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Posted on 04/18/14 at 06:21 pm in response to With creative ambiguity, Condoleezza Rice defends torture tactics

Isn't that the main problem? Once the evils are unleashed, they are quite hard to put back in the box. And Obama has unfortunately not done so, morphing to "kill" rather than "capture" If there is no accountability, not only will the U.S. remain on the "dark side" of international law, but other countries will begin to follow these terrible precedents. Although the U.S. has made its bid to become a unilateral "policeman of the world" where it would serve as a unilateral enforcer of...

Posted on 04/18/14 at 06:44 pm in response to With creative ambiguity, Condoleezza Rice defends torture tactics

At the end of Rice's "creatively ambiguous" speech which linked growing up in the civil rights era with people "seizing their freedom" in Afghanistan, Iraq, etc., the Carlson Foundation female CEO lauded and praised Rice as a role model to all young girls and women around the world. I had to bite my tongue to keep from yelling out, "NOT those who were killed in the wars she helped launch."

Only a couple weeks ago, Rice wrote an op-ed in which she warned that Americans should not...

Posted on 03/05/14 at 08:14 pm in response to Tickets now available for April 17 Condoleezza Rice speech at U of M

By contrast, Rutgers faculty have voted to disinvite Condi Rice to speak on their campus.

For a very complete background about Rice, watch this documentary film...

Posted on 10/28/11 at 07:16 am in response to A plea for fact-based policymaking in an era of political myths

Professor David Schultz's "plea" is spot on in this Orwellian world, when "in times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act". His plea is similar to what our group of "veteran intelligence professionals for sanity" retirees argues, that "intelligence" must be fact-based rather than faith-based. Unfortunately the politicians, the corporate media and the distracted people of this country have succumbed these last years to sales pitches, to slogans, to PR, to psych-...

Should someone warn Bush, Cheney, Condi, Rumsfeld, Tenet and the rest of the "White House Principals" who decided to go to the "dark side"?

"Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever." --Thomas Jefferson

Tyndale University, College and Seminary, a non-denominational evangelical institution in Toronto, Canada just abruptly canceled George Bush's appearance due to opposition from its students and faculty: Bush's...

Posted on 05/09/11 at 01:38 pm in response to Progressives: It's OK to wave a flag

Eric Paul Jacobsen's and Tom Dickinson's comments go to the broader, longer-term and more significant issues than Ms. Helget's apparent focus. She seemed to come at the whole issue more as a political partisan “progressive” than as an issue-principled progressive. So her focus was to distinguish between the more wanton and indiscriminate deaths that Bush caused in launching the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (as his response to 9-11 and his stated hunt for bin Laden) as compared to the...

Posted on 05/09/11 at 07:14 pm in response to Progressives: It's OK to wave a flag

Here is just one of the articles I've seen making this argument, asking "Did Osama Bin Laden Win the 'War on Terror'? Perhaps we should stop cheering for our "success."

And here's an even more...

The following comment by Tom Hayden just arrived in my inbox:

"Thirty one Americans lost their lives in Afghanistan last month, which is more than twice the number killed in January 2008 and January 2009. The fighting in Afghanistan is intensifying even in the winter. The total number of Americans killed in Afghanistan as of today is 978, an increase of 317 since President Obama took office. A total of one thousand Americans will be dead by the end of this month.

The total...

Posted on 11/20/09 at 03:15 pm in response to Human rights: not to be entrusted to governments

Bravo to Ms. Schwarz for writing about Israel's occupation and its bombing and siege of Gaza as international human rights issues! I see no mention, let alone a bias by Ms. Schwarz towards Hamas, of all things, and yet that is strangely seized upon by myles spicer in his comments. Is that what they call in debate a "straw horse"? Since Ms. Schwarz isn't taking sides regarding any political party of either side, either the Palestinians or the Israelis, but clearly is only talking about the...