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Bruce Pomerantz

Fridley, MN
Commenter for
6 years 33 weeks

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Posted on 07/23/14 at 09:59 am in response to Complexity dogs mileage-fee concept

Two ways to account for out-of-state mileage:

As with income taxes:

1) Allow for a standard deduction in miles
2) Itemize by showing hotel or gas receipts to claim higher deduction.

Yes, #2 can be scammed but that happens with income tax deductions. Yet that hasn't caused us to insist on eliminating income taxes because some people cheat.

Posted on 07/14/14 at 11:46 am in response to Walk away, Scruff Face: An open letter to Jesse Ventura

If none of this matters, why is Minnpost covering the trial? The appropriate bromides are:
(1) Practice what you preach
(2) The writer protests too much.

Posted on 06/24/14 at 09:12 pm in response to Honour says campaign cash gives him advantage to take on Dayton

Would someone please explain how candidates "lend" themselves campaign funds? What interest rate do they charge themselves? How long does one have to re-pay? Does one sue oneself if the loan is not repaid? ?

Now onto a (somewhat) partisan observation: What does it say about a candidate who has to self-finance a campaign? Exactly where is the support (grassroots or fois gras) for such a candidacy? (Yes, I recognize that Mark Dayton identically self-financed several of his campaigns....

Posted on 05/22/14 at 09:33 pm in response to Interpreting the hidden messages in Franken’s new TV ad

Please explain how you discounted 59 other senators to identify Franken as the one who made ACA possible. Passage requires a cumulative total. It does not matter if Franken's vote was number one, thirty-three or even sixty. If 59 other senators had not also voted Yea, the bill would not have passed.

Posted on 03/10/14 at 10:30 pm in response to The Minnesotan's guide to PolyMet's top 10 favorite talking points

in ways that we cannot anticipate. Ground and rock are fluid at a geological pace. An earthquake could occur. Below ground and above ground water may shift direction. Rising temperatures may directly or indirectly cause the topography to alter. Changing flora and fauna may destabilize the landscape. A shift someplace else may cause a dynamic change where the sulfide mining will occur. Safeguards put in place for today's conditions will not necessarily be adequate for future environmental...

Posted on 02/12/14 at 10:47 pm in response to How would 'damage deposit' work for PolyMet? Many questions, no answer

Mr. Meador wrote, "It was about six years ago that the debate about how best to address the environmental risks in PolyMet's proposal moved off of the question of requiring the company to prove that its methods would be environmentally benign, to insisting that it put down a sufficient damage deposit to protect the taxpayer if those methods failed."

The regulators and the public should go back and question (1) whether the environmental damages that will result are acceptable or not;...

Posted on 11/07/13 at 09:43 pm in response to Minneapolis vote-count process based on faulty logic and bad arithmetic

What, exactly, is detrimental when the vote count takes several days? We are not a parliamentary system where the majority takes over immediately. All winners take their seats in January. The eventual winner will need to make decisions concerning personnel. However, either the winning candidate knows those personnel choices already or will take several days to rest up and then begin the vetting process. The answer to "Why the rush" is that the news media give the false impression that it...

Posted on 10/11/13 at 09:52 pm in response to Should Orchestra musicians go independent? Economics won't work

I checked the MOA website to see who these board members are. I realize that a major criteria to be a board member is to donate huge sums to the association. A glance at the titles that the 79 board members have indicate that most of them are the one percenters. Ask them to cut their income in a range between 22% to 40% and they will still live quite well.

I opine the problem is that the board members cannot empathize with what it means to take such a large salary decrease....

Posted on 10/12/13 at 11:41 pm in response to Should Orchestra musicians go independent? Economics won't work

By definition, a majority has total influence on board policy.

Why do they serve on the board if they do not actively participate in policy making? Additionally, I again point to the positions the "vast majority" of the board members hold. They did not gain their prominence by letting others take charge.

Posted on 10/11/13 at 08:59 pm in response to Why driving Twin Cities’ freeways can be harrowing

Let's not overlook those drivers who think "Right on Red" is a MUST, not a MAY. The most frequent times I encounter road rage is when I decide to be cautious and not turn right on red. Yahoos behind me demand I follow their honking instructions to get out of their way instead. Once, a driver purposefully bore done on me from the outside lane of a one-way, two lane street, forcing me to the curb.