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craig furguson

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There is already a Lake Wobegon Brass Band. I think it's unlikely that Garrison Keillor would touch this with a ten foot pole.

Posted on 09/16/13 at 10:59 am in response to Running a ranked-choice election off the Star Tribune's mayoral poll

The outcomes of ranked-choice voting will be different because most of the candidates have recognized negative campaign tactics could hurt you (they want the second choice votes). Don has general name recognition and hasn't really made anyone angry. In an election with all underdogs, he'll coast to a victory.

Posted on 08/21/13 at 10:05 pm in response to Crime in Minneapolis

Reports of Drug, Prostitution and DUI crime are police driven. The crime is reported when the officer goes out and does an arrest vs a 911 call.

After the North Minneapolis tornado, we discovered that 68% of the residents were on public assistance. That hasn't fixed it yet.

He recognized that we need to let the market drive zoning. This will help affordability. The small house movement has been very strong across the country. I was also impressed by his mantra of a job is the way out. We can never subsidize our way out of this, but by giving people opportunities many could work their way out.

Loving the homeless does not fix the problem.

Posted on 08/22/13 at 11:24 am in response to How Minnesota can reduce its prison population if you want to see some explanation of drug sentencing trends
"Incarceration of felony drug offenders at the state level has increased significantly over the past
fifteen years, at a higher rate than for any other offense category. The reason for this increase
is two-fold: a larger total number of drug offenders are being sentenced and a higher
percentage of them are receiving prison sentences. The imprisonment rate for drug offenders
was highest in...

Posted on 08/22/13 at 01:36 pm in response to How Minnesota can reduce its prison population

Ironically, asylums were first built because the prisons were filled with the mentally ill prior to the Civil War. Now we've come somewhat full circle.

It is fashionable to say that there is a correlation between the closing of the mental hospitals and prison population, but on close examination it doesn't really hold water. The prisoner profile (black and minority) is much different than what was in state hospitals 40 years ago.

Cost for a medical model is an issue. MSOP,...

Posted on 08/21/13 at 11:28 am in response to Introducing MinnPost's Minneapolis crime app

Auto theft has probably been declining because cars now have more antitheft devices (chipped keys).

UCR and CODEFOR data are useful, but the categories are funky. For example Theft/Larceny is considered a Part I crime, but shoplifting probably isn't "serious." State statute changes over the last few years have effected the categorization also. Domestic can now be a felony, as well as DWI. Drugs are listed as a Part II crime (less serious) but 20ish percent of people in prison are...

Posted on 08/22/13 at 04:09 pm in response to Introducing MinnPost's Minneapolis crime app

It's a little funny to me that we quote mn planning crime survey stats. This was a govt unit organization that was abolished during the first Pawlenty administration. And the website has not been taken down. And we expect the state to somehow solve the crime and cost problem?

Posted on 08/21/13 at 10:45 am in response to Addiction and mental illness: Help MinnPost shine a light

That while being chemically dependent is a crimongenic factor, mental health is not, even though a significant percentage of the prison population has mental health problems. So are we using local jails and prisons as ad-hoc mental health institutions? I would say as long as we are locking people up for a year for trespassing because we do not know what else to do with them, we are.