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Bob Petersen

Blaine, MN
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Posted on 11/20/14 at 08:33 am in response to Minnesota to New York Times: We do not eat grape salad for Thanksgiving

the part about Lake Erie being warmer. All lakes are warmer in November than January and February. Duh.

Posted on 10/20/14 at 07:39 am in response to GOP targets Met Council as campaign issue

What's crazy is that business interested MUST be taken into account. The Met needs to ensure that people have vibrant places to live; create a climate the entices business to start, grow, and thrive; give the easiest way for these companies to move their goods or provide their services; and also make ways of getting people to work as easy as possible.

The Met is way, way, way to Minneapolis and St. Paul centric. It's as if the downtowns are the only places of light and should be THE...

Posted on 08/14/14 at 08:05 am in response to Otto trounces Entenza in auditor race

I just wish I had $700,000 period. Gotta love liberals with money to burn. The delusion reaches farther than just people mad at him.

Posted on 06/12/14 at 07:24 am in response to Bachmann: Cantor defeat a message to Washington

Republicans don't protect the wealthy, it's actually Dems who do. Punitive and ever increasing rules for people to make money creates more barriers to people moving into the middle and upper class. The wealthy will always have money and the more you tax those who want to make more money, the harder it is for people to keep the money they earn and their families and creates more disincentives to work hard. The only party that supports that is the Dems.

Posted on 06/05/14 at 07:26 am in response to Entenza’s late move to take on Otto draws ire of DFL leaders

He has never been in politics except to advance himself. He's got lots of corporate money, mainly from his wife's work, and he wants to use the auditor position as a soapbox.

Matt, if you want to run policy, run for other office. The auditor's job is to make sure things are run smoothly and the money goes where it is legislated to go. You have that position all backwards.

Funny stab at a private organization - while run amok for a few years - is on the way to actually pay back their debts. It's not like our DFL friends who raised $2 billion in new taxes plus over $1 billion in the most recent bonding and also raised our state's spending over 12% on the backs of other people's money. At least the GOP is getting money on their own for their debts unlike the DFL who thinks they own all of our money.

So these guys want to spend taxpayer money. They just raised a record $2 billion to which the Republicans said they didn't need. And those warnings are coming true. It's bad enough that we are taxed into oblivion, but to demand as much more as they did and then want to keep it because it is 'priorities' to them is just sad. One of the above posts said it's great leadership - that is about as wrong as you can get because it's just legalized stealing. I dunno, that doesn't appear as great...

Posted on 01/09/14 at 09:00 am in response to Dayton blames vendors, but state had direct role in MNsure missteps

Someone I know said the programmers hired to fix the problems worked 100+ hour weeks, even though walking into the situation it was something that wasn't going to work. There was zero business sense in what needed to be built. It was all political hot potato. Constantly changing needs and changing requirements from those in charge...nee government administration...made an impossible task a complete disaster. Dayton owns this.

Posted on 11/19/13 at 09:31 am in response to Update: Dayton says Minnesota will not adopt Obamacare 'fix'

Obamacare was never an overhaul for the betterment of health for all citizens. It was a pure government grab for more dependency mired in super complex rules and regulations. Temporary 'fixes' and boatloads of politically motivated exemptions has turned this boondoggle into a complete nightmare for everyone. Just wait until the taxpayers true costs start to chime in.

Posted on 10/30/13 at 07:27 am in response to Ranked-choice voting gives voters more voice

Steve, the basis of what you claim, and many other proponents say, that IRV will always have a majority winner. For this to happen, every vote must have the ability and every vote must have a ranking on all candidates. When the vote has their choices eliminated in the process, that vote becomes an undervote. When you have many undervotes, it becomes more impossible to have a final majority.

Look at the Mpls vote. There are about 30 candidates. Voters get, what, 3 choices? When...