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So he never really thought about being a Republican, he was just born that way? I am surprised that a money manager would not be concerned about the Federal Reserves policy on QE.

The details of this particular plan are not listed but I have seen other proposals where a tribe has offered to operate gambling in Minneapolis to help fund a stadium.

Gambling is not legal or illegal based on who runs it.

Gambling is only legal because it is done on "reservations".

Creating a reservation in Minneapolis would be creating a separate governmental entity within a city. Do you think Rybeck could sustain that kind of relationship?

Notice how the...

Your articles skips over the fact that there are two types of marriages. A couple could be married before a judge (a civil ceremony) or be married in a church. Most people get a "license" for the civil ceremony and when married in a church they have both types of marriage covered. The law in America can only cover the legal or "civil" marriage. Even if the Minnesota law is changed it won't apply to the Catholic Church, or in the Muslim Mosque, nor will it apply to any other religions.

Posted on 08/10/11 at 09:44 am in response to Rep. Betty McCollum blames Tea Party for nation's political gridlock

It is frustrating that the press reports the Congressional debt ceiling stalemate has caused the US credit rating to drop from AAA to AA. This mistake allows the blame to be misplaced. Fact is the increase in the debt ratio to GNP is the cause. Our debt is now greater than our gross national product. (that is why Obama is arguing over the incluson of the $2 trillion in the computation) I am not a Tea Party member but I understand their concern. Our US...

Posted on 06/09/11 at 07:55 am in response to Cravaack's $1,000-a-month car among Congress' costliest

So this is news? The lease cost is high but there is a reason for it being high. This story just gives haters more fuel to fire off more hate.

The conclusion is that Federal employee expense allowances need an overhaul. Let me do it!

As I understand it, the State of Minnesota cannot pass a law that will affect how a church views same sex marriage, so your piece has little to do with the actual proposed law just as the Bible, or the Koran, will not be changed by the law.
Your piece is merely attacking other peoples religious views. Yes, there are some who are using their religious views for justification of their personal position on the issue but I doubt if your reading of the Bible to them will affect a change....

Posted on 05/06/11 at 12:03 pm in response to Racino plan sputters as gambling issues pile up

I agree with Neal. If an individual is given the right to the profits from the Racino or the downtown site then, as a citizen, I want a chance to bid for ownership!
It is hard to fathom that the State would give the owner 75%, or even 50% of the profits as Gov. proposed. I would oversee gaming operations for a pawltry $500,000 a year.
Why not set up a non profit quasi State corporation to run the gaming with the profits going to the State? Why would the politians pick a single...

Beautiful ceremony. I imagine my grandparents pride at acheiving citizenship.
I noticed that the article stated that INS must verify the legal status before citizenship can be obtained. So illegal aliens are not part of this process?

Posted on 02/06/11 at 12:40 am in response to Deducting mortgage interest on your taxes: a good thing or bad?

Excellent analysis of the MID.
I have one more tax item I would like to see comments on.
In 1997 the tax law changed from a once in a lifetime exclusion for capital gains on your home to allowing an exclusion from capital gains taxes of up to $250,000 (for a single) of profit for any home in which you reside for just 2 of the past 5 years. I believe this tax law change affected the buyers philosophy from that of someone buying a long term home into a short term investor. People...

Posted on 01/26/11 at 08:37 am in response to Sorting out Obama's address -- and Bachmann's 'facts'

Speaking about facts: I would like to know how we are going to freeze spending for five years and still spend (invest) so much more.