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Bill Schletzer

Plymouth, MN
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Posted on 09/18/14 at 08:56 pm in response to Should the Twins fire Ron Gardenhire?

the twins have released many guys in recent years who went on to great success and some of that has to be due to poor coaching. But I think any team paying 20+ million a year to a light hitting, .270 average first baseman is doomed unless they have an unlimited payroll to get some all stars at other positions. Many teams in this sport and others have proved that overpaying one guy in a team sport just results in lack of money to pay other needed guys. Example: Texas with A roid. And the...

Posted on 09/16/14 at 04:07 pm in response to Will the Adrian Peterson case actually cost the Vikings?

and I'll show you what the NFL and the Wilfs and the players, coaches and staff of the Vikings value. They only value looking good or being good role models insofar as it furthers their quests for money and fame. There are exceptions but they are a slim minority. As long as you have "fans" like the woman with the switch and jersey, as long as you have politicians who will approve stadiums against the wishes of the majority of their constituents, as long as the cult of macho violence...

Posted on 09/17/14 at 06:27 am in response to Will the Adrian Peterson case actually cost the Vikings?

He does "charity" work because his image gets him more money from sponsors. It's all about the money. And vigilantism? One more time, please. If you or I got our faces in the paper for something like this we'd be out the door at our jobs. What happens in court is protected by laws, what happens at home or the job is a different thing. Would you counsel his wife not to leave him for being a dog and to wait until it was proven in court?

Side note: the Vikes reversed their decision...

Posted on 09/11/14 at 06:57 am in response to No bird-friendly glass for Vikes stadium

The funniest thing about Ms MacDonald's request is that she thinks that having video will help the public perception of her. She seems clueless about how she is perceived. I wish she'd turn her case over to Judge Judy. I would buy that video.

A Republican position I can agree with. A streetcar parallel to Lake street but ending at Highway 100 would draw more riders in a day than this boondoggle will draw in a week. I bet you couldn't fill two buses a day with riders from the North Side to EP Golden Triangle. Streetcars/light rail make sense in a densely populated urban area. Unfortunately this path has an extra 10 miles of track going by some park and ride lots that are already serviced by buses.

just that I agree with them on this single issue. And we got to agreement by coming from opposite directions.

Posted on 09/05/14 at 06:01 pm in response to After playoff exit, what's next for the Lynx?

Injuries did us in this year. I'm afraid Brunson peaked last year and maybe needs to be replace. McCarville just hasn't really become a force in the pros like she did at the U. I remember one game at the U where she just destroyed this woman from, I think, Kansas who the Lynx later drafted. Never seen that this last couple of years with Minn.

This series felt a little like five against three. Phoenix was so balanced. Contrary to the commenter above, I love Diana Taurasi. She...

Posted on 09/04/14 at 12:02 pm in response to Michelle MacDonald and the anatomy of a political train wreck

I think the video of her trial would fit well on the Comedy channel right after Colbert. Same flavor of absurdity.

Posted on 09/04/14 at 06:12 pm in response to Michelle MacDonald and the anatomy of a political train wreck

This train has been building steam for a long time from what I read. It wouldn't be worth caring about if it were only a simple dui. But her behavior after the dui hints at deeper personal problems. I wish Minnpost would do an article about her actual constitutional positions. From the hints I've seen they are as far out as her personal life.

This campaign is going to be a real life version of Fatal Attraction with the GOP playing the Michael Douglas part and Michelle MacDonald...

Having "gray areas" is good for the white profilers. Take the black out of gray and you have white. Get rid of any left over marginal people and you have lily white. While it may be hard for the author to imagine this happening in Rice Park, it is even harder for me to imagine this happening to a fifty year old white guy in a suit or an attractive young woman in business clothes.

If I were Lollie, I'd have a lawyer by now and I'd be suing whoever employed the private security guard...