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Minneapolis, MN
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Posted on 02/24/14 at 02:35 pm in response to Minnesota House to look into Target's data-breach problem

In Hennepin all you would need to do is to get a copy of the grid that the hearing officers use. Different deals for different cities, our justice system at it's finest.

Posted on 02/20/14 at 05:55 am in response to Rep. Phyllis Kahn faces critical test at reconvened caucus

OK, excuse the Star Trek reference.

42 years is enough for her turn at the chair, that is longer than most careers. Thank her service and it's time for some new ideas and new blood reflective of the community.

I understand the business argument that raising wages increases costs. But they are ignoring the fact that we all are subsidzing the poor and near poor in many ways, including health care, child care, school lunches, SNAP, tax credits. The list goes on. I'd rather have the bottom wage be high enough, have people working and pay through the cost of the things that I buy instead of making welfare payments. It's more respectable all around than this race to the bottom.

Posted on 02/17/14 at 08:07 am in response to Katie Heaney writes the book of unlove

After much dating and getting married at 26 and being married for 27 years, I'll have to say that that there is no perfect match. Sometimes what you think is perfect is perfectly irritating after being with the person for awhile. What you are looking for is someone that you can live with and a commitment to work ongoing on the relationship.

What is a little sad about this is that if she doesn't date, she'll miss an opportunity to learn a little more about herself, her likes and...

I just depends on if you are paying for it or if you are benefiting from it. Often they are not the same parties.

Posted on 01/25/14 at 05:49 pm in response to MNsure leaders face big decisions, bleak projections

"In a twist being seen across the country, the number of Medicaid enrollees — about 33,000 — is already double the expectations for the entire year." Really, MN has poor people without coverage? Usually they are invisible.

Posted on 01/03/14 at 11:29 pm in response to Dayton blames tech vendor IBM Curam for many of MNsure's problems

Per a November 7 Fox News, 142,000 Minnesotans lost their health insurance policies when the base coverage requirements change. On November 18, Dayton declined to extend these policies, after Obama offered to extend them nationwide. In mid-December, barely a week before the initial sign-up deadline, Dayton expresses his concern about MNsure to IBM.

It's all to little to late. Through December 31, MNsure sold 25,860 Individual policies for private plans: I think it's highly unlikely...

Posted on 01/05/14 at 12:48 pm in response to Whose streets? Hennepin County’s streets!

We can just turn over the county roads in Minneapolis to Minneapolis. Done. It would be a small recompence for Hennepin picking up from Minneapolis the jail, workhouse, HCMC and the Library. Then there was the Twins Stadium tax. Why was it that that happened again? Oh yes, they couldn't manage (eg fund) them. Minneapolis will be coming by soon enough pleading poverty over the Vikings Stadium deal.

“Colleges make more money the more students they bring in the door” I think this could be said about any educational program. How many law enforcement and psychology graduates are out of work now? Or even architects? The schools market the degree. It's buyer beware everywhere.

When we start doing a patchwork of laws on privacy, we inadvertently pick winners and losers. Somebody's data gets released and they can't get an apartment or a job, then the next person does similar behavior and their data is "private."We also do it by setting up barriers to getting information that is "public", a fee or a drive to the courthouse. I guess I'd put in some basic things for safety (lets not share the information necessary for someone to open a credit card in my name), but then...