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Danie Watson

Mound, MN
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Posted on 04/15/14 at 01:07 pm in response to On sex offender reform, Minnesota lawmakers defy courts

This topic is radioactive for legislators because voters make it so.

If vocal constituents were not up in arms (as they were in Cambridge), the legislature might have adopted the thoughtful recommendations of the bipartisan task force headed by retired Chief Justice Eric Magnuson--let the experts craft the legal remedy and take the blame.

Posted on 04/14/14 at 04:18 pm in response to Minnesota medical marijuana receives 68 percent poll support

Employees in this country have seen their wages remain stagnant over the last few decades while their productivity has more than doubled.

The numbers suggest many employers increase compensation for top management while not sharing the added profit generated by workers' productivity.

Posted on 04/11/14 at 03:34 pm in response to Washburn Center for Children: Where 'the wild things’ are understood

Thanks, Sarah.

It's great to see an organization looking beyond ordinary labels and working compassionately with kids to find solutions that work for each individual.

Posted on 03/05/14 at 12:43 pm in response to Restrictive conditions for medical marijuana

I urge more discussion about what many patients are using instead of medical marijuana: narcotic opioids and anti-psychotics.

Since prescription drug abuse and addiction continues to harm people, wouldn't it be prudent to first prescribe a much milder and less-addictive drug in the form of marijuana, and use narcotics as a last resort?

Posted on 03/03/14 at 03:14 pm in response to How taxpayers subsidize low-wage workers

It's curious to me that when companies look for "efficiencies," workers wages are invariably on the chopping block, and usually at the top of the list. And yet increases in the compensation of managers and owners are accepted as justified.

Why would $2 million in additional wage costs for workers be a financial burden the company can't possibly absorb, but the same $2 million paid to a CEO is just the cost of doing business?

It is dishonest to say those same monies can't be...

The brilliant sustainable designer and architect William McDonough says the industrial filters of the future will be on our brains, not on the end of pipes.

Chemical engineers need to practice, and be taught, how to eliminate toxins before they're designed in to a product. No carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, heavy metals, bio-accumulatives, persistent toxins, etc.

Top engineers and designers are capable of doing this, but are rarely challenged or incentivized to do so. We...

Posted on 02/15/14 at 02:51 pm in response to Archdiocese reveals it has spent $8.8 million on priest misconduct

Check out sharp-shinned hawks. They prey on small birds and are active at the same time of day as those at your feeder.

Posted on 01/13/14 at 02:26 pm in response to Vikings stadium bond sales delayed; 2016 opening imperiled

Am I the only one for whom "ambitious construction schedule" translates to "cost overruns and compromised quality"?

And who is paying for the legal bills?

Posted on 12/20/13 at 03:07 pm in response to One estimate: Cost of Target data breach could hit $680 million

"Political correctness" is just a newfangled term for "good manners."

It's the principle that we should not say things that others find hurtful. It's what we teach our kids. There's no earthly reason why asking adults for politeness should engender such venomous reactions.

Posted on 12/18/13 at 12:29 pm in response to St. Paul cops: Archdiocese not cooperating in investigations

As Walter Mondale said, "Do the right thing, even when no one is looking."