend all their money on the dumbest ads and their allies' attack ads are too...

Posted on 10/08/14 at 02:31 pm in response to Nolan and Mills tangle in Duluth debate

I am curious how the NRA grades candidates. Do they give only A's and F's? I wonder what gives you an F? - supporting the need for background checks? Or closing the any background check loopholes around private sale of guns? Or placing any restrictions on clip size?

For the 2nd amendment people out there, I also wonder if there is any limitation on arms that you would support. Should individuals own rocket propelled grenades or rockets capable of downing helicopters? Since Mr...

Posted on 07/31/14 at 03:32 pm in response to Against the über-presidency: Minnesota Republicans vote to sue Obama

A quick combing through the federal statutes would find thousands of laws that the federal government is not enforcing. Many of these laws, passed in an earlier era, would make no sense to enforce in 2014. The employer mandate of the ACA, made no sense to enforce this past year. Rulemaking was delayed (pick your own reasons for that); no one was ready for this law to be enforced.

GW Bush was king of the signing statement, which in essence, tells Congress "I don't care if you...

Posted on 07/31/14 at 03:50 pm in response to Style wars: it's not policy differences defining GOP governor candidates

I listened to most of this conversation yesterday. I felt sorry for them because there is so little bad news,besides the Twins, in Minnesota.

It is fun to contrast the news on the business page and from Greater MSP with these candidates' perception of the MN economy. Their talk about businesses fleeing the state (I don't think that anyone mentioned Medtronic moving to Ireland! :-) ). The only articles I see about businesses fleeing the state are about companies moving to San...

Posted on 07/01/14 at 12:04 pm in response to More Minnesota manufacturers say they're 'thriving'

Your tenuous comparison of Minnesota to Wisconsin is pretty week. The MN sample is 62 companies. Assuming the Wisconsin sample is similar, the difference between 42% and 44% is certainly within the sampling error of this survey and means that one more company in Wisconsin than MN said that they were thriving. It is hard to believe that a national consulting firm would actually release data at the state level knowing that a same size of under several hundred is pretty worthless.