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Connie Sullivan

Minneapolis, MN
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Posted on 07/29/14 at 01:02 pm in response to Parkway showdown: Minnehaha vs. Wheelock

So, you're saying that we should continue the long cold-shouldering of working-class or "poor" neighborhoods when it comes to parkways? Or, what are you saying?

It is actually much more expensive to buy land to expand parks and parkways in wealthy areas.

The parks and parkways in Minneapolis were mostly built where land speculators wanted them built --look closely at who was on the Park Board in the early 20th century. The wealthy homesteaders came much later, and their...

Posted on 07/29/14 at 01:10 pm in response to When St. Paul — officially — served as a safe haven for criminals

it would be nice for you to have cited at least one or two of your sources here. Most of us who have looked into this situation know that your article contains nothing new that's not in books like John Dillinger Slept Here and other histories of St. Paul's 20th century.

It's wonderful to post interesting stuff, but there were people before you who actually dug this stuff up. Name them. Refer to their books. Respect the work.

Entenza's former marriage was an issue in one of his former failed campaigns; it had to do with whether he could be Atty. General, the office he was seeking, when issues of health care insturance came up. He withdrew, under a bit of a smell. So reminding us of one other of his failed runs for office, at the same time as telling us the former perceived conflicts of interest don't exist anymore, is efficient.

I always worry when a political candidate appeals to voters' ignorance, as...

Posted on 07/28/14 at 04:02 pm in response to Does Minnesota need a water czar?

Minnesota should look into this suggestion! The issues of non-coordination of agencies (and their multiplicity) and lack of any accountability on water are enough to convince me that we need to consider a "water czar."

Thanks for bringing this Massachusetts idea to the Midwest.

Posted on 07/26/14 at 03:44 pm in response to When ‘The Yard’ was Minnesota’s most radical park

Fascinating glimpse of the kind of thing Minneapolis did for its "poor." (NE Minneapolis was pretty much working class white in 1949, right? And the area up that far--35th Ave. NE--was fairly unbuilt at the time?) Thanks, Chris!

Posted on 07/25/14 at 11:46 am in response to Gun deaths top motor-vehicle deaths in a rising number of states

The ratios here are so important to note, and are what pro-gun advocates don't want us to see or take seriously: with so many fewer guns out there than motor vehicles, almost the same number of deaths occur. Regulation does seem to be a major factor in making cars so much less lethal than guns.

We need to declare gun violence a public health crisis.

Posted on 07/25/14 at 11:56 am in response to One more thing: NFL wants snow-plowing priority for Super Bowl

I tell you what: just as I, as a residential property owner, am required by the city to get out there and remove all snow and ice from my sidewalk (technically, city property) within a certain time frame, the Vikings and the pro football league, as corporate persons, should shovel and plow their own premises.

When you report on these important "dark money" issues, be sure to indicate, when you can, which "dark money" is supporting whom. Or, non-"dark money" (labor union locals are not "dark money" I think).

For example, there's a paragraph here that would indicate that everybody and his brother, "dark money" from who know where and local labor unions, are supporting Don Samuels. Maybe that's true, but be sure that your writing doesn't misrepresent where the money is going, as well as where...

Posted on 07/24/14 at 11:22 am in response to Examining McFadden’s charge that Franken uses scare tactics

On an individual basis, retirement benefits from Social Security actually do depend on the size of your paychecks over a lifetime. That way, those with the highest salaries over the years receive a significantly higher monthly/yearly benefit from Social Security than does the average worker. In many cases, most of their salary is not taxed by FICA (lift the lid!).

Of course, with those higher salaries they probably had money to invest, and probably even had a company retirement...

Posted on 07/23/14 at 12:09 pm in response to Mike McFadden open to raising the age for Medicare benefits

This guy has already been "handled" by GOP players; that's why he speaks gobbledegook like the stuff Sarah Palin fed the public in 2008 when the McCain campaign "handlers" realized how absolutely ignorant she was on almost all issues. They gave her sound-bites to memorize, and she only slipped when she went off the memorized sound-bites. Most voters, however, were able to see the horror of having someone as blank as Palin ever be close to stepping into the Oval Office. They voted for Obama...