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Connie Sullivan

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The American public seems to be liking this "new" and feisty Obama, who by executive actions is taking on the GOP's inaction and obdurate opposition to every single thing the President proposals (the part of "No.") His approval rating is up, especially among those Americans who actually know some details of the subject they're expressing an opinion on.

Basically, Americans are in favor of fairness. And more and more of them know--contrary to incredible GOP claims--that a president can...

Posted on 10/16/14 at 11:35 am in response to 2014 Campaign Finance Dashboard

I, too, would like to see the hard-to-get figures on money spent on advocacy for and against certain federal and state-wide candidates that is not directly connected to their official campaigns. The secret money, especially, from groups who claim to be "social welfare" entities who hide their contributors' names. That's the weakness of the incredibly bad Citizens United ruling, and its follow-up (removing any money limits on political campaign donations across the country).

Thanks for introducing this interesting historical actor to us!

Posted on 01/20/15 at 11:24 am in response to With layers of rules and restrictions, is Roe a reality anymore?

Sorry, boys.

The black women having abortions are not committing genocide (the term demands an outside force, not a member of a group itself). They are asserting their right to control their reproductive lives. More power to them, despite male voices like yours who would deny them their right and punish them.

I say, as a woman who knows what it was like for women before Roe v. Wade: Good article! Carry on!

Posted on 01/16/15 at 02:02 pm in response to Medical information on many hospital websites is unbalanced, study finds

This article would be more helpful than it already is, if it told us what to do to get those balanced views of risks and benefits. Where do we go, on-line?

Posted on 01/16/15 at 01:57 pm in response to New for Minnesota in 2015: Public Benefit Corporations

Evidently, our capitalist system has degraded enough so that this legislation becomes necessary. Greed triumphs over fair business practices that might include not cheating the customer, and not creating the equivalent of slave labor conditions for your workers (the kind of conditions Apple permits to exist in their Chinese partners' factories, for example).

Saw a figure yesterday that indicated that in the last quarter, consumer spending did not rise the way that a roaring stock...

I see a glaring contradiction here: they want to prohibit foreign contributions to our political campaigns, but they want to increase the anonymity of contributors to campaigns and to those weird non-profit "social" benefit organizations that massively distort our electoral experience.

Conservatives are desperate to make the small contributor, who is perfectly comfortable with having his or her neighbor know that they're a Democrat or Republican or whatever and that they contribute to...

Posted on 01/12/15 at 12:02 pm in response to Here's one way to reduce the number of undeveloped lots in Minneapolis

If you follow annual property valuations made by the assessor, on residential property out in the neighborhoods, land has a visibly changing valuation, and is separate from the value of whatever structure is on the lot. Land is valued differently in different parts of the residential city, as well. So, obviously somebody isn't really looking at what Minneapolis and Hennepin County are actually doing with regard to taxation of residential property.

Changes in land values can be seen on...

"Ramshackle" doesn't qualify as an adjective for the U of MN buildings Fonda would have had classes in at the U in 1923-25.

Folwell Hall wasn't twenty years old yet (built 1907, one of the most splendid in the U's time), Pillsbury is not today, nor ever was "ramshackle," nor were the others (Nicholson, Eddy, Jones, even the old Music Building, newly demolished in our century because it was old, like several others on the original campus).

The journalism program may have been "...

We should not let the Legislature prohibit cities and counties from raising property taxes to pay for services that the state refuses to fund with LGA. During the Republican years in the legislature when they repeatedly cut LGA (and those cuts were not, as the article would lead us to believe, only in the post-2008 Great Recession years, but earlier), the only thing that kept Minneapolis and Hennepin County serving their populations was their ability to raise property taxes.

A cap on...