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Posted on 07/10/14 at 08:24 pm in response to New Southwest LRT plan lauded and lambasted at public meeting

The Midtown LRT extends past Nicollet. It serves more of South Minneapolis. That's why it has better ridership. The Nicollet streetcar will extend beyond Lake Street (though not initially). They provide the same alignment as SWLRT 3C but it's not the same service. It's more extensive.

The metrics from the FTA haven't changed. What's changed is that cost-effectiveness index (CEI) is no longer a pass-fail, land use is more important and serving transit-dependent populations is...

Posted on 07/10/14 at 08:26 pm in response to New Southwest LRT plan lauded and lambasted at public meeting

Yep, I totally believe a lot of those folks work in the suburbs. Midtown LRT + SWLRT will get them there just as fast as a Greenway-routed SWLRT. They'll connect at the West Lake station.

There's just no scenario in which SWLRT in the Greenway beats SWLRT + Midtown LRT, at least not enough to forfeit rail transit in other parts of the city.

Great article!

One thing to add. The proposed 21st St. station area is where the M&StL had a passenger rail station. We're actually restoring passenger rail service that existed back about the 1870's or so. The AIA guide to Minneapolis has some information on the station and a nearby hotel, long since vanished.

Posted on 07/08/14 at 11:03 pm in response to New Southwest LRT plan: Kenilworth residents will be 'disappointed'

1. The eliminated tunnel is for both directions north of the channel. The train will be underground south of the channel.

2. I expect quite a few of those people live downtown and would take the train there. Also #3.

3. My understanding is that the Met Council plans to extend the #2 line (or some moral equivalent) to the 21st St. station.

The Midtown corridor is likely to host LRT from West Lake to Hiawatha. The Alternatives Analysis was just completed this year and...

Posted on 07/09/14 at 07:59 pm in response to New Southwest LRT plan: Kenilworth residents will be 'disappointed'

#25 may stop there but one of the reasons the station benefits, for example, the Minneapolis Native American community is that they expect to use bus service to connect at 21st. St. Maybe the #2 won't extend all the way there but there will be some sort of connection from the #2 corridor to 21st. St. There's no reason both routes couldn't server the station -- the routes have distinct constituencies.

Posted on 07/09/14 at 08:02 pm in response to New Southwest LRT plan: Kenilworth residents will be 'disappointed'

Both parallel tracks are in the same tunnel south of the channel. They would have been in the same tunnel north of the channel but we're not going to build that tunnel, and rightly so.

Think of the tunnel under the Minnehaha Parkway land bridge. One tunnel to serve both directions (with a separating wall between the two tracks).

I don't care how good driverless cars are, a single-occupant vehicle still takes orders of magnitude more space than a packed bus or rail car. Perhaps, once there are no more manually-driven cars, driverless cars can pack the freeways more efficiently, but that is at least 50 years out at best. Even then, they cannot move people as efficiently as buses or trains.

As stated at the end, not everyone can afford a car and not everyone will be able to rent one.

There's certainly a...

> University Avenue was not a high traffic corridor and was well served by buses.

Says the guy who never rode the 16 or 50.

Those buses were/are packed to the brim. Projected future ridership would have completely overwhelmed the system. That's why we needed rail.

Posted on 05/20/14 at 11:02 pm in response to Add streetcars? Demolish decrepit buildings? Not too fast ...

There's a proposed project on W. Broadway that's a perfect example of why old buildings should sometimes be preserved. The developer wants to tear everything down from about Bryant to Emerson. This would take out some of the last remaining vintage commercial buildings on W. Broadway. Not only do they have inexpensive rent, allowing small local businesses to work there, they have the kind of street frontage charm you just can't get with new big buildings.

There's another project...

Posted on 05/19/14 at 08:15 pm in response to Making sense of the legislative session: A tale in four parts

Transportation is a massive glaring fail for this legislature and Governor. When they put off addressing it last year and "promised" to take care of it this year, everyone in the know knew it was a joke.

Transportation funding should be on your list of miserable failures.