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As the author of the original piece, I think readers will find additional context about the piece & its aftermath at this link: It is worth noting that Samuels later apologized for singling out North High.

Posted on 06/03/14 at 02:10 pm in response to One awesome video explains the entire Uptown housing boom

Give us one once in a great while.

Hi Bob - we gave the major parties ink because their party conventions were this past weekend. The IP's wasn't. 

We did mention your nomination after your convention occurred here:

IP conventions are still pretty cozy affairs next to the major parties, which draw thousands, and explains some of the coverage emphasis. Nevertheless, it's a good...

Posted on 05/15/14 at 10:27 am in response to Mapping residential parcel values in the Twin Cities metro

... it's actually leased (99 years I think) from the Minneapolis Park Board. So it's government-owned land.

Posted on 05/08/14 at 01:06 pm in response to Greene, Mavity scramble to win Tuesday's Hennepin County Board election

Peter's district mostly dead-ends east of 35W; this district is mostly west of 35W.

Came from a news release sent to our reporter. I also called the press contact at the Healy Project who confirmed it. -- David Brauer, news editor.

Posted on 04/28/14 at 10:50 am in response to The Last-Minute Hennepin County Candidate-Picking Tool

Nikki - no, it's not a joke. The information, for the most part, is information the candidates themselves tout, in their direct mail, emails, etc. It's clearly important enough for them to tell voters about.

This piece is designed to be complementary to the 12,000 words of copy, in four Q&As  and an op-ed, that we ran last week. That's why there's prominent linkage to those features in this item.

It would be nice to think people would be deeply, granularly informed, but...

Posted on 04/28/14 at 01:42 pm in response to The Last-Minute Hennepin County Candidate-Picking Tool

I mean, we're acknowledging that there are deeper ways to choose out there, but if you haven't paid attention, this is a better-than-nothing alternative. We're not so much excusing needing something like this as we are acknowledging. 

Again, we offered up the deeper story-telling last week, so I appreciate you encouraging people to read that. And we do aspire to gamify with the most substance, so, like I said above ... iterative.

Posted on 04/28/14 at 03:23 pm in response to The Last-Minute Hennepin County Candidate-Picking Tool

I appreciate you being open-minded here, and I will be as well. This adds fuel to my argument that journalists should participate in comment threads ... with reasonable critics!

Again, appreciate the consideration.