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Carol Overland

Red Wing, MN
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If you're counting on Dayton for a veto, well, don't hold your breath. He sure hasn't come through with the vetos thus far!

Posted on 01/25/11 at 09:15 am in response to Gov. Dayton orders permits sped up

It is the job of the agencies to regulate, and to do so in a public way, NOT to salute to the boss and ram permits through "at the speed of commerce." The impacts of known pending projects should be sufficient for this Executive Order to trigger buyers remorse and resignations... dream on. We can look forward to the MCEA legal challenge? Oh, right... This Executive Order is appalling.

Pawlenty goes to Florida every winter for fundraising. BFD. Disturbing though, yesterday cruising up I-25 on way to Denver airport, "seeking" on the radio,I heard the words "35 bridge collapse" and stopped -- it was Pawlenty on Laura Ingraham's show, eeeeeeeeuw. He was stumping, no doubt, but he was doing it by playing the victim of the bridge collapse, and also doing a lot of fence walking, wanting to be aligned with her market but by no means taking a stand!

Posted on 11/01/10 at 10:53 am in response to Outlook for Minnesota's congressional races, district by district

Oberstar? Duluth Tribune? Don't underestimate the damage Forum Communications can do... hard to forget their role in a prior gubernatorial campaign.

Posted on 07/22/10 at 11:31 am in response to Concerns about wind farms to be aired at Goodhue hearing

Hearing has been continued to today - resumes at 3 p.m. at the Goodhue school gym. It went last night until 10:30! We didn't get to a lot of people who had signed up to speak.

Posted on 04/08/10 at 12:57 pm in response to T. Boone Pickens: Tilting at Minnesota windmills?

Check the PUC docket filings -- Commerce has been investigating the C-BED status of this project, the organization, and finds it wanting. See for yourself at the PUC site, and search for dockets 09-1186; 09-1349 and 09-1350, look for MOES Reply Comments and Staff Briefing Papers up at the top.

Posted on 08/10/09 at 12:32 pm in response to Fighting a four-year ratings decline, KFAI prepares to retool

That's a hoot, my first volunteer job there was dealing with that awful PSA notebook, eeeeeuw! When I was there, we weren't doing much in the way of marketing, but that's necessary. Seems to me that retooling should involve beefed up news and local public affairs coverage, solid primary source news during drive-time, and more computer based marketing to let people know what's on and when, with active audience building required of programmers, using broadcast emails, tweet followings, blog...

Posted on 04/02/09 at 10:17 am in response to What's good for General Motors would be good for the banks

Yes, what's good for GM is good for the banks. Bailed out bank CEOs: YOU'RE FIRED!

Pawlenty, the Green Chameleon, is showing his true colors -- and Mike Bull isn't there anymore to tell him what to say! On the other hand, Pawlenty's supporting, with Bull/WOW and Ed Garvey/MISO, massive transmission lines for coal, Midwest Transmission Expansion Plan (MTEP) and Joint Coordinated System Planning (JCSP) through the "Upper Midwest Transmission Development Initiative" (UMDTI) (http://...

Come on, Xcel, you're saying that this project is "needed" based on the South Mpls. Load Serving Study, and yet you're also saying that it's not completed yet AND you won't produce it. OK, so which is it? Are you making up the "need" claim based on a study that does not exist, or are proposing a project that is not justified based on the study that does exist that you're not producing? It seems it's binary -- which is it? Then again, maybe, as CEO Dick Kelly says, use had dropped at...