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Posted on 08/29/14 at 11:32 am in response to Medtronic will pay $25 million to cover CEO's taxes on inversion deal

St. Paul police chief Tom Smith defended the officers and said the following:

"With no information on who the man was, what he might be doing or why he refused to leave the area, responding Saint Paul police officers tried to talk to him, asking him who he was," the chief said. "He refused to tell them or cooperate."

First, that isn't true. He explained exactly what he was doing - he was waiting for his kids to get done with preschool. He "refused" to leave because he needed...

Posted on 08/29/14 at 12:07 pm in response to Medtronic will pay $25 million to cover CEO's taxes on inversion deal

A number of states have "stop and identify" laws, meaning that you have to give your name and sometimes your ID to police if asked. Minnesota is one of the states that does not have such a law. Lollie was not under any legal obligation to give his name to the police. He understood the law. The police, and sadly, the St. Paul police chief, do not understand or do not care about the law.

Dave Titus, the city’s Police Federation president, had this to say:

“These three cops...

Stanek wrote a ridiculous op-ed about his opposition to marijuana legalization last year and is a supporter of backwards, failed drug policies. He is either completely ignorant or fundamentally dishonest. Time for him to go.

And that's ok - its the job of the sheriff to enforce the laws, not make them.

The real problem with Stanek's advocacy is that it is based on ignorance and/or dishonesty. You need a sheriff that understands crime, not racist fantasies about crime. I don't know about Frizzell, but Stanek is a poor excuse for a cop who is not qualified for the job.

Given the nonsense passed by the house (50+ votes to repeal the ACA) I sure hope that the Senate Majority leader is not wasting time on it.

Posted on 08/18/14 at 08:17 pm in response to Why boosting primary turnout in Minnesota would require big changes

The Minneapolis IRV election was a joke, but it at least it got IRV advocates to stop claiming it produced majority winners. Now if only you guys would stop claiming it saves money.

Bush had no choice but to support TARP, and should be commended for doing so. Had he listened to the know-nothing-wing of the Republican party, the economy would have collapsed. Ted Cruz and his fellow clowns wouldn't understand this, but when you are in power, you actually have to govern.

Rather than ask the Republicans or Democrats about the stimulus, why not ask the economists:


Obama is much more of a deficit hawk than say George W. Bush, or Ronald Reagan. Like Bill Clinton before him, Obama has reduced the defict while in office, not grown it like recent Republican presidents have.

When I respond to a comment that includes links, I read the links. I sometimes even read other things about the links to understand them better. I want my responses to comments to be informed. I have even changed my mind upon learning new information. I read your links before responding to your comment. I don't know if forgiveness is the right word, but if you are unwilling to even read the link provided, I don't know how anyone can take you seriously. You won't let the facts get in...