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Dan Hintz

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Posted on 08/18/14 at 08:17 pm in response to Why boosting primary turnout in Minnesota would require big changes

The Minneapolis IRV election was a joke, but it at least it got IRV advocates to stop claiming it produced majority winners. Now if only you guys would stop claiming it saves money.

Bush had no choice but to support TARP, and should be commended for doing so. Had he listened to the know-nothing-wing of the Republican party, the economy would have collapsed. Ted Cruz and his fellow clowns wouldn't understand this, but when you are in power, you actually have to govern.

Rather than ask the Republicans or Democrats about the stimulus, why not ask the economists:


Obama is much more of a deficit hawk than say George W. Bush, or Ronald Reagan. Like Bill Clinton before him, Obama has reduced the defict while in office, not grown it like recent Republican presidents have.

When I respond to a comment that includes links, I read the links. I sometimes even read other things about the links to understand them better. I want my responses to comments to be informed. I have even changed my mind upon learning new information. I read your links before responding to your comment. I don't know if forgiveness is the right word, but if you are unwilling to even read the link provided, I don't know how anyone can take you seriously. You won't let the facts get in...

"Tax and spend liberal' is a pejoritive term used by people who don't like Democrats. I like Al Franken and Mark Dayton. I have no opinion about that term because its not a term I use.

What I do know is that when you look at actual numbers (like this article did) the economy performs better under Democrats than Republicans. Economic growth is better, unemployment is lower, the stock market is higher, deficits are lower,etc. I won't pretend that is all because of Democratic...

Posted on 08/14/14 at 04:22 pm in response to Otto trounces Entenza in auditor race

Its still her United Health Care money he's spending, but they are now divorced.

Posted on 08/08/14 at 11:27 am in response to Advice from a post-partisan about the upcoming elections

Whenever someone starts out by calling themselves "post-partisan" you can pretty much guarantee what follows is going to be a steaming pile, and this is no exception.

The federal deficit is not "largely unconrolled" and has been shrinking significantly the last several years. The current deficit is less now less than half of the one trillion he claims is added every year. The facts conflict with his argument, and sadly, rather than revise his argument, Mr. Slocum chose to ignore the...

Posted on 08/06/14 at 11:58 am in response to What Netanyahu should propose to bring peace

The problem is that neither the current leaders of Israel or of the Gaza Palestinians is interested in peace, or more specifically, making the kind of compromises that are required to achieve peace.

Netanyahu will never say what you propose because he doesn't believe it. Prior Israeli leaders might (and to some extent, have) but the people of Israel put Netanyahu in power. And Hamas is still stuck on the destruction of Israel and digging tunnels and firing rockets, which...

Posted on 08/06/14 at 12:10 pm in response to What Netanyahu should propose to bring peace

I read your link, and found it to be completely counter-productive. Its statements like this that make me think this will never get solved:

"The rockets fired by Palestinian factions from Gaza must thus be construed as acts of resistance of an occupied people and an assertion of its recognized right to self-determination."

The reality is that whatever you want to construe the rockets as, all they do is keep people like Netanyahu in power and give cover for Israel to use...

Posted on 08/06/14 at 01:06 pm in response to What Netanyahu should propose to bring peace

I didn't say that there was equivalence here. I fully acknowledge that far more Palestintians have been killed than Israelis. I fully acknolwedge that Israel is far superior militarily and economically. I think what Israel is doing right now is absolutely horrible.

My point is simply that you can't claim to be interested in peace and support/excuse terror acts by the Palestinians. Shooting rockets into Israel isn't resistance. Its just egging on the hardliners in Israel and...