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Bill Schletzer

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Our rights as citizens grow out of our rights as humans. One of those rights is to not be tortured for no other reason than that you are a human. America went through 200 years of history without condoning torture. Now apparently the world has changed so much that we now endorse it as a nation. We regret it, but we condone it. Otherwise why is Cheney not in jail along with Bush and the rest of them. Torture is a sign that America no longer subscribes to the ideals of its founding....

....not torture

All this losing wouldn't have been so bad with an intact team although I'm pretty sure we were at least a .500 team with the original line up. I like watching the kids play but a lot of the fun is gone from that because they don't have Rubio there to help them develop.

Of all the gimpy old guys the one I'm most concerned about is Pek. I could see him being worn down by a long season and a lot of minutes but it seems he came into this year not ready to contribute. Apparently letting...

The Strib said the wage protest yesterday was an effort to advocate for a $15 per hour wage at fast food restaurants. Speaking as an old fogie, when I was in high school in the 60s most kids had their first jobs at places like Burger King and MacDonalds. I started at a dollar an hour. It was a place to learn the basic elements of being employed: work hard, be on time, obey the boss, etc. Those places have never been about providing a living wage for an adult and his family. Logic says...

What gives them the right is their willingness to accept the consequences of their actions. That is the essence of civil disobedience. As for it being widespread, I'd say it was confined to a pretty narrow area.

Had they not disrupted travel, no one would have noticed. The whole point was to have their issues noticed. Perhaps if the police had applied a few choke holds, tased and shot a few protesters the demonstration wouldn't have been such an inconvenience. As the police in...

that unskilled entry level positions are not worth 15 dollars an hour by today's standards. Anyone making the decision to make fast food a career and not a stepping stone to something better is making a mistake. And I'd say that in general production is fine. The unfortunate part is that much of it is overseas. There are so many things today that people pay for and think are essential that didn't exist 20 years ago: cell phones, cable, home computers, giant tvs, things that people at...

Posted on 12/03/14 at 03:39 pm in response to Twins sign Torii Hunter for $10.5 million

Put Hunter's salary with Mauer's in the lost money bucket; two extremely overpaid, over the hill players. This won't win many games but it will get the local TV sportscasters all warm and fuzzy. This move was made for the fans, not to help the team. You could replace Hunter's stats for a couple mil. Same for Mauer. Ten million bucks could have signed a decent pitcher or at least half of one.

Posted on 12/04/14 at 06:37 am in response to Twins sign Torii Hunter for $10.5 million

Channel 11 was gushing over this and led their six o'clock news with the story. All they are worried about is selling tickets, not winning or having a competitive team. That's what the Mauer contract was about, Molitor too. Expect to see Cuddyer in a few years when he is in his final season after he has quit being productive and no one else will want him let alone be willing to overpay him.. He'll be just SO GOOD in the clubhouse.

Posted on 12/02/14 at 11:44 am in response to How bad is the Wolves' defense? Historically bad.

Thanks, Britt. It is amazing to see all the easy buckets the other teams are getting in the paint. I like Pek and Turiaf as people but then I like a lot of people that aren't ready to play in the NBA. Pek and his salary look ready to drag this team down for several years. For him to break down so fast, it should have been obvious in the off season this would happen.

Why was Levine taken in the first round? Playing so little in college, would anyone but us have taken him in the...

Posted on 11/24/14 at 01:18 pm in response to Only 1 in 10 heavy drinkers in U.S. are alcoholics, CDC study finds want. "Everybody" knows somebody who drinks daily and doesn't seem to have a problem. Doesn't matter what you call them. My dad drank several drinks every day of his life for decades. Fortunately for him he married a woman with the same drinking habits. He was a daily smoker too. I know for my own sake that these habits were responsible for my mom (not his wife) outliving him by 15 years.

As Paul above says, "The old definitions of "addiction" were largely un-researched...