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Bill Schletzer

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As the year went on I believe his percentage went up. And as I recall he was about league average for threes, which says that he should shoot his twos ok if he puts his mind to it. He does miss too many lay ups though, I think. I am very disappointed that Barea is still on the roster. If they start turning to him we are doomed.

Posted on 09/29/14 at 08:47 am in response to After another awful season, expect Twins to make big changes

The Twins don't have enough money to sign an ace because they ware wasting 20+ million on a light hitting first baseman.

You could form a pretty competitive all star team with the guys the Twins have let go. Worley isn't the only one to thrive after they got out of here. Gardie might be good at game day but I don't think he's smart enough to develop talent. He expects them to develop themselves and if they don't he shuns them. Ryan and Gardenhire are the ones that let Morneau an...

Posted on 09/29/14 at 08:36 am in response to Gay music director will not sue Nienstedt over firing

I'd say the choir director is a better Christian than the archbishop. His love for his church and the people around him is greater than the archbishop's, who would rather put children in harms way than admit fault. The choir director would rather walk away than harm his parish and the church. Where was it I read that they were using child molester priests on the committee they have to hear marriage annulment cases?

Posted on 09/25/14 at 06:48 am in response to State senator blasts fellow DFLers for role in Community Action scandal

What is the bottom line on any charity if you are looking to dontate? The percentage of administrative costs. I heard on TV last night that 50% of their money went to administration. Today's Trib says the budget for next year was planned at 68%. How could you be on the board and not know that fundamental fact? A guy in Ellison's position lends credibility to any organization on who's board he sits so he has an obligation to be well informed of its finances. He either knew about the 50...

Posted on 09/25/14 at 11:20 am in response to State senator blasts fellow DFLers for role in Community Action scandal

So because the CA people are small potatoes compared to the Kochs we should excuse this? I believe in being on the side that is right, not just more right. This Davis is doing exactly what you are blaming the rich of doing: taking advantage of the system. I don't care if Davis and I vote the same way, he is wrong, I think, and should pay the price. That droplet of a few hundred thousand dollars could have made a huge difference to the individuals it should have gone to. Your diatribe...

based on their actions over the decades. From everything I've read in the last several years no one was ever made to resign strictly for being a child molester. They've been counseled, transferred, given extra chances, retired, but never fired.

...the archbishop got him another car so he could continue on his drunken way. He never phoned the cops.

Posted on 09/18/14 at 08:56 pm in response to Should the Twins fire Ron Gardenhire?

the twins have released many guys in recent years who went on to great success and some of that has to be due to poor coaching. But I think any team paying 20+ million a year to a light hitting, .270 average first baseman is doomed unless they have an unlimited payroll to get some all stars at other positions. Many teams in this sport and others have proved that overpaying one guy in a team sport just results in lack of money to pay other needed guys. Example: Texas with A roid. And the...

Posted on 09/16/14 at 04:07 pm in response to Will the Adrian Peterson case actually cost the Vikings?

and I'll show you what the NFL and the Wilfs and the players, coaches and staff of the Vikings value. They only value looking good or being good role models insofar as it furthers their quests for money and fame. There are exceptions but they are a slim minority. As long as you have "fans" like the woman with the switch and jersey, as long as you have politicians who will approve stadiums against the wishes of the majority of their constituents, as long as the cult of macho violence...

Posted on 09/17/14 at 06:27 am in response to Will the Adrian Peterson case actually cost the Vikings?

He does "charity" work because his image gets him more money from sponsors. It's all about the money. And vigilantism? One more time, please. If you or I got our faces in the paper for something like this we'd be out the door at our jobs. What happens in court is protected by laws, what happens at home or the job is a different thing. Would you counsel his wife not to leave him for being a dog and to wait until it was proven in court?

Side note: the Vikes reversed their decision...