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Dan Kaufman

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Posted on 01/12/15 at 01:08 pm in response to The argument against the annual physical: It is 'basically worthless'

I agree that the annual exam is largely worthless for someone who is asymptomatic and no pre-existing conditions and no significant family history. However, these are important caveats, and for many people, an annual exam can be worthwhile.

The main thing is Dr. Emanuel is an MD. He knows to -- get an annual flu shot and a colonoscopy every 10 years and eat a balanced diet and get regular exercise.

Not everyone knows this or does this. An annual reminder during an annual...

If Cheney and companions main goal was to catch those involved in 9/11 attacks, then torturing prisoners who may or may not have some connection to the attacks does not help the cause, it only makes things worse.

The intel from a tortured prisoner is not reliable. They will say anything to stop the torture. It sounds like the US invested considerable time and money chasing false leads from these prisoners.

Also, torture puts our troops in harms way (and maybe citizens overseas...

Posted on 12/10/14 at 12:42 pm in response to Senate report on U.S. torture: What's new, and what's missing

Proud to have Dr. Miles as fellow faculty member at University of Minnesota.

One question now is if the psychologists who set this up (for $80 million) will be prosecuted, or at least lose their licenses.

More info about these "american Mengeles" here:...

Posted on 11/12/14 at 12:03 pm in response to The 2016 (!) presidential field, per the PBS NewsHour

Pawlenty is not running again?

He seems as credible as any on the Republican side.

Posted on 08/13/14 at 12:39 pm in response to Otto trounces Entenza in auditor race

Really the only reason to go to polls for DFL was to vote against Entenza.

Great article here for pointing out that Dick Franson received 9000 more votes then Entenza.

So, to clarify for Matt- yes, people (DFLers) are mad at you for entering this race. It did no one any good, especially yourself.

Posted on 08/11/14 at 11:30 am in response to McFadden's address to the nation

this "address to the nation" has been viewed 568 times.

I think this reflects the excitement of the McFadden campaign and the overwhelming interest throughout the country in what McFadden has to say.

Overall, an interesting piece and nice review of this speech by Clinton.

I thought the last 2 sentences says everything you need to know about Bill Clinton vs Condi Rice, and maybe about Democrats vs Republicans in general. Rice gets paid $150,000 to speak at Northrup. I don't care where the money comes from (not University funds), this is a lot of money for a speech. Clinton comes to the same auditorium as part of the same series of talks and does not get paid, and in fact allows...

If the Minnesota Republican Party is $1.1 million in debt, then how do they pay for this convention? Seems like typical Republican financial irresponsibility. In my household, we pay off one set of bills before racking up new charges. I hope the Rochester Convention Center, hotels, caterers, etc got their payments up front from the Minnesota GOP.

If the Minnesota Republican Party cannot even pay their own debts from past campaigns, how can they be trusted for State or Federal offices...

Posted on 02/13/14 at 12:14 pm in response to Marty Seifert: ‘Minnesota government costs too much’

despite Gov. Dayton instead of because of Gov. Dayton, then why is Wisconsin where a more Republican approach has been pursued, seemed to fair less well?

Good summary of this comparison between MN and WI here:

Also, I...

I could see Mr. Sullivan as Chief of Staff in Clinton administration in 2017. Would be good to have another Minnesotan in this role, as Denis McDonough from Stillwater is now.