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C. Dorr

Minneapolis, MN
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Posted on 08/01/13 at 06:56 am in response to One developer should not dictate the future of Dinkytown

At the end of the article "One Developer Should Not Dictate the Future of Dinkytown", Rep Kahn is listed as representing Legislative House District 59B. That is old & obsolete information. After the 2010 Census & Redistricting, her district number was changed. Rep. Kahn now represents District 60B. Essentially the same area (NE/SE Mpls, U of M area) but with a new number.

Posted on 07/04/13 at 07:43 pm in response to Flag manners: 8 ways to show the American flag some respect

To learn more about the in's & out's of flag etiquette, visit the MN Secretary of State website at or
Click on the dark blue toolbar the link "Forms & Publications". Then another page appears & click "Publications" again which is at the bottom of the list. Under the heading Civic Education Brochures,...

Thanks Frank, for telling it like it is.
Photo ID is just one of many pieces in the GOP/conservative toolbox. They want to change the playing field & will use any method to do it. No wonder that it did not have bipartisian support during the last 2 years of the Legislature.
Voter restricitions & ID laws are the way that one side works to change public policy. Photo ID was about more than restriciting the right to vote or promoting "election integrity". It was about seeing...

Posted on 05/03/12 at 08:24 pm in response to Voter ID? We don't see the need

Photo ID really is a complete overhaul of our current election system. It is an unfunded mandate designed to institute many new ways we will do our elections - specifically the Provisional Ballots. This & other drastic, unneeded & dumb changes in our election procedures are NOT evident in the title of the bill nor in the langage that may appear on the ballot next November. It's a ruse designed to decieve the uninformed voter that a Photo ID is an "improvement" over our current...

Posted on 03/28/11 at 02:09 am in response to Analysis: Voter ID bill would cost state many millions

C'mon McGrath & Davis, you can't do this (ID) thing on the cheap.
An example : It is "utter nonsense" when you buy a vehicle to think that the ONLY cost is what you pay on the sticker. You have to include all the additional costs of gas, repairs, insurance etc. just to put the wheels on the road. It's called reality & honesty. The dollars come out of your pocket no matter what. Unless you have found a way to run a vehilce on air (free), get no-cost insurance & spend zero on...