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David Greene

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Posted on 04/14/14 at 09:13 pm in response to Stop me before I amend again: DFLers' constitutional paradox

Increasing the number of votes to put something on the ballot is one thing and probably a good idea. We also need to address the other side and make passing an amendment more than 50%+1 yes votes. Make it 60% at the very least.

Posted on 04/09/14 at 02:01 pm in response to Southwest Light Rail is an investment in equity

You are making a lot of wrong assumptions about the suburbs. Many people in the suburbs do not have the "wealth of better options" you claim they do. Have you looked at the demographics around this line? The racial makeup? The income levels?

To claim this is serving only the "wealthy suburbs" is distortion. It will serve many lower-income households.

Furthermore, the article authors are spot on about the opportunities opened up for Northsiders. Not only that, the...

No one "lied." Information changed.

Let's stop with the heated rhetoric, ok?

Minneapolis *is* getting a new LRT line bringing thousands of people into it every day. Are you saying the city didn't and doesn't want that? I find the idea that the city didn't get anything it wanted puzzling.

I'll not repeat the equity benefits this line brings but suffice to say, this line brings a LOT to the city. It could bring even more and I sincerely hope that is what Mayor Hodges...

Posted on 04/02/14 at 11:40 am in response to Southwest Light Rail: It is not an equity train

Despite with Ms. Sabo says, the line does in fact serve Minneapolis. As far as I am aware, those who are saying it does not have never talked to community groups in North Minneapolis about the line nor have they been present at community events in North where people flat out state, "this will help me!"

The West Lake station is one of the busiest on the line.

The Royalston station serves people outside the station area precisely because it is a major transit transfer point for...

Posted on 04/02/14 at 11:44 am in response to Southwest Light Rail: It is not an equity train

Ryan correctly pinpoints where our city bus system is in serious need of upgrades. And those upgrades are being planned. Those upgrades, designed correctly, will integrate with SWLRT and open opportunity to thousands of families who have no current reasonable transit access to jobs and education in the southwest suburbs.

It is the wealth of bus activity in Uptown and South Minneapolis in general that contributes to an Uptown alignment for SWLRT being both costly and wasteful. We...

Posted on 04/02/14 at 09:47 pm in response to Southwest Light Rail: It is not an equity train

We do in fact have buses to get people to SWLRT.

And we also have the Bassett Creek Valley Master plan, which is part of the city's comprehensive plan and the area has had the necessary zoning changes put in place. In fact, there is still a very much open question for Northside residents about why their development plans were not considered during ridership projections as they appeared to meet all of the requirements to affect the modeling.

That said it is not nor should it be...

Posted on 04/02/14 at 09:49 pm in response to Southwest Light Rail: It is not an equity train

Xandra, please respect the hard work of many people outside of CIDNA/Kenwood and stop saying the LRT doesn't serve Minneapolis residents because I have talked to many, many people on the Northside who can't wait for this service to start.

I am beginning to think the CIDNA/Kenwood residents making this argument have a very narrow view of what "Minneapolis" is.

Posted on 04/02/14 at 09:52 pm in response to Southwest Light Rail: It is not an equity train

The ridership projections were not higher because the county did not include development plans drafted by the community and passed by the city.

But again, it is not all about ridership. It is about equity.

As for Bottineau, Northsiders were evenly divided about the alignment, so please don't go around stating what is best for them. Respect what people have to say about their own communities and needs.

Posted on 04/02/14 at 09:56 pm in response to Southwest Light Rail: It is not an equity train

I don't think many people will be taking buses to Penn and Van White. They will mostly walk or bike there.

Minneapolis objected to park & rides in the city. I think that was the correct decision but let's be clear about the reality of what was on the table. Minneapolis can't complain that suburbs have park & rides and the city doesn't.

Currently there is no reasonable way to take transit from the Northside out to a job in the southwest suburbs. That makes SWLRT...

Posted on 04/03/14 at 11:29 am in response to Southwest Light Rail: It is not an equity train

People had been advocating for the current SWLRT route as an equity booster long before recent activities, long before the alignment was decided upon and, frankly, long before most MinnPost readers bothered to pay attention.