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Posted on 03/23/11 at 08:08 pm in response to New research calls into question push to make preschool more like school

I am surprised not to see Piaget and Montessori mentioned here. Gopnik's work seems to confirm their earlier studies or am I missing something here, not being an educational specialist?

Posted on 03/21/11 at 10:43 am in response to McGuire gets key endorsement from Hausman in Senate special election

Interesting race. Since the DFL will take the seat the primary will basically determine the outcome. Apparently the GOP is not interested in a serious contest since they have selected the same guy who ran last Fall, Copeland, who got 24% of the vote.

Posted on 03/08/11 at 09:20 am in response to A reasonable cost-cutting move, or 'micromanaging' higher-ed spending?

With respect to administrative costs at the University of Minnesota-

Interested parties may wish to read the post:

On the Cost of Administration at the University of Minnesota

A sample:

From fiscal...

Posted on 03/07/11 at 04:39 pm in response to A fascinating U news roundup -- and its inclusion of academic debate

Many thanks for your kind words.

You link to the Trump Umbach economic justification for more U funding.

These folks did not just fall off the turnip truck and have an axe to grind.

From the Star-Tribune:

February 18, 2004

Minnesota stands to gain 4,000 jobs by 2010 if the Legislature commits $70 million to fostering the biotechnology industry, according to a report prepared on behalf of two of the institutions that likely would receive some of that...

Posted on 03/02/11 at 11:09 am in response to Health illiteracy and the appeal of magic

And does not an Academic Health Center, such as the one at the University of Minnesota, have some responsibilities in this area?

Apparently not. I wrote an article about homeopathy at the U for the Chronicle of Higher Education that was responded to by both the present and former deans of the U of M medical school.

Their pitiful response did not even MENTION the word homeopathy.

Those interested might find this matter amusing, except that the consequences are so...

And the criticism is probably justified, David.

Don't get me wrong, I think the U deserves decent funding, but this study was a waste of $48K. (of course the U will respond that they used private funding for it - that is also a bad argument that I'll not pursue)

No one doubts that the U is a huge economic benefit to the state. But that is not the question of the hour. Cuts are going to have to be made and they are not going to differ whether the U's return is 10x or 5x the...

Posted on 02/18/11 at 10:03 am in response to Bad luck blues: Penumbra's 'Ma Rainey's Black Bottom' at the Guthrie

Interested readers might want to check out my post on the Chronicle of Higher Education Brainstorm blog:

'Ma Rainey' Plays the Guthrie


From that post:

Whenever I see another August Wilson play featured at the Minneapolis Guthrie Theater, I always smile.

It was not always so. For 12 years one of the Guthrie’s former directors, Garland Wright refused to admit Wilson to...

Simply put, the biggest factor in Obama's almost certain re-election is the pitiful slate of potential opponents on the GOP side. Anyone but Romney will be a joke, with the possible exception of Huntsman.

And then of course Romney has a little health care problem.

Posted on 02/16/11 at 08:53 am in response to Getting tougher on comments, Star Tribune institutes pre-review

Moderately good news.

Unfortunately, it appears that the stuff that is on there now, even after time to pull the worst, is still pretty bad.

I've had comments turned down on MinnPost and on the Community Voices pages of the Strib. In retrospect I was always glad that they weren't posted.

Keep up the good work at MinnPost, your efforts seem to be making sense to other places, lie the Strib. Now the PP... Hopeless

(Making people use their own names also seems to...

Posted on 02/14/11 at 10:38 am in response to The coming boomer bust: Some huge problems facing Minnesota

apologies: "no sources" -> new sources