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Bill Schletzer

Plymouth, MN
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Posted on 08/29/14 at 11:51 pm in response to Met Council to Mayor Hodges on Southwest LRT: 'Take it or leave it'

I can't imagine anything like this incident happening to old white guy, Bill. You ever notice on the freeway when there is a car going the speed limit and causing a back up for all the white people going ten miles an hour over the speed limit, it is a minority, usually black, person driving. They know the cops are looking for the tiniest thing to pull them over. Post racial my a**.,

In this case "free" federal funds given under the boondoggle grant program. Sometimes adults say no to their kids but they never turn down anything they perceive as free. Go to the fair and see some guy handing out free cloth bags. How many people turn him down even though by the time they get home they have no use for that bag. I don't know what kind of phony ridership numbers they are throwing around to justify this but the real numbers will probably look more like the numbers they got...

Posted on 08/26/14 at 10:51 am in response to It's one sorry campaign season in Minnesota

I think Michelle MacDonald could limbo any bar the democrats could possibly place.

Posted on 08/25/14 at 11:58 am in response to Yes, it's OK to feel good about the Timberwolves right now

...for using this year's trendy word, uber. I'm over uber. Anyway, nice optimistic take on the coming year. I'm a little sorry to see Shved go and for sure I pray that Barea will be gone before the season starts. I thought all his second half playing time was the clearest sign of Adelman's senility or stubbornness..

One question about positions: Levine, Wiggins and Bennett: what positions do they play? Are they all in the small forward/shooting guard area? Gonna be fun watching...

Posted on 08/25/14 at 12:47 pm in response to Yes, it's OK to feel good about the Timberwolves right now

Apparently you've been using uber longer than the few months I've been hearing it. If I recall my high school German class, I thought there was an umlat (messed up that spelling so uberly) but that version is not so trendy. Thanks for the info on the positions. Didn't the Wolves pick up a back up point guard this off season? I'm looking forward to this season, provided they dump Mr. B.

Posted on 08/25/14 at 02:42 pm in response to Yes, it's OK to feel good about the Timberwolves right now

I think Rubio is going to make these young guys look better than they really are giving them open looks another point guard can't give them. And I predict he will have a shooting percentage much closer to the average NBA point guard this year. Put that with his passing and leadership now that Love is gone and he will shine.

Posted on 08/25/14 at 08:04 am in response to GOP Supreme Court candidate vows to stay in race

I'm not a Republican and I don't approve of parties endorsing judge candidates, but I think some of you are missing the point.

I don't think the DUI would have been that big of an issue, but it didn't help to hide it from the convention at large when that committee made their endorsement. The bigger issue, I think, was her behavior after she was stopped, refusing tests, refusing to communicate, taking a private test a day later when the alcohol was out of her system and claiming that...

Posted on 08/26/14 at 07:36 am in response to GOP Supreme Court candidate vows to stay in race

Dig in a little and you will see that everything: the DUI, the stop for no license, the handcuffed court case, everything that ever happened because of her actions was in fact really due to the evil actions of others. Judicial races, until the GOP decided to change the rules, have always been politically opaque. The three branches of government are supposed to remain separate. When political parties start to endorse judges that separation is violated. Judges are supposed to be chosen...

Posted on 08/22/14 at 03:25 pm in response to Search continues for Arden Hills shooting suspect

that the new Vikes contribution to the stadium had nothing to do with bird-friendly glass, glass that they still can't afford.

Let Michele MacDonald be there on Saturday. I will hit the GOP booth at 9 AM hoping to see the free show. I totally support her right to make a complete fool of herself and all the people who endorsed her candidacy. If she gets arrested again, look for me in the video, the old bald guy laughing his head off.