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Connie Sullivan

Minneapolis, MN
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Nice article. Food for thought, especially for people who would like us all very much to forget the collapse of capitalism in 2008--repeated, under little-or non-regulated circumstances, since the dawn of the industrial era in the West.

We cannot forget, either, that American was built, and great fortunes garnered by a few, on the basis of wholesale governmental giveaways of our natural resources. Think about the railroads, for example. Mid-nineteenth-century laws still favor...

Posted on 09/27/14 at 11:54 am in response to Democrats target Mills' wealth — will it work?

In contrast to this kid who inherited great wealth and a family-business job, Mark Dayton has actually spent his life in public service. A lot of years. From teaching to running for and winning various offices at state and national levels. He has a track record of hard work in the public's interest.

The GOP has nominated a guy who thinks, because everything he wants has been given to him, he should start a political career at the top. Buying it, of course.

There is no...

What's really unfortunate here is that both cities abdicated their public-safety responsibilities to the U.S. military (and, St. Paul to Minneapolis, if it's true that they let Minneapolis inform them of what was going on and announcing it). Minneapolis actually obeyed the DOD, as if the city had to follow military orders!

Mayor Hodges showed immense naivete on this, and the buck stops with her.

Posted on 09/25/14 at 11:50 am in response to State senator blasts fellow DFLers for role in Community Action scandal

Goodwin is a state legislator who raised questions about the Community Action of Minneapolis more than fifteen years ago. State employees' complaints prompted the Human Services department to do an audit. My question is: Where was the annual audit of this non-profit by the MN Attorney General all this time?

I was a member of a Minneapolis non-profit neighborhood group's board for more than ten years, and an officer for most of those years. We had annual audits by the state, which...

Posted on 09/23/14 at 11:17 am in response to Voters at local candidate forums not sticking to the script

Informed voters obviously want to go beyond sound-bites of ideological purity on the same tired agendas. But, despite good questions on varied topics from voters, the candidates ("moderates," in the reporter's terms) seemed not inclined to go to particulars. Vague answers.

Posted on 09/20/14 at 11:01 am in response to Dayton campaign calls Johnson's MNsure charges a 'smear'

This kind of wild and unsubstantiated "claim" or "assertion" or "suggestion" by a political candidate is to be condemned by everyone who thinks: Johnson is obviously scraping the barrel for something--anything--to say in the campaign.

What he doesn't want people to ponder, of course, is what this insurer's withdrawal says about the ultimate wisdom of continuing to have private companies be the ones offering health care insurance. That was the huge ACA compromise, and probably wrong...

Posted on 09/18/14 at 11:53 am in response to Minneapolis neighborhood groups try to bridge the renter gap

Good discussion of how hard it is, actually, to animate our city's renter population to devote the time and energy to neighborhood group activities.

Everybody talks about "engaging" renters and other groups, but those who have made and are making solid, good-faith efforts to achieve participation know that a lot of that talk is just verbiage, without financial support, as Brauer points out.

Isn't it interesting that a misleading headline in a mainstream national newspaper could be so wrong about what's going on. Obviously, it pays to read analyses like Ron Meador's; thanks!

The Park Board is simply being prudent and proactive with their move to hire legal advice. The channel (even Loring Park's lake is man-made, after all! So is Lake of the Isles itself--let's be real here) is part of the parks system.

As a resident and taxpayer in Minneapolis, I'm glad to see the Park Board being very, very, very careful of the treasures it oversees. And All Hail! section 4(f)!

Posted on 09/11/14 at 11:30 am in response to Plea to Sen. Franken: tell us a joke

Senator Franken would have to be very, very careful with his humor, because the other side has no wit. Those on the right are mostly literalists who can't perceive irony or sarcasm (only perhaps the broadest tools of satire, like invective), and they certainly can't take a joke.