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Good idea to think back on Flip's treatment of rookies. If I recall he wasn't great for John Wall either, but I do remember the Marbury-KG tandem being developed in a way that gave one hope. The end of the year where Gugliotta became an all star was actually a time when the KG-Steph tandem was fostering some fanciful dreams of the constant playoffs to come, if not dynasty.
It remains to be seen if Barea is moved; if no takers, he might be the stop-gap point guard if and...

It would be silly of me to hazard a guess at wins and losses now, without having seen many of these guys beyond last night's pick-up games.
I'll have something in my season preview a month from now. But I will say that your parameters currently don't seem that out of line to me.

Ron--I know of your disdain for Rubio and do not share it. He is a fabulous passer and above-average defender. The question, of course, is if and when he can improve as a shooter. I prefer to wait and give him the benefit of the doubt--but not a contract more than what they are currently offering, which is 4 yrs at $42 million. Better to see him create his own market with the caliber of his performance this season and then decided whether or not they want to match any competing offers, as is...

Posted on 08/30/14 at 12:08 pm in response to Some assembly required for the new-look Timberwolves


I'm on vacation at the Detroit Jazz Festival or would have replied to this sooner.
You usually read me more carefully or in any event don't take my words out of context this badly in your many astute prior comments.
I never said players coming out of college don't improve their shot in the NBA because that would be pretty silly, wouldn't it?
I said they don't "suddenly" go from being poor shooters in college to shooting well in the NBA.
To use the two...

Posted on 08/31/14 at 11:30 am in response to Some assembly required for the new-look Timberwolves


You're disheartened because you want me to respond to things you only imagined I wrote.

The story I wrote was about the difficulty the Wolves would have in reconciling two straight summers of personnel activity that were contradictory in terms. It was not a piece that blasted the recent trades; on the contrary, i praised those personnel moves in the column previous to this one.

Please show me where I rip their defensive potential now relative to last season. I...

Posted on 08/25/14 at 12:34 pm in response to Yes, it's OK to feel good about the Timberwolves right now


I've been using uber since before it was cool. It's the same with my fashion sense--every 10 or 15 years flannel shirts, jeans and a ballcap is the "look" and I'm a hip dude.
I myself am really pleased to see Shved depart, but share your disdain for Barea.
LaVine is a combo guard--point and shooting, "1" and "2". Wiggins is a swing man who Saunders claims can guard everyone from point guards to power forwards, but I imagine he slots in at small forward, with room to...

Posted on 08/26/14 at 05:12 pm in response to Yes, it's OK to feel good about the Timberwolves right now

Folks, thanks for all your comments. Long term readers know how much I cherish intelligent feedback and I am sure the quality of the remarks has always been one reason people return to wherever I am writing--Minnpost, despite the ban on pseudonyms and anonymous comments--has been no different.
The only thing I'll chime in on at the moment is that Zgoda and others are engaging in wishful thinking if they think they can get Bledsoe here for Ricky and spare parts. Rubio has to prove he is...

A provocative thought Andy, typical of the original insights you regularly offer over at (highly recommended).

But I'd rather have three more years of trying to build something around Kevin Love. If Love was looking at three more years here at a max salary, he'd be working hard to recruit talent and Saunders would be more likely trying to unload Pek for a dynamic wing player.

Barring injury, I think Love is going to have a fabulous season in Cleveland....


I realize I am bucking long history--as the dean of Wolves beat writers I know all too well--when I say perpetual rebuild isn't the way it has to be. I mean, it's not like Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Memphis and Charlotte are paradises either. Shrewd management is way easier said than done. We are still waiting for it to happen here. But maybe it already is--one can hope, especially in August.


He was listed last season at 6-8, 240. I have heard reports that part of his problem was conditioning and that he's dropped 20-30 pounds. If so, that's pretty weak sauce--Robbie Hummel territory--in terms of body type. Not an ideal power forward.