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Chris Reynolds

Columbia Heights, MN
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Posted on 11/26/11 at 06:45 pm in response to Average property tax increase in Minnesota hits 4.7 percent

How did a change from $3800 to $4200 annually become $350/month? If you are paying $3800/month in property taxes, forgive me if I don't cry too much for you who are among those most able to enjoy the freedoms and benefits of this great nation.

Posted on 11/28/11 at 11:31 am in response to Average property tax increase in Minnesota hits 4.7 percent

Ah, thank you. I did misunderstand your estimation of the change as being a before and after comparison.

Mr. Schulze, yes, that was my thought as well.

Actually, Mr. Tester is right. The legislature that refused to spend its regular session doing its job (coming up with a passable budget) threw him under the bus in the special session. Sorry they were so busy with that "jobs, jobs, jobs" agenda.

Posted on 09/26/11 at 08:28 pm in response to Bachmann finishes last in Florida

#7 - You need to find some more accurate sources then. 6 republicans recalled, 4 successfully defended their seats, 2 defeated by dems. You can find it here on Minnpost or lots of other moderately reputable outlets.

Posted on 09/27/11 at 09:38 am in response to Bachmann finishes last in Florida

#7 Don, how does 6 sitting republicans faced recall election, 4 won and 2 lost equate to no Republicans recalled?

And all 3 recalled democrats won their seats - just for completeness.

Posted on 08/29/11 at 01:54 pm in response to Bachmann: 'I'd drill the Everglades'

#1 - "I'd really like to hear how someone like her who rejects evolution explain the existence of "fossil fuels." "

Satan put the fossils in the ground to lead us astray, but God put all that lovely oil and gas there for us to use, and He'll just keep providing for us...

At least, I guess that is how the discussion would likely proceed.

Posted on 08/15/11 at 09:57 am in response to It's a post-T-Paw world

Wow. I am so glad that he spent 2+ years running the state for maximum right wing electability instead of for the good of the citizens of the state.

It was so worthwhile.

Posted on 07/29/11 at 02:04 pm in response to Amy Koch urges D.C.: 'Never give in to 'balanced' approach'

"Koch urged them to ‘never give in to this ‘balanced approach’"...

Hmmm...she admits to being unbalanced.

Posted on 07/26/11 at 01:55 pm in response to Cravaack campaign in legal dispute with law firm

Surprise, another "personal responsibility" conservative welshing on a debt!

And really, he couldn't find adequate legal services here in Minnesota?

Posted on 07/13/11 at 03:17 pm in response to GOP leader Koch says, 'Stay tuned' for budget ideas

- 3 years worth of economic downturn
- 2010 election season
- 20 week legislative session
- 7 weeks since adjournment without a budget

All this time, and the best Ms. Koch has to offer is, "stay tuned"!?! This is life, ma'am, not an entertainment program.

Posted on 07/04/11 at 03:15 pm in response to Let's have it: What do you want to say about the shutdown?

On the subject of constitutional amendments to encourage/require good governance:

We should have a const. amendment requiring an passable budget by the legislatures mandated adjournment. Penalty for failure is that EVERY legislator of a failed session is immediately required to stand for election in the November immediately following.

Either they work out a deal that the governor will sign, or they work out a deal that is acceptable enough to be veto proof, in the time already...