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David Galitz

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Sadly, this is a long standing problem, and certainly not confined to here. Jonathon Kozol has been documenting these conditions since the 60s.

Posted on 07/01/13 at 11:54 am in response to Brodkorb tape recordings could add pressure for settlement

Wouldn't it be important to know if these other Senators lost their positions? Since Brodkorb was essentially Koch's aide, once she was no longer Majority Leader, she lost the control of that staff job.

Most staffer's whose bosses lose their elections have to go begging around the caucus for another staffer position, and that doesn't always happen.

The primary factor that supports a "leave him alone" position is his ability to assist in his own defense. If his mental faculty is insufficient for that, or for him to understand the proceedings against him, then formal prosecution may not be appropriate.

one question I've seen raised is this: If an employer provides the option of coverage of opposite sex married spouses, will they be required to offer that option to same sex married spouses?

Other problems arise too: what if a married same sex couple's child is born in a state that does not recognize their marriage (a situation that will likely arise in places like Moorhead or East Grand Forks, where the hospitals are in ND)? ND will refuse to list the non-birth parent on the birth...

In that case, it would seem, as long as you have a valid marriage from any state, the Federal Government would recognize it, regardless of where you currently live.

A similar scenario would be, a couple lives/gets married in Minnesota, then moves to North Dakota, how does the Federal Government justify invalidating a duly issued Minnesota license?

Posted on 05/23/13 at 03:51 pm in response to Does more homeownership lead to higher unemployment?

That assumes that there is close to symmetric migration and jobs availability.

More often though, the case is people that need to leave an economically depressed region find an asymmetric market.

Who is going to be moving to Detroit, or Appalachia to live in the houses that the people currently living there need to sell so they can move to a job elsewhere?

Posted on 05/20/13 at 11:02 am in response to Anti-bullying bill dies in Senate

People like Sen Hann, and the hierarchy at the Diocese are without shame. Those cards wouldn't move them one bit.

Under what other circumstances would the police patiently wait 5+ days to interview a driver involved in a fatal car accident?

I don't think the Republican leadership is calling the shots on the lawsuit in the Senate anymore.

That's not to say the DFL leadership won't find a settlement more attractive either, though.

Are those other instances comparable? In this case, the person Brodkorb reported to lost the position that gave her the authority to employ him. Was that the case for the unnamed women he cites?

When you are a political staffer, your continued employment usually rests on your politician boss retaining his/her job. When your "patron" gets the boot, don't be shocked to find yourself looking for new opportunities.