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Weird and sad that you have to thank me for not skimming on coverage of Lady Gophs.

After a quarter-century of coverage, I'll always be partial to chronicling the Wolves. But the glorious game of basketball is fun to analyze, especially when played well with a compelling storyline. I would cover the Lynx except for the fact that it occurs in the NBA offseason and I need time away from hoops to recharge and concentrate on other things I enjoy writing about. The Lady...


I have no idea what the B stands for. She is from Sweden, which may provide a clue. I know many Scandinavian cultures hyphenate last names from parental surnames--maybe this is an abbreviation of that.
But I'm just guessing.
And yes, a dozen blocks--without getting in foul trouble--is a good sign indeed for this team. Still worry about the weakness in the zone versus midrange jumpers off of quick guard play however.

Thanks Pat.

For those unaware, in addition to providing beat coverage of the Lynx and assorted sports stories for Minnpost, Pat recently wrote a nice profile of the Lady Gophers for the New York Times.

Link here:


The way I took those comments was there is no upside to Flip already announcing he will be back, even if he has already made up his mind and convinced Glen Taylor that is the best thing.
Let's face it, Glen has never been that particularly quick on the trigger. And the fact of the matter is that Flip had no control over the injuries that besieged this team, any more than Adelman did his first two season in Minnesota.
If it were me, I wouldn't have highlighted that...


I know it is easy to be exasperated and jump to conclusions, but Flip is the one who raised the subject of exemptions, which means he wants folks to remember they exist. Which presumably means he wants to exercise them. Now, we'll see, but if the Wolves weren't ever planning on using them, why raise the subject in the first place?
I do think your comment about Glen Taylor liking three $5 m players instead of one $15 m player is compelling. I'm not sure I agree with it,...


I agree that Flip probably has thought about coaching again and probably will coach season. And your rebuttal points on various coaches in various situations are well-considered.
But I think you let your dislike for the way Flip coaches intensify your distaste for him dodging my question.
Yeah, I think he is nodding and winking his way through this "I'll think about it at the end of the season" meme. But at the end of the day, he obviously has nowhere to hide. The...

Hey, I'm afraid I don't have the time for a comprehensive answer to all you folks, but I just want to say that the responses here make me proud to operate this forum.
Andy Grimsrud, Mike Reynolds and Sean Olsen all came back with even better stuff than they offered the first time and while I am tempted to offer a little more resistance just to keep the conversation going, their arguments are solid enough that it would take me too much time.
Tom Om kicked in with his typically...

Makes me think of the thing about Flip that used to drive Kevin McHale crazy and probably contributed to their rivalry. McHale hated it that Flip would always point out when Wolves were the lower seed in the playoffs. It made him think Flip was giving his team an excuse to lose.

Posted on 01/23/15 at 01:28 pm in response to Q&A: Flip Saunders on the T-Wolves season so far


It is in part two. But his answer is he hasn't grappled with that yet.

I would be very surprised if he is not coaching the team next season.