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Cathy Erickson

Two Harbors, Minnesota
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Posted on 01/27/15 at 12:53 pm in response to A lively legislative discussion at most recent MinnPost Social

I'm so glad I made the trip down to attend this event. Great speakers, valuable information, and a nice opportunity to meet some fellow Minnpost readers. I only wish it could have been longer!

Posted on 12/27/13 at 07:49 am in response to Lawsuits begin to fly over Target's data security breach

I look forward to reading your column every day. Happy New Year!

As I pondered the challenges in providing improved school buildings, I kept coming back to mindset, equity, geography, and responsibility.

Stan Hooper's story above is a great example of how mindset can cloud vision and judgment. "Well I never needed that and look how I turned out" is what I hear when folks are upset about things like "fluff". I wonder, is it jealousy? Is it greed? Is it lack of trust in the system? Sadly, this mindset is all over the state and probably the...

Dr. Tom Melcher, Director of Program Finance at the MN Dept. of Education.

Posted on 11/28/12 at 10:37 am in response to Education-funding overhaul plan OK'd by task force

It's Tom Melcher (not Melchor) - my school finance hero.

Posted on 03/30/12 at 07:47 am in response to Amend the Minnesota Constitution and win Champions Club Twins tickets!

I would pass an amendment that would equip every car in Minnesota with a small electronic sign on the grill that when lit up would say "I'm in a hurry!" for 15 seconds when a button is pressed (limit 10 per month), and once it's lit up the person in front of you (as soon as possible) would be required change lanes or pull over on the shoulder for you to move past. :)