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Bruce Johnson

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Posted on 03/10/14 at 01:42 pm in response to Dessa Darling moves easily from rap lyrics to poems and essays

"with her band, Doomtree."
That's not quite right.

Posted on 02/13/14 at 11:20 am in response to Marty Seifert: ‘Minnesota government costs too much’

Seifert's comments on K-12 education here are very refreshing for a Republican.

The broadband quote, on the other hand, was a pretty big chunk of BS, even for a politician.
"Obviously, there are some areas of the state that are isolated and there’s going to need some investment to bring them into the communications network. I think we need to put a benchmark out there and say at the end of two years, the entire state of Minnesota is going to be linked."

Posted on 02/10/14 at 03:22 pm in response to Soul-searching, second thoughts follow vote on mental-health facility

I'm reluctant to overuse words in previous comments, but they fit. The fear and ignorance in the testimony is disturbing. Stigma over mental illness obviously continues to be a problem everywhere, not just in Golden Valley. Cluelessness is another of the problems.

Posted on 02/05/14 at 05:33 pm in response to Failure to act brings poor results for students

This piece doesn't meet the standards that I've come to expect of Minnpost, at least most of the time. At a very minimum the author might have been asked to address the detailed account of her group's "report card" and its flaws in logic and accountability.

Posted on 01/30/14 at 04:23 pm in response to In giving Minnesota a D, Students First hurt its own credibility

It's not hard to see what's wrong with Michelle Rhee - she's just a garden variety grifter who's found her marks.

What's wrong with the Chamber of Commerce?

Posted on 01/27/14 at 01:10 pm in response to Birth control isn't about sex, Gov. Huckabee

Wow. Zero Population Growth advocate?

Posted on 01/23/14 at 02:41 pm in response to Minnesota senators undecided in unusual fight over Iran sanctions

Previous sanctions have strengthened moderates politically and pushed the government to bargain. This current sanctions bill is intended to scuttle the bargaining process and bring back prospects of war with Iran, which have been diminished as moderates gained political strength. Both Senators should vote against the bill.

Posted on 12/18/13 at 03:45 pm in response to No grand jury for archdiocese ... yet

Commenting on the Marshall Independent editorial, the commenter merioncooper accomplishes more with one sentence:

"This remained, until the whistle-blower spoke out earlier this year, an orchestrated cover-up of a series of major crimes."

Posted on 12/09/13 at 08:42 am in response to Fewer than half of Minnesota's detox centers still operating

The Umbers are hardy people, tempered by the rough northern climate. They control the harsh land along the Bay of Seals, bordering the Gift and extending west to the Kingsroad - a place of wild hills and ancient forests of oak and pine. Its proximity to the Wall puts them at risk of wildling raids and they have often...

Posted on 11/26/13 at 12:43 pm in response to Here comes ‘Minnesota Modern’: Latest plan for Block E shows promise

The abattoir is a splendid idea. Charcuterie to the people!