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Connie Sullivan

Minneapolis, MN
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Posted on 10/31/14 at 11:48 am in response to The outsiders: how big money flows through Minnesota elections

It's difficult to understand why this article portrays Minnesota-based labor unions as "outside" entities contributing money to our state political campaigning. "Outside" would mean entities not from Minnesota, right? It's simplistic and misleading to suggest that anything that is not money given to a candidate's individual campaign is "outside" money--a state party, or even a legislative district party, is not "outside" the game the way that East- or West-coast billionaires whose Dark Money...

Posted on 10/29/14 at 12:13 pm in response to Should you feel ashamed for reading the hard copy newspaper?

A refreshing post! Many of us worry about who, exactly, will do the hard work of reporting when newspapers are gone (and news magazines). Aggregators on-line depend on them for hard news. So do informed citizens, who are encouraged daily to read about phenomena that go way, way beyond themselves and their daily lives..

Another little corner of our city nicely pointed out for us to consider again. Thanks!

Posted on 10/16/14 at 12:35 pm in response to 2014 Campaign Finance Dashboard

I, too, would like to see the hard-to-get figures on money spent on advocacy for and against certain federal and state-wide candidates that is not directly connected to their official campaigns. The secret money, especially, from groups who claim to be "social welfare" entities who hide their contributors' names. That's the weakness of the incredibly bad Citizens United ruling, and its follow-up (removing any money limits on political campaign donations across the country).

Posted on 10/27/14 at 11:57 am in response to Why the DFL's chief attack dog is the DFL chief

Somehow it's not news to those of us who've been around for a few years, that the head of a state political party takes every opportunity to defend the party's endorsed candidates in the general election.

Martin responds with the tools he has: the press conference, real facts, quick turn-around time, the larger view of ALL the campaigns, ability to focus on the worst of the worst GOP inaccuracies or Super-PAC junk ads.

I'm glad he's there, doing this work, and doing it well....

Posted on 10/17/14 at 12:37 pm in response to Letter from Willow River: Investigating the phenomenon of October Light

Some autumn poetry in prose and pictures. Thank you!

As long as restaurant/bars have the option of going straight to the state legislature to get out of having to comply with Minneapolis's liquor rules, there seems to be little sense in the city trying to limit alcohol sales in neighborhoods by any means.

In my own small neighborhood, two if not three restaurants have got the rules on hard liquor changed for themselves, one by one, by getting a special law passed at St. Paul.

Mr. Swift seems to be assuming two things: that the charts' listing of "college" does not include post-secondary training in skilled labor (they usually do, in my experience), and that employers who are looking for skilled laborers should depend on post-secondary schools and colleges to train them for the employers.

For much of the U. S. industrial past, employers did their own training of new hires for the specific skills required of their jobs. Now, they seem to demand that...

Posted on 10/13/14 at 02:55 pm in response to Progressive Education Fund joins spenders in MPS school-board race

Besides identifying the two DFL endorsees to be supported by the Progresive fund, it would help to clarify some antecedents (when you have two possible antecedents to something in the paragraph before, it's best to repeat the name of one of them if you go on with that group). I got confused about who is supporting whom, and who is going to report what.

Also, for voters to be informed--and for Citizens United's ruling to make any sense whatsoever--you might want to tell readers when...

Great letter from these advocates!

Every candidate for Minneapolis School Board should be asked specifically about the issues they raised here, and in the various news reports--Beth Hawkins' efforts prominent among them--about this outrageous nearly half-a-million dollar contract that the proposers seem totally unqualified to receive.