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This is a logical (and repellant) extension of the movement to run government more like a business and to make sure my tax dollars do not possibly benefit "the undeserving."

Posted on 02/10/14 at 12:25 pm in response to Anne Ursu on 'The Real Boy' and writing for kids

I have a fond memory of running into Anne in Barnes & Noble downtown right when “Spilling Clarence” came out. She was adjusting the display in the front of the store and seemed a little surprised that anyone recognized her.

The roots of her success today were clear even then. Kids are lucky to have a writer with such literary talents writing for them.

Posted on 01/15/14 at 01:19 pm in response to Minnesotans' Sunday booze run: Hudson stores stand ready

I've weighed in on the Sunday discussion in various ways before, which I won't recap here. Instead, I want to thank Andy for observing and asking the question that illuminates the cross-border sales debate.

He goes beyond personal anecdote and supposition to ask the retailers how much of their business comes on Sunday from Minnesotans. But it raises another question.

I wonder if someone can figure out whether having Sunday hours actually helps Wisconsinites remember to buy...

Posted on 01/12/14 at 09:53 am in response to Seeing 1960s-70s Minneapolis through Mike Evangelist's eyes

and they bring that era back when I was a downtown pedestrian and Loring Park resident.

It's interesting that Andy felt moved the describe the colors in a color photo but left unremarked upon the utter lack of anyone but whites in the urban diversity he praises. That change has been as great perhaps as the office towers replacing card shops.

Posted on 01/08/14 at 12:42 pm in response to Conservative writer Luke Hellier joins Public Affairs Co. firm

Luke has certainly broadened since his days as Michael Brodkorb's replacement at Minnesota Democrats Exposed.

He should take a lesson from one of his new colleagues and scrub that undistinguished credit along these lines:

"Heidi then returned to Minnesota to work on the Senate campaign of Mark Kennedy and most recently worked for the first Republican woman from Minnesota to be elected to Congress."

Posted on 12/10/13 at 01:34 am in response to Jason Lewis: Majority rule is undemocratic

Amazing that Lewis can write this tripe and continue to hold an editorial page position. You'd think the paper would look for someone better than the two conservatives they prop up there. But that shows the game is about eyeballs, not insight or accuracy.

By the way, the state election of senators lasted because it was so much more convenient a way for the money men to buy senators. Much harder to fix a statewide election.

Posted on 10/30/13 at 11:32 am in response to Jeff Johnson’s campaign aide targeted for ‘extremely sexist’ posts

This reflects well on no one but has not much to do with why I read about politics.

I remember a mayoral election back in the '80s when it looked like Edina Realty and Coldwell Banker were running neck and neck.

Hodges sign has terrible letterspacing in the "Betsy." Typography (as opposed to using typefaces) in general takes a drubbing on political signs.

Posted on 09/17/13 at 11:08 pm in response to 'Coney Island of the West' on Lake Waconia

Sarah Bernhardt was indeed a world-renowned actress, but her first film role came four years later after she visited. Compared to her her fame on stage, the film work was secondary and mostly versions of theatrical work.