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Bill Schletzer

Plymouth, MN
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...and for tomorrow's column. I think on balance the Wolves came out ahead on the Love moves although it might take a couple years to see it. Love was a stat machine but he couldn't lead us to the playoffs. I think now we have a couple guys who will take the big shot late in the game. Whether they are ready to make it is another matter but the will is there.I really want to see Rubio and the young guys dominate the minutes this year with support particularly from Pek and Young.


...looks long in the tooth now in retrospect. All those vets couldn't push them into the playoffs. All those fourth quarter fades point to a disfunction that wasn't totally Adelman's fault or Barea's, although I think those two hold a lot of the blame. Last year I was excited for the season and had high hopes for results. This year I'm excited to watch the young guys play and develop. Last year's team wasn't going to get any better so a big shake up was a good thing, I think. Yes, Love...

Posted on 10/22/14 at 10:22 am in response to Why the DFL will lose the Minnesota House

based on a few conversations. Talk about cookie cutter approaches, wow. To me, based on what I see in the media and in campaign ads, not based on conversations with insiders, I'd say the Republicans are complete masters of the political cookie cutter: Obamacare bad, Obama bad, taxes bad, guns good, gays bad, They share the arrogance that Schultz mentions but without the success to back it up.

realize the value of a reasonable tax structure that maintains the level of government and helps reduce and not grow the debt. The debt has ballooned since the time of Reagan because primarily Republicans cut taxes without any equal cut of the spending. Of course they blame the Democrats for the spending but they didn't bother to consider that spending was harder to cut than taxes. Then they gave it a cute name to make it sound well thought out: Supply side economics.

Two things I've noticed: I have not heard I have heard a lot of ads attacking Nolan but zero ads for Mills by Mills. Does he run ads up by Brainard that I just haven't heard? The other thing I've heard is that all the attack ads for whatever candidate by the Republican National Committee all feature the words "our" and "we" as if "we" includes all of us listeners in the same boat as the Koch brothers who are paying for many of those ads. Talk about creepy: Republicans talking about "our...

And that spot is hit every time a Republican tells an outright lie about "voter fraud". The fact that Severson can go to a Republican rally and get everyone to agree that there is voter fraud only proves how gullible many Republican voters are, it does not prove fraud.

Mr. Tester, voting is a fundamental right for all in our society who are of age and not felons in jail (or maybe other narrow exclusions for criminals). There is no requirement about a level of participation in...

I probably just fed some paranoid right-wing conspiracy theory. I'm surprised he didn't bust me for "not having my facts straight."

to homeless vets and others because he is afraid of how they will vote. I was in the military and voted from Germany in 1968 with no problem. Why should military be excluded from all the rules you want to impose just because they are in the military.

As someone who was " out there with their lives on the line" in Viet Nam, I was defending the right of all Americans, whether I agreed with them or not or approved of their lifestyles, to vote. To pass a law that catches 10 people...

Posted on 10/08/14 at 07:14 pm in response to Down in polls, McFadden offers 'Contract with Minnesota'

that it has been shown that no one but the tea party far right of the republican party wants a pledge like this. If he could pledge to consider the possibility of raising taxes in order to balance the budget if done in conjunction with cuts to things, if he could pledge to actually be moderate, not just look so, No one except a minority wants these kinds of locked in promises that only a right wing billionaire or tea party militia member wants and he's already got those votes. How tone...

As the year went on I believe his percentage went up. And as I recall he was about league average for threes, which says that he should shoot his twos ok if he puts his mind to it. He does miss too many lay ups though, I think. I am very disappointed that Barea is still on the roster. If they start turning to him we are doomed.