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Posted on 03/12/14 at 04:16 pm in response to Wolves' playoff chase: All over but the sighing

The debate over Adelman's stewardship of expectations this season is contentious because both sides have pretty good arguments.
Yes, Rick Adelman has had a bad year coaching this team. I won't go into detail; regular readers know my particular list of complaints.
But Adelman can't make or miss all the open shots that do or don't get taken by his players. Shot selection on this team is terrible. Adelman also can't magically transform a moribund defensive team into one any better...

Posted on 03/07/14 at 02:05 pm in response to Wolves' final quarter: Reasonably desperate measures

Thanks for stopping by, Anton. Always appreciate your thoughts--even when you agree with me so completely.
I too wish Martin came off the bench out of the injury, both for the reasons we have both now stated and also for motivation, which feels in short supply with K-Mart lately.

Posted on 03/07/14 at 02:08 pm in response to Wolves' final quarter: Reasonably desperate measures

Not sure about "biggest weakness," but it is the one that makes the least amount of sense to me. Barea will not be a Timberwolf after next season. Rubio is regarded as a cornerstone. Add to that, Barea has difficulty facilitating and is shooting below par for nearly the entire season. Even the suppositions that initially get you to playing Barea don't hold up under the statistical weight of this season.

Posted on 03/07/14 at 06:24 pm in response to Wolves' final quarter: Reasonably desperate measures


When you lead the NBA in defensive rebounding percentage and long outlet pass assists, you bolster the offense just fine even "plodding up the court."
I believe your are delivering comments devoid of rudimentary knowledge of the game to get a rise out of people. It is better to believe that than the alternative.

Posted on 03/05/14 at 01:14 pm in response to No excuses left as Wolves play for their playoff lives


The more pertinent question is, who is going to guard Love? Knicks have to put Chandler on Pek. If they play small, that means Melo on Love--I like those odds. If they play big, that means Amar'e on Love and I like those odds even more.
Knicks are 27th in defensive efficiency. Bottom line, if Wolves lose, very bad loss.

Posted on 02/27/14 at 12:43 pm in response to Wolves will enter March with flickering hopes — or flickering out?

Mr Stern--

Agree that Bazzy's Phoenix game alone vaunted him above a few other bench players in terms of season contribution. Will be interesting to see how he fares on Saturday, especially if matched up with Rudy Gay--seems like both would be able to score on the other.

Yeah, I know simply unspooling superlatives can get old, and that is one of the advantages a columnist like me has over the daily beat guys and on-deadline scribes. I do believe it is important to...

Posted on 02/21/14 at 05:50 pm in response to Wolves' Kevin Love gets to wag the dog

I have moved through the mental gears of your first paragraph many times, only to be stopped short by the two points in your second paragraph. So if you're way off, I'm way off.
Only quibble I would have is that I'm sure not Pek could fetch both Asik and a capable wing; and that Asik is really terrible with the basketball and with Brewer and Turiaf the Wolves quickly reach a critical mass on that--and I do mean critical.
Basic dilemma holds though: Love and Pek are not as ideal...

Posted on 02/21/14 at 06:03 pm in response to Wolves' Kevin Love gets to wag the dog

PSR--I'll take them as they come.

1--Not sure the national media isn't trapped in a herd mentality, especially when it comes to small market Midwestern teams. They don't know the landscape and often don't want to, at peril to their reputations.
2--You'd have to assume the Wolves would scout and draft well for this to make sense, and I'm not sure I can make that leap after Kahn's debacles and Flip's meager haul the past few drafts. Agree about developing affection for the current...

Posted on 02/14/14 at 04:17 pm in response to NBA at the All-Star break: Time for all to take stock


Sincere thanks for adding such depth to the comments section. The above material is a superb synopsis of different aspects of the game and typical of your best stuff over at, which should be a fairly regular stop on the Wolves fan info carousel.

Heading up north for my annual cross-country ski trip during All Star Weekend. Feel free to have at it in the comments section on all things NBA, but please but respectful and intelligent, in...

Posted on 02/12/14 at 12:31 pm in response to Wolves' swan dive: Disintegrated hopes

Wow, I go away for a day and the place runs amok.
Let me see if I can pick and choose some topics for response, if only to re-establish where I stand on some of these things.
--First, I am not "giving up" on the Wolves this season either. Having been a beat writer every year since 1990 except for the three I covered the entire NBA (including the Wolves) for, I think folks know I am a die-hard hoops fan who isn't going anywhere.
But I am going to be realistic. The...