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Bill Schletzer

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Mac and Peter, who comment here, demonstrate how easy it is to judge alcoholics and their families. My brother, David, died in a fashion very similar to Mr Smith. Probably the only difference is that his body wasn't alone as long as Steve's was, but only because, as someone who has been through that lonely nightmare, I recognized what was happening when my brother missed his dinner date with my Mom.

Mac, you seem to assume that you are more clever or aware than his voters. Sounds...

Posted on 04/09/14 at 09:13 am in response to There is no renaissance in U.S. public-transit use

Really? That is not a serious response. The huge shift in behavior would be in the form of open revolution. I'm just betting that you, like I, drive to work every day. Our urban areas have grown up around cars and, as a guess, 90% of daily commuters couldn't be served by the available routes.

Not saying "can and should", just saying that's the way it is and transit nirvana is a long, long way away. You set up a straw man and easily knock him down but reality is way more...

Posted on 04/02/14 at 01:18 pm in response to A concerted push to prevent hearing loss in Minneapolis

To say this needs to be mandated or control or alleviated at tax payer expense is silly. The clubs sell ear plugs, people are free to make choices. I say leave it alone. I said that in an earlier posting but apparently I hurt someone's feelings so they wouldn't post my comment. Porbably won't post this either.

Posted on 03/26/14 at 10:46 am in response to AA and the Twelve Steps come in for another drubbing

I read the longer piece on Salon about this book. He attacks "pseudo science" by people trying to help each other, often successfully, with his brand of pseudo science created by a guy trying to make a buck. The fact is that many approaches can work but the differenece is that the AA program holds to a basic tenet to have no opinion on the approaches of others, but his approach seems to be rooted in being contrary to AA. Also in reading these articles I see that he has misperceptions...

Posted on 03/26/14 at 11:40 am in response to AA and the Twelve Steps come in for another drubbing

because it works. Simple. Your doctorate and animal research have taught you not one thing that can help others. The whole body of acceptable academic psychology goes against the language and concepts of AA but AA has helped millions and the all the PhDs are still befuddled. Speaking as the son of a PhD is psychology, I have seen your arguments before, but the argument goes, "that isn't scientific so you must be deluded if helps you, but what I have is scientific, although it can't help...

Posted on 03/27/14 at 07:59 am in response to AA and the Twelve Steps come in for another drubbing

Could you please cite a source for that 30% number. That is new news to me. I've never heard a recovery number approaching that. Question: does it include people who become free of their addiction by dying?

I brought up Freud only to show how unscientific much of academic psychology can be. His theories were taught as fact for years. Id? Superego? Show me "proof" of their existence. The only proof could be that they were used as therapy tools and if therapy helpe someone, that...

Posted on 03/19/14 at 11:58 am in response to Wolves' expectations and realities: Ricky Rubio as scapegoat?

Seems like misusing Rubio and blaming him go hand in hand. In my limited basketball knowledge I've been thrilled that a franchise like the Wolves could land a guy like Adelman but after watching Barea drag us down in too many fourth quarters I'll be glad to see Adelman retire. Seems like the coach has set it up that it is either "him or me" and he'll let the team go down to make his point. If we are destined to lose anyway I'd rather have Ricky out there providing some entertainment bang...

Posted on 03/19/14 at 04:26 pm in response to Wolves' expectations and realities: Ricky Rubio as scapegoat?

...then the Wolves would surely be in trouble. I don't remember anyone in the paper, at least, claiming he would lead them "deep into the playoffs". His game is getting better faster than your comments and if the Wolves have more bad seasons I'll be blaming Flip or Adelman before I blame Britt.

Posted on 03/19/14 at 08:14 am in response to Paul Ryan says GOP must become 'a party of proposition'

Republicans have been telling each other since the last presidential election that they need to be a party of ideas but no one is willing to step up and actually offer an idea. I think the problem is that they can either offer an idea that has the chance of actually gaining enough broad based support to become a law someday or they can offer an idea that won't upset the base that they will have to face in the next caucus or primary. They can't do both. They try to avoid this by offering...

Posted on 03/11/14 at 08:10 am in response to Osmo Vänskä's fate: Minnesota Orchestra board facing intense pressure

he would resign for the good of the orchestra or at least make that public offer. I can see the board not wanting to abandon one of their own over an "ultimatum" but Henson has always had the power to decide his own fate. It should be obvious to him what his continuing in his position will cost the orchestra in artistic terms and public support. That he hasn't resigned is another black mark on his leadership.