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Britt Robson

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Posted on 12/18/14 at 11:40 am in response to The disappointment of Thaddeus Young

A factoid that didn't make it into the story is that Young has just 3 dunks thus far this season--his previous career low is 43. A disparity that enormous is cause to think more than one factor is at work.
I would argue that Saunders' offense is doing Young no favors--there are precious few floor-stretchers and precious few threats in the low post, making it easy for opposing defenses to bunch their schemes without worrying about rotations being too slow to recoup position. Young is...

Posted on 12/18/14 at 06:17 pm in response to The disappointment of Thaddeus Young


Agree about the gamble. They are called gambles because there is a palpable downside. I honestly don't know which--or if all--of the things are besetting Young, but missing all the other starters, coming to a cold climate (he was raised and went to college in the south), losing horribly after probably getting his hopes up, and losing his cherished mother are all contenders. But even if it turns out to be a lottery pick, I can't fault Saunders for making the deal.
I love...

Posted on 12/19/14 at 10:06 am in response to The disappointment of Thaddeus Young

Yeah, except for that little factor of Rubio improving the team's performance by 25 points per 100 possessions.

Try again Ron, someday your Rubio fixation will pay off....Even your stopped clock might be right once every decade or so. But if I ever get as cynical and negative about anything related to the NBA as you are about Rubio, I will hang it up.

Totally agree with your contention that Portland lost the game as much as the Wolves won it. That's why I singled out the second quarter as the real turning point, despite the fact that the point and other disparities were greater in the first and third periods.
Fact is, the Wolves got lucky that the Blazers were so cold early in the game. That second quarter run was the one time when Minnesota was simply the better team--they outhustled Portland and were also smarter with...

I am a Shabazz Muhammad fan and do believe he should get more time. Not absolutely sure it should be crunch time with a veteran team like Portland bearing down, if for no other reason than Shabazz is a lousy status quo player--something very good or very bad (or maybe both right after one another) is going to happen with him on the court.
Very bad things did happen during Bazzy's second stint in the third quarter. Then again, maybe that just meant he was due for a good run.


Good stuff as always; nice to have you back in the mix.
Of course experience is going to help, if only to hone the trial and error. I guess what I'm saying is that to be a quality point guard in the NBA as a distributor, you really need that sixth sense antenna, a quality that is difficult to ascertain, let alone isolate and foster.
But you know it when you see it, don't you? Rubio has it. LaVine doesn't. No shame in that. It also doesn't mean LaVine can't improve...

I think that covers it in broad strokes


I get what you mean about both guys. Especially like the reminder that you also can't teach the lack of conscience.
With Wiggins, remember that eye test is probably the most unflattering measure of his performance. He gets to the line a lot and is sneaky-active. I don't mind the desire to shy away from mistakes. He has his own rhythms and the more I watch him, the more I trust those rhythms as the learning curve he should follow.


The Brandon Roy gambit was a David Kahn mistake; neither Adelman nor Taylor were particularly enthusiastic or optimistic.
As for Pekovic, I am among those who really wanted to see what the team derailed by injuries during the 2012-13 season could accomplish. I still wish for that, with Kirilenko replacing Martin in the mix. But that's moot--what isn't is my desire to sign Pekovic for the long term. Part of that was based on his compatibility with Love but a lot of it was...

In a perfect world you would groom youngsters slowly and surely. In the NBA, rapid development gives you more years at cheap salaries. Baseball doesn't have a salary cap; hockey doesn't have the same rush to free agency plus there is less overall money in the game.
You just take the system you are given. Better the Wolves are inconsistent with kids rather than inadequate vets.