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It is the Teamsters who have demeaned themselves in this case.

The DFL is not beholden to the Licensed Beverage Association, so their opposition is no obstacle at all. The DFL does depend on support from the Teamsters, who are doing the work for the Licensed Beverage Association, and so it is the Teamsters (deservedly) getting the blame here.

Putting aside the idea that attempting to alter the contract terms via legislation is completely absurd, this is the first I have...

In this case the Teamsters have done just a terrible job representing their members. Whatever benefit they get from helping the retailers is more than offset by the bad publicity and anti-union fodder this kind of dishonest crap creates. They really couldn't get the contract language to the bill's author? Either the Teamsters are totally incompetent or they are lying about what the contract says. I suspect its the latter (actually I suspect both) because the idea that Sunday growler...

Here is a link to Governor Dayton criticizing Ritchie last fall:

Posted on 04/10/14 at 10:23 am in response to How a Hennepin County DFL endorsing convention collapsed

I don't think anyone is being self-righteous in saying they are no longer attending DFL caucuses and conventions. The process is simply awful, and people who wanted to participate could not longer take it because it was so awful.

And the idea that the endorsement process is democratic is just laughable. Unless you can spend a couple of hours on a Tuesday night and most of a day on a Saturday or Sunday (and another day for statewide races) you don't get to vote. If you work nights...

Posted on 04/08/14 at 01:48 pm in response to GOP chooses ‘private sector guy’ to challenge Rep. Walz

This piece says that "he has worked in health care for 15 years and wants to see Republicans provide alternatives to Obamacare, rather than call for repeals." But in the Glean today, it says he supports "the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, which he said could not be fixed."


You mean every voter in the district will have a say in who represents them? The candidate won't be picked by a small, unrepresentative group of people who don't have time contraints that limit them from spending many hours over multiple days to have their vote count?

I have to say that I have been really, really, really unimpressed with Betsy Hodges since she became mayor.
I can think of a lot of other things going on in Minneapolis that involve a much bigger "fundamental failure of fairness" than a train route. This is just embarrassing.

Oh Beth, if only you were as quick to "pop in" and disclose the positions of commenters supporting your positions.

There are some who want to ditch the bar exam, and even more who agree that it is completely worthless as a measure of lawyer competency. The bar exam is a joke, and I say that as someone who passed on the first try.

I know that I (and others) have explained this to you, and you won't listen and respond by name calling and using logical fallacies. Its time to stop calling yourself a progressive and to own up to the right-wing label you have been given.

Posted on 04/03/14 at 01:01 pm in response to Nienstedt deposition ends 'abruptly,' 'heatedly'

It is not uncommon to place time limits on depositions, but if the defense "ran out the clock" or otherwise hindered a complete examination (frivolous objections, non-responsive answers, etc.) the judge may give them another crack at it.