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Bob Petersen

Blaine, MN
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So these guys want to spend taxpayer money. They just raised a record $2 billion to which the Republicans said they didn't need. And those warnings are coming true. It's bad enough that we are taxed into oblivion, but to demand as much more as they did and then want to keep it because it is 'priorities' to them is just sad. One of the above posts said it's great leadership - that is about as wrong as you can get because it's just legalized stealing. I dunno, that doesn't appear as great...

Posted on 01/09/14 at 10:00 am in response to Dayton blames vendors, but state had direct role in MNsure missteps

Someone I know said the programmers hired to fix the problems worked 100+ hour weeks, even though walking into the situation it was something that wasn't going to work. There was zero business sense in what needed to be built. It was all political hot potato. Constantly changing needs and changing requirements from those in charge...nee government administration...made an impossible task a complete disaster. Dayton owns this.

Posted on 11/19/13 at 10:31 am in response to Update: Dayton says Minnesota will not adopt Obamacare 'fix'

Obamacare was never an overhaul for the betterment of health for all citizens. It was a pure government grab for more dependency mired in super complex rules and regulations. Temporary 'fixes' and boatloads of politically motivated exemptions has turned this boondoggle into a complete nightmare for everyone. Just wait until the taxpayers true costs start to chime in.

Posted on 10/30/13 at 08:27 am in response to Ranked-choice voting gives voters more voice

Steve, the basis of what you claim, and many other proponents say, that IRV will always have a majority winner. For this to happen, every vote must have the ability and every vote must have a ranking on all candidates. When the vote has their choices eliminated in the process, that vote becomes an undervote. When you have many undervotes, it becomes more impossible to have a final majority.

Look at the Mpls vote. There are about 30 candidates. Voters get, what, 3 choices? When...

Posted on 10/23/13 at 08:35 am in response to Tax unites medical device industry and Minnesota's lawmakers

This is the same song that just because they have some money, they should pay for it. It's a tax on gross sales so if a company loses money, they still have to pay the tax. This whole deal was just a money grab because of this lingering opinion that medical device companies are all fat on money, which is far from true. Instead of many high-paying jobs, the money goes to the government which is just wasteful.

Posted on 05/15/13 at 08:16 am in response to Array of proposed tax increases worries some suburban DFLers

There has never neen a budget cut. There has always been increases. Our state takes in more revenue every year and has continued to grow much bigger than inflation.

And money in one lump??? It's been a continual money grab. Just imagine what our state would be like if the budget was actually only about $2 billion less? More money for people to spend and shore up their own family budgets.

The continual money grab by the DFL is not 'courageous' as VP Mondale speaks of. It's...

Posted on 05/03/13 at 11:16 am in response to Minnesota income tax increases virtually certain — but not tax reform

No where is any of the DFL going for the efficiency that government should have. Spend, spend, spend! After all, it's not their money, it's yours. There is proof of no leadership here when it's just making stealing their way legal.

The answer the woman received was totally wrong. The average person in MN doesn't get to keep 87% of their money. The average tax free day is almost May 1 in Minnesota, one of the latest in the country. And it's about to get even longer. Dayton shows his lack of insight because of all the federal and property taxes people have to pay. Dayton has been spoon fed his entire life and knows nothing what it takes to feed a family.

This is just plain idiocy that this governor thinks we can spend our way forever. He thinks coservatives are not being responsible. This is sick given that we still have a $650MM shortfall and this money hungry governor wants to spend even way more. No matter where the money comes from, it doesn't belong to the government. Spending other people's money is not responsible.

And the lowering of the sales tax to broaden what income will come in is just a facade. He, and probably many...

It now looks as if the DFL is going to cater to Dooher and Education Minnesota. Just because we have more money doesn't mean we have to give it all away again. EA backed the DFL expecting more than just the payback. They have given nothing to help our children except doom and gloom and the crazy "I raise my hand" because all they want is money. The DFL is suggesting no changes of what this 'investment' will be, but we get more and more reports of how our schools are doing worse and worse...