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Posted on 07/25/14 at 04:59 pm in response to The life and death of malls

It was originally Miracle Mall, anchored by Tempo and Wards and grocery and forgettable stores in between...I wasn't there when it opened but when I was a teen it was Valley View in La Crosse that was the "real deal." They had a Dayton's! The most amazing thing is that my old dermatologist and I would run into each other at Minn Post...thanks for the nice read, Frank :-)

Posted on 07/01/13 at 06:30 pm in response to Twin Cities Pride: This year, a day of celebration and gratitude

The husband and I got there some after noon on Sunday...his schedule leaves something to be desired...and we abandoned the park at about 4:30pm after we decided we had, indeed, seen everything and been everywhere. He says the ratio of gays to straights was higher this year than in previous an until this summer greater Minnesota guy I can't say. It was lovely and welcoming and nobody...not even the pretty boys and there were plenty of pretty boys...were haughty or ungracious....

Posted on 08/10/12 at 02:08 pm in response to Rep. Keith Ellison and the 5th District on 'The Colbert Report'

I followed a link to video of the Harvard event and in that version Tim Walz was on screen for about ten seconds...he doesn't say a word and neither he nor the district is identified. Is there nothing more? I guess he was on the program technically. We the honest citizens of the First District think we deserve more attention than that from Mr. Colbert.

I really loved the MTM bit.

Posted on 04/03/12 at 02:31 pm in response to Why the quality of Minnesota’s Legislature has declined

I had to say two things. First...whoever was dissing Arvonne Fraser's understanding of how Congress works needs their head examined. And second, I found out while doing some fact finding about Ms. Fraser that she had no Wikipedia page. I have created a lame one. Please anyone and everyone help me build a page to suit this great lady of the DFL.

Posted on 12/22/11 at 06:07 pm in response to Should the media report Brodkorb rumors in Koch scandal?

What I want to know is why isn't anyone outside of Minnesota (well I saw a story in the Grand Forks Herald and UPI had something) interested in this story? Are women and men held to different standards? Given the hypocrisy factor I'm surprised there's been no outside coverage. Google it yourself. There is nothing.

Posted on 12/15/11 at 03:41 pm in response to Gov. Arne Carlson Blog: Bedford Falls or Pottersville?

Arne Carlson is the only Republican I have ever voted for...albeit for state auditor.

Posted on 12/14/11 at 07:30 pm in response to Understanding the euro -- and the German dilemma

This article was fascinating...thank you very much. I mean...I knew that WWI reparations were a factor in the brewing of WWII...but I never knew the larger political foundation of the reparations. And I was amazed to learn that US GDP outstripped both Britain and Germany as early as 1870! Wow! I do agree that the euro crisis is as political as it is economic. That Britain sat out the whole thing surprises me not. I hope the others can figure it out. Norway I think is also on the...

Posted on 12/12/11 at 05:10 pm in response to Winona Daily News parent files bankruptcy

It is true...they have printed in La Crosse for years and they down-sized into a suite of offices in a business park a while back. I think the loss of a local publisher does not portend well.

I wish them the best. Winona deserves a strong daily paper. The corporate missteps obviously do not reflect on local operations.

The Whites would be mortified, though.

Posted on 11/30/11 at 04:08 pm in response to St. Paul's University Avenue back to two-lane traffic

I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to the day when I can get on the Empire Builder in Winona and arrive at Union Depot in St. Paul (I mean was the second level restaurant in the horrible Midway Station ever open...and if it was would anyone eat there?) then take light rail to downtown Minneapolis.

If we are able to finagle a second daily Empire Builder I would think there are a fair number of people like me who, when not pressed for time, would gladly leave our cars in...

Posted on 10/31/11 at 03:47 pm in response to Eco-driving, cow magnets and how your mileage may vary

The driving I do is not hyper-miling by a long shot...I'm usually 6-10 miles over the limit on highways and 5 miles over on major city streets. What slays me is approaching a red light. I coast. You would be amazed at how many people pass me headed for a red light. What is the point? In Winona the traffic is light enough and I commute at odd hours so it works without fear of a rear end collision. I manage better than 30 mpg on a 12 year old GM 6 cylinder sedan.