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Dan Hintz

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St.. Paul, MN
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Posted on 07/08/14 at 01:22 pm in response to 'Seed, feed and weed': Advice on turning around underperforming schools

He's part of the corporate takeover of public education.

Don't pretend your small group speaks for all veterans. I know veterans who left for Iraq Republicans, and came back Democrats after they saw what was going on. And I think most people are smart enough to separate support for the troops from support for the policy.

And I don't think anyone can question Franken's support for our servicemembers:

"Franken has been a volunteer with the United Service Organizations since he first visited Kosovo in 1999. He has conducted several...

I would say the country is on the wrong track, but I base that on recent Supreme Court decisions, Republicans blocking veteran's benefits, etc.

I plan on casting an enthusiastic vote for Al Franken.

Posted on 06/24/14 at 10:25 am in response to Asking Minneapolis Public Schools: What are we worth?

Guess what SFER is? Its an astroturf group funded by right-wing billionaires, just like MinnCan and all the other corporate education "reform" groups.

Posted on 06/24/14 at 01:30 pm in response to Asking Minneapolis Public Schools: What are we worth?

If the question is whether we are spending enough money to ensure the success of African American males, the answer is no, we aren't. But that isn't the real goal of the writer and his group - for them, its about busting unions, imposing corporate education "reform" and more high stakes testing. If we are looking for more money to allocate here, I would start with the money being paid to testing companies like Pearson that are funding this astroturfing effort.

I think you are confused, Dennis. PPP was actually the most accurate pollster the last time around.

Posted on 06/18/14 at 10:42 am in response to In Minnesota schools, is teacher tenure really the problem?

Glad to see you interviewed someone with teacher training and (15+ years of) teaching experience to counter Mike Ciresi and his zero years of teacher training and experience. Why is it that simply being wealthy now qualifies someone as an education expert?

Posted on 06/16/14 at 10:09 am in response to Could California's teacher-tenure lawsuit come to Minnesota?

I would say the amount of respect due Ciresi for this dishonest tripe is pretty close to zero. He's throwing around the number 55 percent, when the actual number is 1 to 3 percent, and that number was made up.


I can't believe I am agreeing with Swift, but he's right and you are wrong. Dawkins' statements went far beyond simply being a witness to her good. He attempted to justify her actions (murder and bank robbery) as a product of a difficult era. Google is your friend.

Not that anyone cares about a guy running as a Green, but Dawkins is extremely unqualified to be Attorney General.

Posted on 05/30/14 at 10:27 am in response to Edward Snowden interview: He seemed calm, articulate and reasonable

Did anyone ask him about helping Putin whitewash Russia's actions in the Ukraine? That is where Snowden lost me for good.