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Thank you for saying that so eloquently, Mr. Udstrand. What is it with GOP malingerers like Sviggum that they can spend their time in legislature cutting funds to social institutions but spend their lives employed by them? "I'll cut taxes and programs 1000% except -- except those that benefit me."

The hypocrisy and complete lack of ethics here leaves me gobsmacked.

Posted on 01/18/12 at 05:47 pm in response to How I got that photo: Ben Garvin and the 'Crashed Ice' aerial

As a pilot, I'm wondering how many rules that pilot bent/broke, whether he was trained in acrobatic flying and if his aircraft was certificated for aerobatics. Having the wings come off might have made this a very different story.

Posted on 05/20/11 at 04:27 pm in response to Legislative firestorm erupts over Bradlee Dean's prayer

Wow, Dennis, talk about getting the facts completely wrong in order to attack the other side.

Meanwhile, a Facebook group has been started with people boycotting Minnesota District 34A until Rep. Leidiger is removed from office for inviting Dean to speak:

Brock needed to be outed, but not more than Lavender, and reporters everywhere, need to be ethical.

If people can't trust the members of their own support group, who can they trust? We all need to be able to trust someone, now and then. I can only hope that karma pays Rocheford and Townsend back in some excruciating, familiar fashion some day -- and that they then feel very sorry what they did to make this story.

I despise people like Brock and Parrish. But for this short...

Mr. Bergman has hit the nail on the head. Though not a fan of classical music, even I can name more local talent and organizations beyond those already mentioned: the 35-year old Mississippi Valley Orchestra, the 78-year old Bach Society of Minnesota, Daniel Rieppel, Naomi Karstad, etc.

Thanks for giving Mr. Bergman's blog on this subject wider audience, David.

Posted on 04/22/10 at 10:39 am in response to Me (and Eskola, Carr and Dane Smith) half a lifetime ago

Eric Eskola -- cool? He's stuck in 1977, but it's 1984.

And swivel chairs on a set filled with nervous people on TV: bad idea.

Posted on 07/22/09 at 12:20 pm in response to Newspapers take renewed aim at the comment cesspool

Newspapers would have less work moderating comments if they used technology like that in long time use by, where commenter accounts earn or lose kharma points in a rating system. This results in the trolls and other trouble makers being gradually voted down by other members of the public at large to the point where all their "cesspool" comments disappear from view.

Fully-moderated forums consume huge amounts of effort and tend to turn away some valuable comments. Free-...

Posted on 07/21/09 at 11:51 am in response to What's old is new: A Block E park

This is fine example of why perhaps Lisa McDonald would have made a better mayor than RT Rybak. McDonald was not the only person with the vision to put a park there, but she was one of the most prominent and actually tried to do something about it.

Block E is emblematic of the kind of failure which results from politicians like Cherryhomes and Sayles-Belton. Rybak may be a significant improvement, but he doesn't have the "vision thing" that McDonald had, and that's what is really...

Gosh, winning elections by getting more votes. Who'da thunk it?

Posted on 06/25/09 at 05:38 pm in response to Please, don't take my Kodachrome away

How wonderful to find Ms. Watson writing here at MinnPost. Call me uninformed, but still a pleasant surprise, after reading her columns for many years in print.

And a really nice article about Kodachrome, too. Back when I was really into film photography, I couldn't really afford to shoot Kodachrome except now and then. But after spending a year working in the darkroom for a professional photographer in high school, I really appreciated it's finer qualities.

I still have my...