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But many will age in place because of incentives built into the pension. Prior to July of 1989, the major MN Govt Pensions had the "rule of 90," which allowed for full retirement when your age and years of service = 90.

But for workers hired after that, full retirement is at full social security age. I was hired in 1987 and my rule of 90 date is July 1, 2019 (go ahead, calculate my age : ) But many of my co-workers will not have that luxury. I may stay working to support my kids...

My annual wage is about $90k and the pension calculation at full retirement is 1.7%/year x 33 years x$ 90k = $50 ish k. If I take a the benefit to pay out for both my wife and I for our lifetime it is a little less. My wife will not have any sort of a pension until full social security age (she'll have a partial govt at that point and she's got no medical. I have single coverage retiree medical at the same rate as a normal govt employee, until I hit medical age. We have 401's besides...

And we saw the implementation of MNsure. Good luck with the efficiency effort.

"Johnson supported a new 911 call center opening in Plymouth. At a cost of $33.75 million, the newly opened facility will replace the Hennepin County Sheriff Department’s aging Golden Valley facility." Note that the Sheriff was sitting next to Mr. Johnson when he was endorsed. The new 911 call center is a bit of a Taj Mahal and fiscally irresponsible for taxpayers. The status quo of Hennepin, Minneapolis and several other agencies in Hennepin County having separate centers is inefficient....

"Stanek said he has helped reduce violent crime in the county by 36 percent since 2007" Actually, the number of violent crime was reduced by 28 percent in Minneapolis and 23 percent between 2007 and 2013 in the suburbs, per the MN BCA Crime Report. Plus politicians tend to report a period that is advantageous. The recent crime peak was in 2006.

I don't know that the Minneapolis and Suburban Police departments appreciate Stanek taking credit for police work. The Hennepin County...

Perhaps as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of Hennepin County, the Sheriff could offer a little assistance to the citizens of North Minneapolis. He does have a car at the state fair I see.

Per the 2014 Sheriff's budget, a total of approximately $92 million annually, annual budgeted amounts (rounded):
$9 million on Communications (911)
$12.5 million on Enforcement Services
$4 million on Forensic Services
$8 million on Investigative Services
$11 million on Administration
$33 million on Adult Detention (Downtown Jail)
$7 million on Court Services
$7.5 million on Information Technology

That $11 million dollar number on Admin...

Has a pretty level head on his shoulders and this worked out to be about the best compromise one could expect from an issue that was not predicted to gain traction this year.

Posted on 04/30/14 at 09:07 am in response to Untangling the relationship (if any) between mental illness and crime

The LSCMI, does not even list Mental Health as a criminogenic risk factor. Yet 25% of many jail populations screen positive for mental health issues (the two questions often screen people in to medical for continued services are "are you currently taking medication" or "have you ever been hospitalized"). I think that in many ways that we are using jails and prisons as proxy mental health institutions, because they are cheap and available if someone has a crime they can be sentenced on ($...

Posted on 04/29/14 at 10:13 am in response to Minnesota legislators organize volunteer stint at homeless shelter

Geographic restrictions, that's another winning Minneapolis strategy.