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Connie Sullivan

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The wealthy who are complaining about the estate tax, which they would prefer very much not to pay at all (or have their heirs pay), are probably the same ones who try to fenagle the number of days they spend in Minnesota and what ties they have to our state, to avoid paying our income taxes, too.

The motivation is not to get away from snow and ice and cold. The motivation is to avoid paying for the local and state services and infrastructure they have long benefited from. During...

Posted on 04/17/14 at 11:27 am in response to Diabetes-related complication rates have dropped dramatically, CDC says

This article, and most others, attributes the onset of Type II diabetes to two factors: age (more years you have, more likely to get it) and obesity, or maybe even being a few pounds over the ideal weight for a twenty-year-old..

How about other medications people regularly take, for other conditions, as factors in development of Type II diabetes?

For instance, millions of people regularly take statins to control high cholesterol, but one of the primary side effects of taking...

Posted on 04/17/14 at 11:42 am in response to Minneapolis cabbies Uber-mad about regulation reform

There's another, larger policy issue here: does Minneapolis want to get into the habit of changing the laws to accommodate new businesses that blithely break the laws? Or, do they enforce the regulations in place, for reasons that established those very regulations?

You can't have these nice hip young entrepreneurial smart-phone users hire themselves out as illegal cab drivers! Make them legal, ex post facto.

Bad policy.

It's like letting developers determine our zoning...

All that money, essentially for an empty suit?

Did the presence of one of the Koch brothers on the NYC PBS Board have anything to do with the shortening of this documentary? (I understand that he recently resigned from that Board, because of protests over what he was insisting on there.)
Their business interests run strongly in opposition to anyone fighting to get the public some knowledge of the environmental disaster that awaits our planet if we don't stop using fossil fuels.

Also, my impression of the American Masters...

Posted on 04/14/14 at 12:04 pm in response to U of M tuition freeze for resident students is paying off

This is a nice defense of the University's current policies on tuition rates and attendant modifiers. But it respects the original article that caused this response only by making an response at all.

The point of the Star Tribune op-ed piece by Robert Katz was that the U is compensating for the legislature-imposed tuition freeze by admitting more students from outside Minnesota than normally it would have, and increased those outsiders' tuition rates. Fewer Minnesotans than would be...

Posted on 04/06/14 at 02:33 pm in response to Kahn, Noor to face primary after deadlocked DFL convention

It's surprising that this article doesn't contain more information about the convention itself. There's a lot of re-hash of what happened at and because of one precinct caucus in February, contrasted with little of what each candidate actually offered to the delegates yesterday in terms of campaign positions on various issues. Kahn challenged her opponent on his not seeming to have specific stands on many issues, for example, and including that aspect of the convention would have added to...

It's good to see the mayor doing what she promised to do, and with what appears to be a fine appointment to start moving to Zero Waste.

Posted on 04/02/14 at 12:09 pm in response to Urban development: mixed use, mixed results?

Many of our recent mixed-use developments take full advantage of the city's density-related incentives, which increase their profit. But to judge simply from those developments on the East Side of Minneapolis, the developers tend not to extend those incentives to businesses that might want to rent space on the ground floors. In fact, most of the businesses that would like to stay (I'm talking Dinkytown area displaced businesses, for example) cannot afford the new rents and are forced to...

What's fascinating in this is, that builders all seem to say that it's the other guy who's abusing proper construction methods, protocols, and common decency. Not them. It's the city's fault, they say, when Bad Construction Firms take down illegally a neighbor's trees, digs out an entire hillside right on the property line that makes the neighbor's property inviable (has anyone looked at the picture, above?), or otherwise abuses common sense and the law.

The moratorium addresses...